Putting Roadster in Park

Putting Roadster in Park

Driving a Roadster for the first time. Amazing car. But how do you put it into Park? I see P on the dash but have not been able to figure it out. Do you just leave it in gear? Thanks!

DHrivnak | 21 november 2014

There is no switch, when you turn the power off a parking pawl engages.

Iselsf | 23 november 2014


harry | 25 november 2014

So, do most drivers leave the Roadster in gear (Drive/Reverse) or in Neutral? Does it make a difference?

PatT | 25 november 2014

when you take the key out of the "ignition", the vehicle is now in park.

harry | 26 november 2014

I understand the "park" aspect of it. What I'm wondering is where you leave the lever stick. (only applicable for an '08) Should the stick be left in "R", "D" or "N" or does it even matter?

Earl and Nagin ... | 27 november 2014

It doesn't matter where you leave the stick on the Gen 1.5 ('08) models. The stick just controls the way the electricity is handled in the motor. If you aren't pushing the accelerator ("go pedal") they all do the same thing. You should set the hand brake, however, so there are 2 things holding the car in park.