Off peak power rates survey

Off peak power rates survey

I'd like to help out tesla rumors with a survey. Please list the following and leave the commentary to other thread

Metro area

Utility company( some have more than one)

Off peak hours

Off peak rate

ThomasN | 25 januari 2012

Portland Oregon


10pm 6am plus weekends ans some holidays


DeDe | 25 januari 2012

San Jose, CA

PG&E - E6 (Time of Use)

*Winter off-peak: 8pm-5pm (yes, 21 hours) - M-F all day Sat/Sun and holidays - $.10189 baseline
**Summer off-peak: 9pm-10am - M-F; 8pm-5pm Sat/Sun and holidays - $.09781 baseline

PG&E - E9A (EV Time of Use)

*Winter off-peak: Midnight-7am - M-F; 9pm-5pm - Sat/Sun; holidays - $.04680 baseline
**Summer off-peak: Midnight-7am - M-F; 9pm-5pm - Sat/Sun; holidays - $.03743 baseline

*Winter - May 1-October 31
**Summer - Nov. 1 - April 30

These rates are baseline rates based on a household's baseline allocation. Rates increase based on total overall usage and percentage over baseline. Differential could be as much as $.20 per kWh. This is where solar is particularly cost beneficial even if it doesn't fully cover a household's total electrical usage. If your output can at lease keep you out of the higher tiers, then the payback can be significant.


Leofingal | 25 januari 2012

My numbers are a bit skewed due to my high usage (geothermal heat pump in a cold climate with a house with many windows).

Rochester, NY - RG&E (Iberdrola subsidiary)

No split between day/night. Total cost including wind energy surcharge for a portion of my consumption gives 9.2 cents/kWh

I think I paid closer to 12-13 c/kWh in my other house where I used much less power.

Robert.Boston | 25 januari 2012

NStar tariff rates, assuming you take Basic Service and Schedule A5 Optional Time-of-Use Residential rates "This rate has peak and off-peak periods. Peak is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays from June through September; and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays October through May. Off-peak is all other hours including weekends and the 12 Massachusetts holidays.":

(Note: the energy rate is determined by periodic auction and is due to reset in July.):

Winter rates (October-May):
On-peak $0.200/kWh
Off-peak $0.121/kWh
Summer rates (June-Sept):
On-peak $0.268/kWh
Off-peak $0.122/kWh

TOU rates for the win! Would be even better if there were a retail supplier who provided energy priced on/off peak.

stevenmaifert | 25 januari 2012

San Diego
San Diego Gas & Electric
Midnight - 5am

mcornwell | 25 januari 2012

With our 7.7KWA PV system, our cost per KW over the next 25 years (expected life of the system) is about $0.08 or 0.09 with SDGE. We make about 97% of what we use, though that will obviously go down when the Tesla arrives, and the wife gets her soon to be ordered Volt.

We may need to put a few new panels up to stay in Tier 1 pricing, though I also need to investigate the various EV programs that are available through SDGE. | 25 januari 2012

EThomasN, Thanks for the idea and starting this discussion. Everyone who is helping with this, thank you! I can't wait to compile this data. Keep it coming. I appreciate it. I'm sure many will benefit.

Max Mindel

Brian H | 26 januari 2012

Vancouver, BC

BC Hydro

No on/off peak distinctions.

6.67¢/kWh up to 1,350 kWh/mo., thereafter 9.62¢.

Brian H | 26 januari 2012

P.S. BC Hydro pays 9.99¢ for feed-in "net" (above amount drawn) from solar etc.

clea | 26 januari 2012

Montreal, QC
Quebec Hydro
No on/off peak distinctions
5.39¢/kWh up to 30 kWh/day 7.51¢/kWh after that.
They only allow Net Metering ...