New "Downfall" Parody Involving Tesla Superchargers

New "Downfall" Parody Involving Tesla Superchargers

I’ve created a new parody of the German film "Downfall" for YouTube. The rant scene now involves Tesla Motors Supercharger stations surrounding Berlin.

If you respond positively, I’ll provide notice to a wider audience.

Here's the YouTube link:

Curt Renz | 15 februari 2014

The above link got abbreviated and won't work.

This version should be good:

Dramsey | 16 februari 2014

I like it!

DTsea | 16 februari 2014

Most excellent!

Mel. | 16 februari 2014

Well done

ian | 16 februari 2014

Well done indeed!

Bighorn | 16 februari 2014


SamO | 16 februari 2014

+1 Curt. I shared a previous Downfall parody about short interest . . . still funny.

Great work.

Captain_Zap | 16 februari 2014

Awesome Curt! I appreciate all you do for us.
Many thanks.

drax7 | 16 februari 2014

Well done but not appropriate, in my opinion. . No point reminding the Germans again
Of their mistakes.

Curt Renz | 16 februari 2014

Thank you to all. That includes, drax7, but he/she may want to know that the full 2004 "Downfall" movie was made by Germans. I highly recommend it.

I'm of German descent. I notified by email my 78-year-old native German cousin in Bavaria of my parody. He liked it and said it was the best of many he had seen. When the Americans invaded his town in 1945, he aimed a toy gun at a GI. The soldier took the gun away and told him to go home. Nowadays my cousin facetiously refers to the "Thousand Year Reich". However, he pulls no punches regarding his opinions of American politicians on a certain side of the aisle.

Regarding national mistakes, I served in Vietnam during 1968-69. In my opinion our participation there was a big mistake. I keep reminding everyone of what should have been a lesson. The "Downfall" movie was an attempt by Germans to remind Germans and everyone else of a lesson.

David70 | 17 februari 2014

I'll have to see that. Is it available on Netflix or on DVD from Amazon.

The parody shorts were very entertaining.
Who produced, directed, etc. them?

Heart of Gold | 17 februari 2014


Availabe on Netflix (at least her in Norway)
Avaiable from Amazon on DVD an Blu Ray
More info on Internet Movie Database | 17 februari 2014

The producers of "Downfall" issued takedown notices to YouTube and other video hosts when the initial batch of "Downfall" dubs hit a few years ago. Watch this one while you still can.

Bubba2000 | 17 februari 2014

Germany today is a different country. They built an industrialized society. Their hi value exports match those of China which has almost 20 times the population. Most of the people are too busy having a good time.

German Army of today:
Too busy playing X-Box, eating Pizza Hut with their beer or smoking grass.

Still the Germans are burdened with hi income taxes and VAT. Plus the Solidarity Tax to support East Germany, Religious Tax (only for Christians and Jews!), European Union Taxes, Death Taxes, etc. Only 25% own their own homes. I think the sweet spot for Tesla will be in the $35,000 to $50,000 range for Model E. Tesla will have to offer Model E with a 300+ mile range that can function on the autobahn with the Supercharger network. Same for France, rest of Europe. Model S/X is large auto and many of the roads in Europe were made for horse carriages. Parking spaces are tinny and limited.

Curt Renz | 17 februari 2014


I viewed a DVD of “Downfall” (“Der Untergang” in German) that I borrowed from my local public library. It was a marvelous German production, although parts of it were shot in St. Petersburg, Russia. The producer and screen writer was Bernd Eichinger and the director was Oliver Hirschbiegel. It was distributed by Constantin Film.

It has not been dubbed, hence the need for subtitles. Swiss actor Bruno Ganz did such a magnificent job of replicating Hitler’s Austrian accent and conversational tones, that dubbing into other languages would have softened the impact.

There are thousands of video parodies of scenes from that film, produced by different people. Here is a link to a Wikipedia description of the phenomenon:

alcassfast | 17 februari 2014

Another enjoyable parody using that scene.
Oh, what mirth!

J.T. | 18 februari 2014

@Curt Renz Regarding national mistakes, I served in Vietnam during 1968-69. In my opinion our participation there was a big mistake. I keep reminding everyone of what should have been a lesson. And we never learn. "The Fog of War" was excellent at pointing out that we knew nothing before Vietnam and it seems we knew nothing after, as well.

drax7 | 18 februari 2014

I am the last one to defend the Germans, I am Jewish.
This association between tesla rise and hitlers downfall
Is morbid in my view. I've seen the movie .
Any association between tesla and hitler gives me nausea.

Brian H | 18 februari 2014

The spoof focusses on pretending the jaws of superior force (technology) are not "allowed" to destroy previous hierarchies of power, and what happens to a rigid deluded mind when the walls of prior certainties cave in.