Private user name?

Private user name?

I have recently been getting a pink notice at the top of the forum indicating my user name is private. I don't know what that means? How does that limit my post? I have been posting for many months, like over 12 months and until recently I never saw that pink warning/notice. Is it limiting my post to Tesla owners?

reitmanr | 7 oktober 2013

Private= Reserved? Sorry for the error. I still have no idea what this means.

Brian H | 8 oktober 2013


reitmanr | 8 oktober 2013


Mysterious....even for you? No way!

asdqwedev | 6 oktober 2019


Xerogas | 6 oktober 2019

@reitmanr: we can’t answer you because we’ve never seen your posts. That’s pretty private!

rxlawdude | 6 oktober 2019

Question mark and the mysterius (sic).