Production Complete. Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery.......

Production Complete. Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery.......

Ok I have had the "Production Complete Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery" for right at a week now (since 12/20) and nothing.

Are there no further updates to the My Tesla screen?

My DS and local DS are very vague and don't really give me much information.

Do the DS really don't know when it is going to come in and just one day they look out and there is a truck load of Model S on a truck?

I am pulling my hair out here. Please advise. I am taking delivery in Houston VIN 66206.

mrspaghetti | 26 december 2014

If you look at the small print under your estimated delivery date on your dash, it says that your DS will contact you after it is in transit and set up a more firm delivery date.

mrspaghetti | 26 december 2014


By the way, my VIN is very close to yours and we went 'production complete' right around the same time. I bet our cars are on the same truck. I suggest you keep your schedule open for the weekend.

jbmjbm22 | 26 december 2014

@mrspaghetti - thanks for nothing, no joke we can read. just seems like a LONG time for my car to be sitting in Cali doing nothing when it could have been on a truck.

jbmjbm22 | 26 december 2014


do u deliver to Houston too?

Captain_Zap | 26 december 2014

That status doesn't mean it is sitting in California. It could be pulling into town any minute.

jbmjbm22 | 26 december 2014

I hope your right @Captain_Zap

and @mrspaghetti wanna rent a car hauler and go get it with me!!!

mrspaghetti | 26 december 2014


I wasn't trying to be a smart ass. I hadn't really read that blurb myself until after the fact. So perhaps while you can read, I still struggle.

Yes, I am in Houston and tentatively scheduled to pick up Sunday from the service center.

When's the last time you heard from Whitney? Are you getting a P85D or an S60/85?

Beau B | 26 december 2014

Mine has been sitting in California complete since Monday and my DS checks in each day or so to tell me it is still sitting there and advances the earliest possible delivery by another day. If it ships this morning, I have Sunday morning; if it slips to tomorrow, I'm into Monday.

We're getting an S85 and I envision nearly full trucks with one spot left each day for my car and then someone says, "Wait, we just finished another P85D, bump that S85 to the next Seattle truck!"

At this point, I'd gladly go back in time to Monday and pay $500-1000 to individually have it shipped up here :-)

mrspaghetti | 26 december 2014

@Beau B At this point, I'd gladly go back in time to Monday

It's a catch-22. You need the car & the flux capacitor to do that.

Beau B | 26 december 2014

Yep, and I'd end up doing something that affects the future and would probably see my car passed by a Seattle bound truck, one Tesla short of a full load, as my private transport got a flat tire!

srgtfury | 26 december 2014

So, I am getting a preowned S and it is supposed to be on a flatbed to Costa Mesa, Ca today and My Dashboard has had and still has "Late November" for the delivery date... I also noted the the Dashboard is asking for Ins info again, even though it was accepted and the vehicle is supposed to be here today...

I do hope my other data is more secure than this has been.

Thank you very much


jbmjbm22 | 26 december 2014


Whitney doesn't give much info at all, hardly returns emails or calls. Just very vague on when. But it is an S85.

jbmjbm22 | 26 december 2014


Do you have Whitney's direct line?

jbmjbm22 | 26 december 2014

Never mind found it, literally just go an email from her saying my car is in transit to Houston. But still no tentative date.

Brian H | 26 december 2014

Your truck got 4 flats and rolled into a ditch. Your replacement car will arrive in April.

Or maybe not.


jbmjbm22 | 26 december 2014

Tentative delivery Tuesday, barring any flats lol!

mrspaghetti | 26 december 2014


Outstanding! I guess ours are not on the same truck then, but at least it looks good for 2014 for both of us :)

In Whitney's defense, it is probably better to give vague answers if she's not sure exactly where your car is. And from everything I've read on the forums, the DS does not always get the latest and greatest info.

Captain_Zap | 26 december 2014

It is hard for the DS to say anything specific until they see the whites of the DRLs.

romvd | 26 december 2014

Interesting, my P85D is in the same status since Dec 19th evening. Close to your timing. Funny, I emailed my DS today at noon - I guess it takes me a bit longer than you to get up and go investigating.

