New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

This morning I noticed the new multi-coat red is shown in Design Studio. Looks to me to be very close to the Signature Red, not the flat Red displayed at various events. Anyone know if it is the same?

djp | 16 januari 2013

In April someone can compare the delivered car to the store sample. That will convince me. My guess is that the Miami store red is not the red we will get

ylyubarsky | 16 januari 2013

Enjoy your waiting

Brian H | 16 januari 2013

did you catch the little zinger in that Detroit interview that a store is being prepared in Bejing, and the Elon wants to produce as many parts as possible in China (for the Chinese version/market?).

ylyubarsky | 17 januari 2013

I think he meant for all markets. We all know that it cost a lot less to produce parts in China because people make a few hundred dollars a month and each part costs 10 times less to produce. I think 90% of everything is made in China today

Brian H | 17 januari 2013

The investment newsletter touts are saying now that 3D printing is going to wipe out foreign sourcing in general and Chinese manufacturing in particular.

About the Multi-Coat red, it occurs to me that maybe it means Pot Luck Red, that there are multiple possible coats you might get. ;) !B-0

ylyubarsky | 20 januari 2013

Any news with new Red? Anybody wants to share his thoughts?

vinster | 23 januari 2013

'steveflaherty' (P7460) in the latest delivery thread said that he is expecting his Red with a Feb. 21st - Mar. 7th estimated delivery date.

OK, I need to call Tesla right now since I'm P4605! Will update if I get any feedback.

Brian H | 23 januari 2013

Sunset Red, but applied in a Multi-Coat way.

hwye81k | 23 januari 2013

Ohms.Law: I really hope that photo is truly showing the new red. That color is the red I was hoping for. It really matches the sample in the stores.

Ohms.Law | 23 januari 2013

hwye81k - I'm reasonably sure it is the same red. In fact all the reds we've been seeing since last summer are the same red IMO. The difference is that people are being fooled by how this red looks under the fluorescent lighting indoors - darker. Take the same sample, or car, outside in bright sunlight as I have and it looks much brighter. Sunset red, new red, multi-layer red, Motor Trend COTY studio red - all the same red. In know, I know, some will vehemently deny this. Perhaps you'll be proven right. But my money is that this is pretty much all the same red. We'll soon know.

mthanos | 3 februari 2013

It's been several days since this site has been updated. Has anyone heard any recent news when this red will start to be delivered? Tesla has exceeded most other promises so far.

vinster | 4 februari 2013

I doubt Tesla will push the new Red out before March 1. The only possible case I've heard is on the delivery thread, in which user 'steveflaherty' (P7460) said that his delivery date is between Feb 21 and Mar 7 and already has the delivery button on his design page.

My reservation number is lower but when I called Tesla up, they still insist earliest is March and I have no delivery button on my design page as of today. :/

teresa | 27 april 2014

Curious about the Red Multi Coat that is currently offered as a color choice. Since we live in the Tesla black hole, Dallas, Texas, our order was done blindly. We love red, pretty much all red. But I am sure hoping it turns out not the be a flat or "creme" red. I call it that because of nail polish colors! HA. Has anyone taken delivery of a multi coat red recently. Our delivery is sched for mid June

bevguy | 27 april 2014

It is a red red, bright enough for almost anybody. There's not anything very subtle about it.You will love it. | 27 april 2014

The MC Red does color shift with the light, but as @bevguy aptly said, there is nothing subtle about the color.

akikiki | 27 april 2014,

I have red. And I Love it. It's a real bright red. And actually is brighter in sunlight. I had a white 60 and after I saw a red one in person, I went a little nuts. I put the white on Craigslist and ordered the Red. I know several people that have Red, all love it. You won't regret your choice.

EJH | 27 april 2014

My red/black P85 with silver 21's (lic# NO C02) is becoming a bit of a legend in Toronto.
Very cool combo. | 29 april 2014

I have a S85 with the Multi Coat Red that I picked up on 7/31/13. To my eye the MC Red color choice currently offered is exactly the same color as my car.