Suggestions for marketing messages

Suggestions for marketing messages

Hi to all,

I saw today a video on YT, where you were showing the battery of the Model S can be swapped faster than to fill a gas tank. Well, I liked that a lot, however who actually cares about spending some extra time on charging? Cellphones have to be charged much longer so there is no big deal with charging the Tesla battery car for same time.

When I heard about Tesla cars for the first time, friend of mine told me it takes about 4 hours to charge the battery and it consumes the same electricity like having a 100W bulb on. I was like WOW! That means you can charge it for just couple of bucks? And now with those supercharger stations even for free?

You are changing the world! It does not pollute the environment and it also make those oil tycoons weaker, teoretically it may completely cancel the need of the oil in general in the future!

You do not need to base your marketing campaigns on any arguments, trying to beat the standard cars, you already beat them! The arguments will be always coming from the traditional car industry, which is obvious, because eletric cars will shut them down, the question is just when. Why don´t you rather base your campaigns on indirect marketing, asking people to participate in your development and changing so the world and make it cleaner!

I can imagine you work hard on the new in-built alternators which will be able to generate more energy than before and prolong so the mileage for tens of percent. Why don´t you ask or with financing plan on the "Energy Generator" university course, where would be tens of thousands of international students and experts who would speed up your development by crowdsourcing the solutions of your biggest battery challenges?

How far or actually how close can you get to perpetuum mobile? Improved alternators, improved batteries plus maybe solar (or just light) panels on the car roof and thousands of expert students working on particual challenges soution together with you? Then it could happen pretty soon...

Thank you Tesla Motors for great electric cars and good luck!

Jan Matejcek

Ozee | 21 juni 2013

You make a great point... The key message is that it's time to clean up our act and protect/restore the planet. Tesla does this without robbing us of the things we thought we would lose by switching to something like an electric car: namely passion for life... instead it sparked our imaginations. Soon enough, if not already, the rest of the car industry will consider Tesla as a real threat. They will try to drown out the real message of Tesla, a message of change, of hope, into a message drowned by noise, and political clutter. Tesla is more than a car, it's a the symbol of a social movement. That's the marketing point. Mr. Musk, Tesla must sort out, and we know it will sort-out, the details it needs to finish integrating your outstanding vehicle into a bright new, mainstream, future. You have done more in less time for the car industry that any other car manufacturer. The environment is why your product moved us, don't let the message get lost. Even the most cold-blooded, die hard conservative, wants the hope that their grandchild will have clean air.

Brian H | 22 juni 2013

The 100W bulb comparison is nonsense, though. A home charger can feed up to 20kW, which is 200 100W lightbulbs worth of power. Currently (until 'sleep' mode is re-enabled) even resting and "OFF" a MS uses a couple of lightbulbs worth or so.

olanmills | 23 juni 2013

Wow, another one.

RZippel | 28 juni 2013

Well, stop thinking that a car with 2.2 tons of material incl. around 8000x18650 cells is a planet saver. If you calculate the whole CO2 and resource usage with an average lifetime and km, incl. production of the vehicle, etc. then you might end up with a 0.8l common rail diesel having the better overall environmental footprint. It will easily be 1 ton less heavy, etc. Be bold, it is about huge amounts of torque, recharging everywhere, even in your own home, more space in the car than in any comparable ICE, less moving parts and maintenance, etc. See my other posting regarding this, I think the marketing messages need reshaping as well to address a mass audience outside of geeks, but they need to be honest and correct. And I am also convinced there are enough of them...

carlgo | 28 juni 2013

@robert is right about the motives of buyers. That is the genius of Tesla, selling something compelling instead of Human Transportation Pods that nobody wants.

Other than soothing the understandable fears about range and recharging it is not clear much marketing will have to be done at all.

It takes energy to move from one technology to another, whether it is a car or or cell phone. In time the economy of scale kicks in and realizes the efficiency of the new technology.

Probably the lowest footprint would be achieved by simply rebuilding existing cars forever, which could be done now that rust is no longer an issue.

alanwwebb | 29 juni 2013

"The key message is that it's time to clean up our act and protect/restore the planet."

This is an important message, but it is not the main reason people buy this car. Read the comments on this forum.

What's more, saving the planet has never worked as a primary marketing message. It is too abstract and vague. People favor their own wants and needs first. Tesla gives us great cars -- beautiful, capable, fun, comfortable, different and special -- and then it's a nice extra that it is relatively green, too.

ENGINEER | 29 juni 2013

I've never seen a marketing advertisement for Tesla, which is a shame since I cringe at every other car commercial. Seriously, that one commercial where they showed that car flying off the cliff...what are they trying to prove?

Then again, a Model S doesn't need marketing, I'm sure more people know about Tesla than any other car company. The online petition proves that.

Brian H | 29 juni 2013

Elon's summary: Tesla is not presently demand-constrained, but production-constrained. They can sell as many as they can make. Free publicity (and word of mouth) are priceless (by definition), and they are carrying the ball for the foreseeable future.

Ads show you are desperate to sell.

Jan Matejcek | 2 juli 2013

@Brian H: Thanks for the Ellon´s summary, which I completely forgot about. It is not about marketing much, they just sell every car they make and there is actually no need to discuss which car or manufacturing process is greener - they just sell every Tesla. I wish them good luck with the petition!