P or not, Plus or not, Air Suspension or not, Pano or not, Tech Package or not etc...? - here is the answer!

P or not, Plus or not, Air Suspension or not, Pano or not, Tech Package or not etc...? - here is the answer!

When following the threads on "should I buy or not xyz extras - are they worth the money etc." or "I test drove and compared ... and I can't tell the difference" - I was always a bit lost. But since I didn't have the experience myself? Well, now I do.
I got a loaner for the last three days - MS85 The car was beautiful and had only 500 miles - thus primo (thank you SD SC). It didn't though have a P or a Plus, no Air Suspension, no Pano, no Tech Package etc.

Yes, there is a definitive difference in performance, comfort, fun and so on in each of the features and the price difference on each is fair (stop crying).

The true question is are you willing/able to afford the higher price for the car or not.

Muzzman1 | 13 juni 2014

I'd imagine for most folks, money is the most important deciding factor with all of the premium choices.

michael1800 | 13 juni 2014

It would probably be more helpful if you gave your personal impressions in a paragraph for each of the differences you listed. "Trust me, it's worth it and is fairly priced," may be right, but it's your experience that will help people decide if they are willing to afford the given option.

Red Sage ca us | 13 juni 2014

The choices tend to actually be:
Buy another house.
Pay for the kids schooling.
Pay for the grandkids schooling.
Buy a fully-loaded Tesla Model S.
Buy more TSLA.

Bighorn | 13 juni 2014

@Red Sage
Pay for the girlfriend's condo.

Red Sage ca us | 13 juni 2014

Bighorn: Meh. Girlfriends are way more trouble than they're worth. Whatcha do, see... Is get a James Bond Evil Bad Guy Babe Lair... That's where you take all the girls who are... Uhm... 'Auditioning' for the role of Girlfriend, but don't know they'll never get it!

Mathew98 | 13 juni 2014

To P or not to P+, that is the question.


socalsam | 13 juni 2014

You forgot an O in your name. And I agree- give details about each package. I have a p85 on order and I'm interested to know what I didn't get with the plus.

JohnnyMac | 13 juni 2014

Babe lair...two thumbs up.
P85...three thumbs up.
P85+...well, you know.

Priorities :-)

mathiasc | 14 juni 2014

S85 = price/performance.
P85 = performance (US style sportscar) (sorry just had to...) ;-)
P85+ = performance with the handling to go with it (European style sportscar) if you come from Performance cars this is the one to buy. This is what Christian von Koenigsegg is driving as his daily car...

the plus is the only one with proper tyres. The allyear crap is something I hope Tesla corrects and remove from all models for european sales... major complaints in forums over here...

akikiki | 14 juni 2014

Red Sage, you have it right, but in reverse order.

LEvans | 14 juni 2014

I would definitely get a P85 but I would not have those 21" wheels in my car even if they paid me extra to get those wheels. Search the topics here and you will see most unfortunate incidents with wheel and tires failures have to do with the 21" wheels. This is not just a Tesla thing. On the Mercedes forums I also see many more tire and wheel failures with larger tires.

The 19" wheels are going to be more durable and comfortable. I wish there was a way to get a plus package but without the 21" wheels.

JonathanL | 14 juni 2014

P, Coil, Pano, 19" Rials with Summer Tires.

GAGSTESLA | 14 juni 2014

Perfectly happy with:

Model 85, plenty of power.
No Hole in roof, less problems. It does look cool, my wife want one on hers.
No Air Suspension, less problems. It has a good purpose, just not for me.
Tech Package, for sure. This almost should be standard.

I love the way Tesla goes to market, pick and choose to make the car YOU want, not the other way around.

However, you owe it to yourself to try the different packages, read up on the benefits, and make your own choices.

I also had a loaner with everything on it, and I'm glad I got my car the way I ordered it.

wcalvin | 14 juni 2014

Tech package is important.

Air suspension important if abrupt driveways or deep snow.

Pano important mostly if you live in Seattle or London and need to celebrate the few nice days of summer, or need skirack anchors.

P and P+ unimportant, it already has twice the hp that anyone needs. That's paying a lot for a few showoff opportunities.

Red Sage ca us | 14 juni 2014

akikiki moderately chastised, "Red Sage, you have it right, but in reverse order."

LOL! Actually, I made a bulleted list instead of numbered, so people could prioritize for themselves as they saw fit. Though I did forget about the girlfriend/mistress/boytoy/gigolo options, admittedly. ;-)

bevguy | 14 juni 2014

Re performance difference with S and P.
See the Motor Trend tests. they are the only reviewer that i know of that tested both under similar circumstances.
ACCELERATION FIGURES S in first column P in second column
0-30 2.3; 1.7 sec
0-50 4.0; 3.1
0-60 5.0; 4.0
0-70 6.1; 5.0
0-80 7.4; 6.3
0-90 8.9; 7.7
0-100 10.8; 9.5
PASSING, 45-65 MPH 1.9; 1.7
QUARTER MILE 13.2 sec @ 110.9 mph; 12.4 sec @ 112.5 mph
BRAKING, 60-0 MPH 124; 113 ft

so for real world highway passing there isn't a lot of difference . For 50 -80 mph, only 0.2 seconds , the same for 45 - 65 mph. Both clock as very fast, feel even faster, and have the advantage of no lag as the car downshifts and the turbo winds up.

