Rain and Falcon Wings

Rain and Falcon Wings

When the falcon wings open, wouldn't they expose the interior and the passengers in the second row to rain? I see that they do provide a "roof" but it is about 2 ft higher and thus sufficient space for water to get splashed in especially in a storm.

FelixMendeldog | 2 oktober 2015

People keep bring this up but I really want to know: how is this worse than opening a ‘normal’ door? The only thing I can see is they’re pretty slow. I’d have my doors open and closed in a flash by hand! But standing under a Falcon Wing Door is better than trying to hold an umbrella while buckling a kid in a child seat, right? Elon showed and we’ve all experienced: in tight spots, one can’t get past a normal door at all, let alone with a kid in his arms; I’ll take slow opening over inaccessible!

johnse | 2 oktober 2015

In a storm you're going to get wet anyway. It's been discussed extensively on the forums before. It's been pointed out that if you're trying to deal with strapping a kid into a carseat in a regular SUV or van, you're going to get even more wet. Here you have at least some protection from the rain--and you can get in and situated more quickly.

sandip | 3 oktober 2015

In rain anyone standing outside without cover will get wet..yeah no brainer...but when you open doors on a car the inside doesn't get wet. With falcon doors pretty much all of second row is exposed. Yes there is a cover on top but there is also an almost 2ft gap between the roof of the car and the raised falcon doors.

Or is it that Californians have forgotten what rain is like because of drought, lol!

aljjr2 | 3 oktober 2015

According to Elon's Tweet, the Falcon Wing Doors function well as an umbrella. Obviously they will block some rain from above, but like any car door, they tend to get some of the panels wet when opening and closing. Nothing new. Elon also tweeted that the interior components were "hydrophobic coated" (afraid of water). Fancy way of saying they have water repellent coating.

Red Sage ca us | 3 oktober 2015

I am well acquainted with rain. I grew up in an area defined as 'semi tropical'. Misty rain. Buckets of rain. Sideways rain. Rain that seems to come up from the ground. Rain that is in your face, no matter which direction you go.

Bikezion | 3 oktober 2015

Only if the windows down.

EternalChampion | 3 oktober 2015

Just turn on biohazard ventilation feature. The positive pressure will blow the rain on the proletariat whilst you remain absolutely dry.

logicalthinker | 3 oktober 2015

I would have liked to see this as OEM but it could be created aftermarket: rain-sensing auto-extending shades.

SamO | 3 oktober 2015



Red Sage ca us | 3 oktober 2015

The Cone of Silent Raindrops...?