Operational Status of Superchargers in California

Operational Status of Superchargers in California

I'm not sure if this was covered already, but I'll post here in case....

I'm interested in the operational status of the Superchargers in California. Is there anywhere I can check on "real time status" of whether the Superchargers are working at the 6 California locations?

My main focus is that I'm planning to drive from SF to Irvine this weekend and need to have assurances that I can charge at the Supercharger and not be stranded in the event that a Supercharger site is "down" or non-functional (needs repair).

Can folks who have used the Superchargers chime in on where and when you have observed the supercharger working?

If there's a website that has this information, can someone post it?

Stu Hood | 17 januari 2013

I've used the superchargers in Gilroy and Folsom in the past 10 days with no issues. To be honest, because the superchargers are so incredibly simple, I doubt that there will be much maintenance trouble or downtime: in particular, there is no user input or output and the only moving piece (the cable) is incredibly solid.

stevenmaifert | 18 januari 2013

dahtye - Call the Tesla Ownership Experience hotline at 877-798-3752 and select option 3. The gal I just spoke with said they have real time telematics communication with the Superchargers and can tell you if any are down.

mkh1437 | 18 januari 2013

Hopefully, this is something the forthcoming mobile app will be able to tell you... although I have not seen it reported anywhere. Would be nice if there was a dashboard app that could show location and status of superchargers as well.

RayPingle | 18 januari 2013

All the Superchargers are working in California. The only area that may cause you any delay is at Harris Ranch where they only have one charger. If someone is already there, you may have to wait a little. Low probabilety but it has happened. I've heard a rumor that they are going to eventually put in a six station charging facility.

I would highly recommend that you go to If you have a Smartphone, you con download the best app out there on charging stations across the nation. They have an app for Android phones and iPhones. In any event you can go to the website and get all the info on where the chargers are, who has used them recently, how the charging experience went, etc. This way, you can get fairly up-to-date info that there have been recent users at each site you're interested in and that it worked recently.

Enjoy your drive!

dahtye | 18 januari 2013

Thanks Steven. I called and the rep told me:
Gilroy - all 4 operational
Harris Range - the single unit is operational
Tejon Ranch - all 4 operational
Hawthorne - 2 of 5 operational

Yes, I'm hoping the mobile app will be tied into the supercharges so we know operational status as well as whether they are currently being used. Maybe we can also have a reservation system in place (but that's a bit much to ask for).

rdravenelle | 18 januari 2013

Good to know there is a way to find out of any stations might be down before heading out on a trip. My first trip from SF to south of Irvine was made easy by the Supercharger stations, but Harris Ranch can be a bottleneck since there is only one charging spot. The only issue you might run into is at the Tejon Ranch stop, like I did during the holidays. On the drive down to SoCal, I pulled up and of the four functioning charging spots only one was accessible. This was due to someone with a Toyota pickup with a trailer full of ATVs parked perpendicular to three of the spots. Fortunately he left before another Model S showed up. On the way back to NorCal, once again three of the spots were blocked by a RV. Fortunately there were a few people in the RV, so they could be asked to move it. The main reason they both parked the way they did is the surrounding parking lots were packed, and there really isn't any place to park RVs or pickups with trailers. It doesn't justify them blocking three of the four spots, but the general public does not understand that these Supercharger stations are our only "refueling" stops. I think one thing Tesla could do is paint a large striped "No Parking - EV Charging Station" area in front of the Supercharger station, or something along those lines. So that way people that see the empty spots don't assume they are just parking spots. Great to be part of the early days of EVs becoming even more mainstream.

Brian H | 18 januari 2013

Just a reminder for TM users of any spots, new or existing in the apps, to update the listings. Pay forward.

mitrabbit | 18 januari 2013

We topped off in Gilroy tis morning with one other Ms also using one of the four stations.
Then off to Harris ranch. One station there was being used by a lovely black S, was fully charged with no one around. So after asking around at the restaurant we found th owner, who was embarresed. So as we pulled in to charge another S drove in. So while going through this sequential charging we had some great conversations, comparing notes and stories. Part of this warm culture.
And then another Sig S pulled in to Charge!
It has been suggested that we leave cell numbers on the dash so we don't hold people up for no good reason. Any thoughts how the new smart phone application might help Here?

One of the staff at Harris said they are planning 8 more stations. Sounds good to me.

So we are at the Best Western in Porterville and after some searching for a socket to plug in to, they got us plugged in right in front of the motel. Slow, but we have all Night! 110V. And the staff here went crazy over the Car! Of course they did.

Happy trails S lites.

What an Adventure!

Tylyoung | 18 januari 2013

mlrabbit.... Leaving your cell phone number on the dash while you are charging MS....and elsewhere, is a great suggestion. Thanks for passing that on!! Yikes!! I'd have ben embarrassed too!!


Brian H | 18 januari 2013

Speaking of SC stations, there are to be about 92 more this year, almost 8/mo. So we're 4 short already this month! Falling behind! Oh, Noes!

portia | 9 februari 2013

The Harris Ranch charger has this note posted on the side of the supercharger, saying more are coming, target by the end of March. I saw another post somewhere saying May, but I think that was verbal info, this was on paper! No one else was there when we were at either Harris or Tejon Ranch today. We saw 6 superchargers at Tejon ranch today, all look active. Harris Ranch charger was fast at 300 mph, and the Tejon Ranch I only got 200 mph.