ZERO EMS | 16 juni 2014

Good comments and for sure some subjectivity. That said, before I did drive both for more than just a test drive around the block, I thought that subjectivity would play a bigger role. Here are more details.
P vs. not (incl. +) - Mathiasc nailed it. While I can not comment on the experience between a P85 and P85+ I can say that the performance (acceleration and handling) of the P85+ doesn't fall short of meeting "European style" expectations. I am German and only drove German cars (nicely powered and sporty). The experience when pushing the P85+ car is exceptional, it's the difference between a agile EV vs. a EV sports car.
AS vs. coils: The ride with AS is more sophisticated and more comfortable. I haven't pushed the loaner 85 re turns and handling compared to my own car since I treat other peoples belongings with care. That said, the AS is an intelligent aid to your driving styles. When comfort is needed, your ride is just smoother/softer, when I take an ambitious turn and set the car on "low" - yes baby!
The Pano gives the car another notch of interior space and beauty. During 75% of my driving off highways, its open (living in SoCal) and I enjoy the fresh air while the noise level is very low. I haven't had any problems at all (@GAGSTESLA)
Tech package: Just good features. Whether those should be standard or not, I leave it up to the Marketing folks at Tesla.
Re. the price difference comment. I didn't want to go into too much detail and will stay away here as well. In essence, while the loner was an 85, it was w/o most of the add-on's. In addition to the above, no high end sound, no extra Nappa Leather Trim, no Alcantara HL etc. You can immediately tell the difference in regard of the look-and-feel as well as the handling of the car. Therefore I think that the folks at Tesla did a very good job in differentiating the options and to price them adequately. Only exception is the parcel shelf - good it's free now.
Fantastic car, well done Tesla, I love my MS.
Anybody telling me a year ago that I would ever buy an American car - yes sure ;-)

Haeze | 16 juni 2014

The best advice I can give to anyone who is on the fence about one feature or another:

First, test drive the P85 or P85+ that is available at your local Sales Center. While talking to them, have them set you up with a name and number for the local Service Center representative.

The Service Centers are more than willing to let you look at any of the cars they have in with different colors of paint, different feature sets, etc. They are also the best people to talk to about any known issues caused by one feature or another.

Also, your local Service Center may be the only place where you can actually test drive an S60, since many of the loaner fleet are now S60. There is a slight, but noticable difference in acceleration between an S60 and an S85.

The only feature that I was on the fence about, that I regret not getting, is Tech Package. It isn't so much an issue now, but when I bought my car, cars without Tech Package came with older Halogen Headlamps, and a non-HD backup camera, both if which are now standard. THe camera I could not care less about as the SD looks fine for all viewing purposes. The only downside is the distance you can read a license plate at... no biggie... but the headlights are a BIG deal. Also, I thought the auto-present handles were just gimmick, and that NAV would be available as an add-on app later (it may still be but the timeline is long in the future). The handles turned out to be a big deal for me after the fact, because reaching in my pocket to present the handles while carrying stuff is not easy.

The Air Suspension is one of those that is WELL worth the price, but can be omitted if cash is tight. Even if you only raise the car once in a blue moon to avoid scraping, it has already paid for itself. I have found that there are some chargers I simply can't park at because the spot was angled rather than perpendicular to the flow of traffic. This made backing in very inconvenient for you and the traffic waiting behind you. Unfortunately, the charger's cord is just a foot too short if you pull all the way up to the curb. Luckily with the air suspension, you can lift the front of the car over the curb, pull further in, and now the charge cable reaches to the back of the car. Not a game-breaker, but certainly worth every penny to have the ability to do such things.

Kondo | 16 juni 2014

My wife said if I sold my 2 cars I could get the Tesla so they went last Monday. On Tuesday I put my order in and have NOT driven the car. That happens tomorrow in Scottsdale. I figured since I had 2 weeks I could always change the order. The salesperson in Brea, CA said do you really need to go 1.2 seconds faster, of course not. You don't need the twin chargers either. Figuring she knew best, I went with her suggestion since I was driving the cars a week later and could make changes. My wife came into the room with THE LOOK. What did you just do?? I ordered the Tesla. And when it comes you are going to say, I should have gotten the 85P. She said call her back and change it, well, I just went to the design page, clicked P and added the twin chargers. I made her click the accept button though :) I love my wife!!! I hope there is a big difference tomorrow since we both have a test drive. The reason for non + was I did not want air and 21 wheels. I will get my own aftermarket wheels and already have them picked out with summer only rubber.