New Battery Tech

New Battery Tech

Have you guys considered or are currently researching the possibities
of using graphene in your batteries systems?

 specially-crafted graphene electrode can allow a lithium-ion battery to store 10 times as much power and charge 10 times faster — and last longer, too

Vawlkus | 11 juni 2013

Tesla is not in the battery business.

They buy proven batteries from proven manufacturers (Panasonic in this case) and build those batteries into their battery packs.

frmercado | 11 juni 2013

This is very old news... Use volkerize to search this forum for battery technologies and graphene related conversations. You will find plenty of threads related to this subject. After you do that, you might want to remove this new thread as it only adds to the cluster of old threads.

Paul Koning | 11 juni 2013

BTW, it's not 10x the power, it's 4x the energy.

negarholger | 11 juni 2013

"Tesla is not in the battery business." Tesla's main business is electrical storage systems and that is their core competency. Cars are just an application. All components of a car you can buy from vendors around the world except an efficient battery system.

Brian H | 11 juni 2013

TM's cells from Panasonic are not quite the off-the-shelf 18650s. There're proprietary tweaks.

teslafan007 | 12 juni 2013

Yes the article dated. but the information contained within i believe is very relevent to us today. and is worth consideration...

ghillair | 12 juni 2013

If you do further research you will find half a dozen similar projects from Universities around the world. They all look promising, but they are all still in the laboratory.

Someone needs to do extensive testing, life cycle, temperature range, safety (NO FIRES) and ability to be mass produces at an affordable cost.

Remember Tesla currently uses about 160,000,000 battery cell per year. For GenIII that will be 10 times that. Some battery manufacturer must step up and prove they can deliver that kind of volume on a reliable basis.

I am sure that Tesla is aware of all developments and will work with anybody that can provide the best new batteries.

As to faster charging, it is one thing to quickly charge a cell phone battery. It is something very different to quick charge a 100kW EV battery pack. The superchargers at 120kWh need large electrical feeds, 4X that will take huge power feeds. Call your local power company at ask the cost of having 440V, 1,000 amp service provide to your home.