The Panoramic Windshield is greater than sliced bread

The Panoramic Windshield is greater than sliced bread

During a nice country road drive in my Model S yesterday, I was contemplating (because the car makes you do that) how lucky/grateful I am to be able to have such an effortless and pleasant driving experience. I was floating under trees and clouds, weaving under falling leaves, over winding curves still drying from the moist morning dew. Inside the cabin it was still and quiet. It was truly enjoyable. My touring sedan and me, like dog and butterfly. I was also thinking about the Model X and it struck me that a panoramic windshield would amplify the visual experience I was having in the S. I desired the X then, and fantasized about seeing my scenery 100% larger with a seamless panoramic windshield. It may very well be the one understated feature about this latest Tesla car. I will will myself to get a panoramic windshielded Tesla car one way or another. Until then, I'm crouching under the top edge of my regular windshield to see the tip of that redwood tree I just cruised under.

(Also, if someone can figure out a way to get rid of or minimize the A-pillar, that would further expand the visual driving experience, but let's leave that topic for now.)

Thank you Tesla team.

Ankit Mishra | 4 oktober 2015


Red Sage ca us | 4 oktober 2015

Scotty? Can we deliver that formula for transparent aluminum to Tesla Motors' Fremont plant? Thanks!

NumberOne | 4 oktober 2015

I think it is great too, and while it is great, the support needed for the Falcon wing doors made it quite essential. If you think about it, it is better to have a major structural support in front of and behind the Falcon Wings, rather than halfway further ahead on the roof. The whole car is simply an engineering marvel!

Iowa92x | 4 oktober 2015

The center wire cutting the glass is low tech and fugly. Dumb.

rossRallen | 4 oktober 2015

How else to power the camera? I guess they could have used indium tin oxide (conductive and transparent). Still, there might have been done effect due to different refractive index.

After a while no one will notice it.

Tâm | 4 oktober 2015


The camera could be placed all the way on top at the edge of the windshield and the ceiling.

The problem is: The mirror still needs power. | 4 oktober 2015

Camera at the top wouldn't work in the rain. I has to be where the wiper will clear the rain off the camera viewing area.

Tâm | 4 oktober 2015

I would propose an independent automatic wiper for the camera. Of course, that is if we don't talk about additional costs at this stage of vaporware.

teslagiddy | 4 oktober 2015

Awesomely nerdy! I wonder how many forum users got that reference?

Iowa92x | 4 oktober 2015

Several possible solutions to hide the $4 dollar plastic wire feeding power to mirror and cameras. A pair of raw copper wires embedded in the glass would look cool. a tiny black strip similar to rear window heating element, get rid of mirror if legal and project rear image on screen, there are more. Imagination. | 4 oktober 2015

If they stick with forward facing cameras for autopilot functions, it looks like they will need three of them eventually to approximate the flexibility of human vision. Maybe they can mount them on the top of the dashboard behind the windshield. Rear view mirror function might also be replaced by three cameras, two on the side and one in back. No mirrors at all. No driver either. Then you will really be able to enjoy the scenery.

eric.zucker | 5 oktober 2015

@EVino: Such poetry. I agree, this car will make you feel so much more connected to the surroundings. Sequoia, redwood, pine forests, national parks ... this will be the car to be in.

Looking forward to driving the Alps. must be simply majestic seeing these towering mountains in full glory.

Remnant | 5 oktober 2015

@ (October 4, 2015)

<< If they stick with forward facing cameras for autopilot functions, it looks like they will need three of them eventually to approximate the flexibility of human vision. >>

I concur. Front-facing cameras can be lined up on the edge of the dashboard, behind the windshield. The wiring can easily be hidden from view then.

Likewise, rear-facing cameras can offer a 180° panoramic rearview, without a totally unwelcome rearview mirror in the middle of the windshield.

Even the A pillars can be omitted by developing cockpit structures made of hardened transparencies, of which many have been created/proposed in the military R&D. And, naturally, with AP we can educate ourselves to become beauty sensitives and landscape admirers, without too much of risk of rear-ending someone.

Nantang | 5 oktober 2015

I like seeing stars (without a precursor head injury), and I've always made a point of getting cars with sun/moonroofs. The Model S panoramic view is really nice, but the idea of eliminating altogether the pillar in front of my head is really appealing.

With one prominent exception--I will want to make sure the sunvisor has good adjust-ability, because I get a lot of morning and evening commutes in which I'm headed into the sun. (And, in a Tesla, I can slingshot around the Sun at high warp to engage in time travel.) | 5 oktober 2015

@Remnant: to be honest, the three camera requirement is not mine. I watched an interesting lecture on YouTube by the Chairman and CTO of Mobileyr, Amnon Shashua, who seems like a really smart guy.

Haggy | 5 oktober 2015

Now the question is whether they will change the windshield in eleven months after somebody discovers that it won't work with transponders. Also, the sun visors seem to be attached to the glass by use of a mirror mount, and that's in violation of the California Vehicle Code. The mount for the visors can't be on the glass. CVC 26708.

NumberOne | 5 oktober 2015

@Haggy, from what I have seen, the visors seem to be mounted on the A Pillar.

bblevis | 5 oktober 2015

who needs transponders? I have Model S and I don't even need my transponder in the car. The Fast Trak points on the highway and bridges have cameras to take photo of the license plate that is linked to a Fast Trak account.
I have never had a problem with Fast Trak. I leave the transponder in my glove box and I still find the expected lines in my account details on-line. There does not seem to be any added fees or fines for not detecting the actual transponder as long as your license plate is linked to your account.

Haggy | 6 oktober 2015

That depends where you drive. Some areas allow you to have "license plate accounts" which mean that you have no effective need for the transponder. In areas where a transponder with a switch is required, the transponder is needed even if you are exempt from tolls. The vehicle code specifies that it must be mounted and always be visible.

A license plate camera can take a picture of your plate, and indeed the law says that it could happen, even if you are in a mixed use lane. If that happens, you are in a Tesla, you even have stickers, but there's no transponder signal, then would you want to end up paying a toll or would you want to appeal it each time? if the CHP pulls you over and you have a transponder mounted, whether it works or not, it's not gong to result in a ticket. But the whole thing is a mess.

TonyInNH | 6 oktober 2015

Can the RF for the transponder penetrate the frunk? That way you could just velcro it to the interior.

vandacca | 6 oktober 2015

I was told that the Model-S has an area next to the mirror that doesn't have the blocking coating where a transponder can be located. I would assume the Model-X would have the same thing? It should be something you ask your Sales rep.

Remnant | 3 november 2015

@ bblevis | October 5, 2015

<< I leave the transponder in my glove box and I still find the expected lines in my account details on-line. >>

It's entirely possible that your glove box is transparent to the RF of the highway detectors. | 3 november 2015

In FL they read license plates as well as ping transponders. What I can't figure out is why they sent me a transponder with literature that says that it doesn't work in a Model S. They knew I had a Model S. I called them and asked that question. The answer was "because you registered online". Stunningly dense.

Red Sage ca us | 5 november 2015

Yeah... But... What's the watermelon doing there?