A second rev 4.2?

A second rev 4.2?

I have been running rev 4.2 for a week or so now and was presented with a update notice this evening. I ran the update and when I just checked on the car the trunk was opened and the radio was playing.

No errors shown and the version shows 1.19.42 which I believe is the previous version I had of 4.2. Anyone else presented with an update today? Maybe it was a minor patch but I would have thought they'd update the version numbers.


rd2 | 27 januari 2013

I believe it was actually 1.19.41 that you had previously. Same thing happened for me on Friday. Still not sure what was changed though. | 28 januari 2013

I had the same thing happen to me this morning, a 2nd 4.2 update and the result was 1.19.42, and hadn't noticed the previous version number. Need to remember to start writing the version down.