Spotted Model X at the Centinela service center.

Spotted Model X at the Centinela service center.

Must be an early Sig. Given that it was on the service rack I guess they were fixing problems.

Ross1 | 8 december 2015

Where are all the Founders cars, are they undriveable? Or no seats/

Or sworn to secrecy?

Chunky Jr. | 8 december 2015

I saw my first Model X in the wild today on the streets of Los Altos, CA this morning (Los Altos is about 15 minutes from Tesla HQ in Palo Alto). It was gray and had dealer plates on it for what that is worth.

Farmer Dave | 8 december 2015

@Chunky Jr.:

Pics or it didn't happen.

Chunky Jr. | 8 december 2015

I thought about taking a picture, but by the time I got my phone out it was already too far down the block. I see about 50 model S a day in my neighborhood, and that was definitely a model X. a P90D

MyXinTx | 9 december 2015

So you're in your car and you see an X on the road...What to do????,

Here's is your next move...

Step on the gas (unless you have an S), snap a few pics...

Or better yet, block the X from driving, tap on the window, interrogate the driver (in a nice but persistent sort of way)...

Take some photos, possibly video your interview...

...and throw us non-Californians a bone cause I NEVER see a Tesla in my part of Texas...other than the gallery.

Red Sage ca us | 9 december 2015

WaitN4myX: LOLoLOLoLOL! Something tells me you will enjoy a whole bunch of 'Tesla Time' with your Model X.


ian | 9 december 2015

@joe.white - Not a sig. No sigs have been delivered yet. It was likely a Founders getting prepped for delivery.

MyXinTx | 9 december 2015

@Red Sage ca us Yup, just hoping it's before I am too old to enjoy it...safely, but isn't that what the Autopilot is for? :-)

*Hey Tesla, fold them seats*