Showroom and Test Drives

Showroom and Test Drives

Does anyone know if the Model X are showing to showroom yet? Also does anyone know if test drives are available for Model S owners?

Planning to stop at Santana Row or the Factory to see if I could get into a MX.

Roamer@AZ USA | 1 oktober 2015


vperl | 1 oktober 2015

Heard the KIA showroom is open.

Tesla, wait three or five weeks, like the rest of usll.

Be happy

kwshepherd | 1 oktober 2015

The nice people in the Tesla Store in Topanga Mall said they should have one by January. I placed my deposit for one today.

JeffreyR | 1 oktober 2015

My wife will not get one until she can test drive it. If January is the date in Topanga, I am hopeful "Santa"* Row may get it earlier....

*The Twins re-named it. Just like the dog, Francesca, became "fee-fa" to them.

tombhs | 1 oktober 2015

I have had a reservation for 5 or 6 months but will not go ahead until I can make sure I fit. I am 6 ft 7 and could not fit well in the model s. Las Vegas staff told me today that they would have an X in before the end of the year so that reservation holders can test drive.

aesculus | 1 oktober 2015

Here's hoping that the X works for you. I concur (I am 6' 4") on the MS. Too hard to get in/out of and visibility and comfort was not what I wanted. I only took 2 minutes in Elons car the other night to be respectful for the hundreds of people waiting, but the MX was much better on the in/out and seating than the MS. A longer session and test drive will be required but at least I got a sense we have a chance as tall people with this car.

ram1901 | 1 oktober 2015

Clearly they're still doing a lot of hand-building and thus only 5 X's turned over to investors at the reveal.

The reported problems with the supply chain will likely slow production through late December and thus it's doubtful there will be many demo X's at Tesla Stores (except maybe in San Fran & LA) until late this year or early next year...

My guess is they will start producing the one's for those who paid $40k first before making any demos and if they're still having to wait on some parts and do some hand-building this will definately delay production of demos.

Sin_Gas | 2 oktober 2015

I stopped by Dedham, Mass Tesla yesterday, and they thought that they would have X's in November. I did not as if they would be for owners, or test drives.


NumberOne | 2 oktober 2015

@tombhs You will not have a problem. If you have only had your reservation for 6 months. I am only 6'3", so I am quite sure I will fit. I also expect to see Model X in showrooms by year end, or shortly thereafter, especially in high traffic malls.

We have a location in a mall in my VA that I hear is one on of the locations with the most traffic on the east coast. The store, which is located a few miles down the road is not nearly as busy. I expect that it will go to the busiest locations first. The driving experience is so similar to the Model S, that test drives for the Model X can almost be optional. It is far more important for people to be able to see the car and get into it, get a feel for the space etc. Next month I will have had my reservation for 3 years, so I am hoping to get my car before I see one in a showroom. My wife wants to take a look before I make the purchase, but she will see it in our garage before it gets to the stores.

Red Sage ca us | 3 oktober 2015

By my last count there are 81 Tesla Stores/Galleries in the US. Assuming two of the Model X for each location, that would make for maybe 162 of them needed to handle demonstration and test drive duties. Yes, only six Deliveries were made the other day, but it has been said that at least 15-to-20 demonstration versions were on hand for test drives/rides for the Press and Reservation Holders. I expect those vehicles will begin to reach the highest traffic Tesla Stores well before the end of October. For the mall locations, one for the showroom floor, with another for test drives coming... SOON.

WSE51 | 3 oktober 2015

Red Sage, I am curious where you read that there were at least 15 demo versions at the launch event. I called Tesla for an update as a reservation holder and was told that all the demo rides were given on the 5 cars that were delivered on stage; the 6th car being Elon's and that stayed up on the stage all night. I was not there so can't say from my own experience.

My understanding is that at this moment only 6 examples of the final product exist, or at least only 6 publicly exist. For the Model S launch in 2012, it was 3-4 months from configuration to delivery of the first Signature cars, and once the initial cars were delivered in June to Founders it was not until September that early Signature owners got their cars. Hopefully it will be much faster for the MX but maybe not.

Red Sage ca us | 3 oktober 2015

WSE51: It was in one of the scores of new threads that have appeared here in the past few days. I don't remember which one, and I don't remember who wrote it, but I do remember that someone else at the even confirmed that during the same thread. I may have also seen a mention in one of the few dozen online videos & articles I've read since the even. So, yes... There were cars that were Demonstrators, driven by the Tesla Motors staff for test rides after the Presentation, that had been used earlier in the day for short test drives by members of the Press. Those were NOT the cars that were DELIVERED to new Owners.

Tesla Motors delivered just over 2,500 Model S cars during 2012. Only about 1,000-to-1,200 of them were Signature series. If, as you say, Tesla didn't Deliver any cars for three or four months after the June Deliveries... That means that they churned out well over 2,000 cars in as little as two months, from a practical dead start.

That doesn't add up at all, because it has been documented there was a slow ramp-up of Production. 50, 100, 200, 400 cars per week... The milestone was when they reached the 600-700 units per week mark, because that was as many as they had built of the Tesla Roadster during an entire year before.

The three month waiting period you speak of took place because there were about 10,000 Reservations when the Model S launched. Even after six months and 2,500 Deliveries, Tesla Motors found themselves with about 18,000 outstanding Orders to start 2013. That was due to awesome reviews (Motor Trend Car of the Year) and great word-of-mouth. That only escalated once the Consumer Reports and NHTSA ratings came out.

Red Sage ca us | 3 oktober 2015


"...someone else who was at the event..."

aesculus | 3 oktober 2015

There were only 5 cars at the event the public had access too. Elon's car on stage for people sit in, look at and they even let people play with seats, controls etc. In fact I wish Tesla had taken more control of that aspect as some abused their privileges and did not share like they should have with so many waiting to get a chance.

The other 4 cars were the 'test ride' cars that people had about 3 minutes in after waiting their turn (or gave up waiting if they had a number above 800 or so).

After seeing the press video's it looked to me that the same 4 cars that were used for the test rides were the ones the press had access to earlier, but I don't know for sure.

We all wished there were more at the event. If they had about 6 more cars in just static displays, it would have been wonderful and probably taken a lot of the angst out of the reveal event for many.

jordanrichard | 4 oktober 2015

Word has it from another thread, that the stores will be getting their demo models in Dec.