Signature Edition Battery

Signature Edition Battery

Two questions:

1) Will the 300 mile range battery pack be available for the signature edition. If not right away, can one put a hold on one's car until that option becomes available?

2) On the Tesla Motors club website their are many, or what seems like many compared to the total number sold, roadster's up for sale. Any ideas on why this is so?


qwk | 15 december 2010

1) Nobody but Tesla knows yet, but they said it will come with the 230mile battery.

2)I don't think that there are that many. There are over 1100 on the road now. I think many don't sell and get put up for sale over and over. I have maybe seen two to three dozen different cars advertised on ebay and TMC over the past 2 years. Roughly 2.5%.

Vawlkus | 16 december 2010

Well, last Tesla sales stat I saw had the claim of 1400 Roadsters sold. I imagine there will be a few that "weren't claimed".

qwk | 16 december 2010

I should have secified US models, since that is their main market.

I don't think I have seen any second hand roadsters for sale outside of the U.S.