St. George, UT Supercharger

St. George, UT Supercharger

Anyone know what the story is on the St. George Supercharger? This was permitted back in February and there has been no progress since. It seems the run from the Beaver, UT SC to Las Vegas SC is too far without it.

tezzla.SoCal | 6 juli 2014

It seems that all of the supercharger teams are in Europe, 10 SC's online since July 3rd. | 6 juli 2014

Beaver, UT to Lost Wages is a significant decline in elevation and can be done with a range charge. I am told Los Vegas to Beaver has been done at 55 mph (just barely). I have heard that the delays to St. George are being resolved and August/September is best guess.

TeslaOwnerBlog | 7 juli 2014

Even downhill in hot weather, I'd be careful even with a range charge. I made it comfortably w/o AC way under the speed limit. Here are my stats:

Earl and Nagin ... | 9 juli 2014

Remember that the speed limit on I-15 is 80 mph. Driving at 55 mph can be a bit dicey, especially on the twisty portions just south of St. George.

brucem | 23 juli 2014

Construction has started. Ground is torn up as of last weekend. It's near a Starbucks and Del Taco.

AZNick | 2 augusti 2014

Any updates? Planning a trip
This direction in 2 weeks.

nbw13462530 | 3 augusti 2014

You might want to check on the TMC website, they seem to be much more active on the issue. But to answer your question, based on photos posted yesterday on TMC forum, it could be done in a couple weeks. It appears the chargers have been installed and progress is good.

If all else fails, The Inn on the Cliff in St. George has installed a NEMA 14-50 plug. It is a good hotel.

WSE51 | 5 augusti 2014

I was there today and spoke to the person working on the site. He said they hope to have it ready for testing by August 15th and live immediately thereafter if all is well. I also posted photos here: | 6 augusti 2014

I did Vegas to Beaver yesterday. Range charge. AC on (105 at times outside). Set my speed at 66. Increased to 80 once I passed "Summit". Arrived with 20 miles to spare. I am looking forward to the St. George SC.

Tâm | 11 augusti 2014
Darmok | 12 augusti 2014

The article says it was operational on the 11th, but being commissioned this week. Would be nice to get a first hand account. I'm driving that way on Friday, but without confirmation would have to take the ICE.

Brian H | 13 augusti 2014

Call the Starbucks! Sounds like they already confirmed it on the phone for someone.

hsadler | 13 augusti 2014

A detour off I-15 (seems a ways), but actually only adds a little more than a mile compared to staying on I-15

Darmok | 13 augusti 2014

Tesla person confirmed Tuesday it was not yet open. A flier at the site says opening the week of August 11, so should be any day now. | 13 augusti 2014

The St. George SC is now listed on the "superchargers" map under the "find us" tab of this forum.

Darmok | 14 augusti 2014

St. George is operational, was commissioned this morning by TM, an employee at the adjacent Starbucks confirmed cars are there charging. All of this according to a TM rep. and a post over on TMC.

reitmanr | 14 augusti 2014

Great! hat makes getting east from SF much easier. Thanks TM.

Roamer@AZ USA | 14 augusti 2014

Just my luck that they opened another one a week after I needed it. Just finished my third road trip in the old BMW that I could have used the Tesla if the Super Charger had opened a few weeks earlier.

I am extremely happy to see each route get filled in with chargers and look foreword to using them on my next trip. Someone at Tesla has to be timing openings to always be a week after I need them.

Rocky_H | 14 augusti 2014

@Roamer, you seem to have my type of luck. At least a couple times, I have gotten a speeding ticket, and then shortly after, that section of road got its speed limit raised so that I wouldn't have had a problem.

Sudre_ | 14 augusti 2014

Roamer can you take a drive East along highway 70? Particularly thru MO :-)

AZNick | 14 augusti 2014

Great news that this super is up and running. I'll be driving through here a week from Sunday!

Bighorn | 15 augusti 2014

It's also official on supercharge .info

erik | 16 augusti 2014

I live in St. George Utah and the charger has been installed and is working just fine. It is located in the parking lot of a Starbucks and is about a mile or two off the freeway on Bluff Street. There are 4 total chargers (4 parking stalls) with easy access.

CraigW | 16 augusti 2014

I have used Mark in the past to charge in St. George. He has his own blog and has documented the completion of the St. George Superchargers in words and pictures at the following blog...

He drove my MS60 in May and posted this description of the experience. It is worth reading, if only to get a new persons' perspective of first driving the Model S...