In any case, my DS had easier time being vague. Because I emailed him, he figured he will not respond until he knows something. Which as Captain_Zap figured, will be when the flatbed pulls in the Tesla yard here.

chuck | 26 december 2014

Same issue here in Toronto

Ds seems to be doing his best but does not have any information. Dates just keep slipping / pushing every 2-3 days or so. I think they are just lacking the info.

jim.wilson | 26 december 2014

I have the same message on my screen. Today Tesla called after talking with the truck driveR and scheduled a Tuesday Delivery. The message did not change on My Tesla. Vin 66240

Hart | 26 december 2014

Just in case it makes any of you feel better:
Ordered my PD Oct 11, was told it was going to be one of the first ones to be built and delivered in early December (to Denver). It went into production Dec. 2, complete on Dec 17. Other PDs, completed same day for destination Colorado, arrived in Denver for delivery on the 19th and 20th. A whole bunch. Mine continued to sit in Fremont. After complaining to Jerome, it finally got onto a truck on the 24th. Did not arrive in Denver until after dark today (three full days to get here. Really???). As I have said in another thread, there is no rationale for their delivery schedule.
For the record: still love Tesla, great fan (my third Model S, an X on order).

teslabayarea | 26 december 2014

Hot damn @Hart!
You own 3 model s's or you sold some?

Hart | 26 december 2014

@tes: always traded up. At present, I have none while waiting for the PD.

tmaz | 26 december 2014

So here is what I learned....most DS' suck. If you want real answers either call the location manager or HQ. I'm done wasting time with the DS'

teslabayarea | 26 december 2014

@Hart did you lose considerable money on each trade up?
I have decided to lease my P85D instead of buy because I know Tesla will innovate quick and I think at most the p85D will have three years use, well at least I hope! And I am using it for business.

Deenobrown | 26 december 2014

I'm in a similar situation. My order was confirmed on October 22nd. VIN 63xxx. Still no sign of my car. Production was complete on December 18th. In the mean time I've seen lots of people who have ordered much later than me receive their cars.

neil | 26 december 2014

When I got the same notice in October, I thought YES. Waited and waited, was told I'd get a call. Waited some more, then one day, I got a call, "do you want to pick up your car later today." Good grief.

Brian H | 26 december 2014

At the speed Tesla innovates, your car was obsolete when you ordered it. There is no cure or escape.

Hart | 26 december 2014

@tes: no, did ok with my "trade ups" I think. Just sold my P85 privately the end of October, and did ok also when I traded my S for the P in January.
Leasing makes sense if you can do it through your business I think. Otherwise I would not do it.

jbmjbm22 | 27 december 2014

From what it sounds like, they have a ton of production complete vehicles ready to ship but not enough shippers!

Captain_Zap | 27 december 2014
4cx250b | 27 december 2014

My P85D was ordered 11/7/14, with "late December" delivery date (to Santa Fe). Got a call from my DS in Denver last week saying car was being painted, and that car was going to be shipped directly to NM without stopping by Denver to be prepped, and could get here this coming week. Got a temp registration sticker last week in the mail. Dashboard still says the car is in production, so not sure what to think.

jbmjbm22 | 27 december 2014


Must be why I got free upgrade seats because of backlog of parts.

TEXXXAN | 28 december 2014

Whitney emailed me stating she didn't know where my P85D was because it was being delivered directly to my house. Not sure what to think. Hope it arrives by Wednesday 12/31/14.

Bighorn | 28 december 2014

The cars get released to private contract truckers and information then becomes dependent on them keeping everyone apprised of their progress by cell phone. I'm sure they're all pretty clear that deliveries need to take place by 12/31. It seems the logistics of finding such a vast number of independent contractors is the rate limiting step for deliveries at crunch time.

jbmjbm22 | 28 december 2014


They told me if it was delivered privately then the sale must be complete, so doesn't matter if gets delivered past 12/31, for tax purposes it was already completed. | 28 december 2014

DS called me this morning. Says I can pickup car tomorrow from the local SC. I still need my EFCU (financing) check, so planning to pickup on Tuesday.

tezzla.SoCal | 28 december 2014 - when did your car complete production? | 28 december 2014


My dashboard was updated yesterday morning. DS at my SC calls me today, saying car is ready for pickup from the SC tomorrow.

On another note, are you in the LA area (or SF Valley)?

Trying to put together a little group of Tesla owners for a coffee meetup sort of thing, for once in a while in the 818 area. I posted about this in the Southern California "Club" section of the Forum. If local & interested, shoot me a private message at TMC with an email or cell, so I can put you on the list. :)

viper2c2 | 28 december 2014

P62681 delivered at 6:50 AM Sunday Dec 28th, but with 238 miles on the car! The flatbed driver drove 6 hours from Marietta GA; that was an early get-up. It was ordered with next gen seats, but both the front and rear are 1st gen. If the issue was with the front seat side curtain airbags, then I why are the rear seats are not 3rd gen? Makes it tougher for a Ranger to replace them, which Tesla says will be done in March. | 28 december 2014


238 miles on odometer, why??? Hmmmmm

Bighorn | 28 december 2014

Range charge minus vampire loss.

Bighorn | 28 december 2014

Or is that odometer???? Rated miles makes sense, not odometer. | 28 december 2014

Yeah, I'm confused by this post. Range or odometer?

mrspaghetti | 29 december 2014

I picked up my car from the Houston SC yesterday at noon, and even though it was a rainy and generally crappy day I managed to put almost a hundred miles on it. Good test of the auto-wipers though :) Astonishing that the car is quieter at 70 mph in the rain than my previous car was on a dry day at 40 - quieter even than I remember my week long rental experience last year. I had slacker working before I even pulled out of the SC, and the app worked the first time I logged in (which was not until later that evening). The car was and is flawless and everything works perfectly. Kudos to Whitney and Ron! And thanks for the Tesla scarves :)

Kind of cool that this morning my calendar was up waiting for me, letting me know what was on my schedule for the day (I hadn't done anything to set that up, so it was kind of a nice surprise).

Given that it was a crappy day, I brought my all-weather mats with me to the delivery to make sure the car didn't get fouled up. Turned out to be a good idea - those mats were definitely worth the money. In fact, yesterday evening I swung by Lowe's and threw 4 x 40 lb bags of potting soil in the back without a worry because of the trunk all-weather mat. Makes a practical car even more practical. (Plenty of room to spare after those 4 bags, btw, but that was all I happened to need.)

A little snafu that is not Tesla's fault is that my HPWC never arrived at my house. Whitney emailed me today telling me their records indicate it was delivered on 12/16, but obviously not to the right place. Unfortunately for some reason deliveries often go awry to my house - either to a neighbor, or to the same house number on the wrong street, etc. But either way it's not that urgent since I have a 14-50 in my garage already. I plan to follow up in earnest after the end-of-year dust settles for them.

I enjoy almost never having to touch the brakes. In my previous car if I wanted to change lanes I'd sometimes have to wait forever, since I need a vast amount of space to the rear due to its amazing snail-like acceleration. Not anymore. I love the clear bluetooth music and calling, and actually being able to hear and be heard by the other party. I love not having to screw around with my phone, put it in a holder and attach two separate wires to it every time I get into the car. I love not having to screw around with it again every time I get out. I love not having to screw around with keys to get in or start it. I love not having to remember to lock it or check that the passenger has remembered to lock it (yes, my last car was entirely manual, so this is huge for me.)

There's more, I'm sure, but you get the idea.

Overall - totally worth the wait. Totally worth the money.

teslabayarea | 29 december 2014

My car just went from in production to prep for pickup!

I'm so exciiiiiiiited!!!!!

Red Sage ca us | 29 december 2014

mrspaghetti: Very, very happy for you!

jbmjbm22 | 29 december 2014

Delivery for me tomorrow unless Whitney changes the date. What sucks is, we had to go to the mall yesterday around the SC in Houston and we were within 6 miles, would have killed two birds with one stone if my Tesla was in early but that is Murphy's Law right! Reguardless, ready for a good experience like so many have been reporting here...will have to take a sleeping pill tonight or I won't sleep in anticipation!!!

Captain_Zap | 29 december 2014




I'm leaning with the others. Are you sure you are not looking at the rated range readout?


You sound like my brother. It is always easy to find something that sucks when all things do not intersect to create immaculate perfection. Let it slide and enjoy the ride!