SuperCapacitors everywhere

SuperCapacitors everywhere

Hello Tesla world!

I know this has been debated in previous posts. But!
(Also, I'm a newbie in this field.)

Could it be possible to have a Charging Station System built around a "MEGA Capacitor" or "MEGA bank of Capacitors" that would act as buffers? So that the charging would be done from this "MEGA Capacitor" to the car or multiple cars at a time in no time and not from the network?

Well, I came with this idea when thinking about how to charge very fast a capacitor. Oh, I forgot to tell about the capacitor or a mixture between a battery and a capacitor acting as the car's reservoir.

When other posts here talked about the super/ultra capacitors for EVs the problem of super charging emerged. One said that you would need a super charger with hundreds of MW in order to charge very fast. Well, I thought of another ultra capacitor that will charge the car's capacitor very fast. Am I wrong?

Is this possible? What will be the challenges?


Benz | 30 januari 2013

I believe that somebody mentioned that there was a problem with capacitors. Something like too much volume required. But actually I am not that technical to be able to tell you more about it. But I sure am interested in others opinion on this subject.

andrei.minca | 30 januari 2013


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ghillair | 30 januari 2013

Use this to search this forum.
You will find several thread that point out why super capacitors will not work in a car.

They might work in a high capacity charger, but the superchargers are limited by the rate the battery pack can use the charge not by the available charge.

andrei.minca | 30 januari 2013


thanks a lot!

Brian H | 31 januari 2013

He's talking about using supercaps in the stations. To zap the cars quickly.

There'd have to be supercaps in the cars to accept such fast feed, though. So the size problem remains.

Timo | 31 januari 2013

Spam? Flagged.

PRB | 5 februari 2013

In the October 1, 2012 Popular Mechanics Breakthru Awards interview with Elon Musk, Mr. Musk mentioned super capacitors, and stated he was aware of a company in Silicon Valley that is working towards a solid state super capacitor, and it is not EEStor, a stealth capacitor start up in Cedar Park Texas.

That was about 4 months ago Last Month, on January 28, 2013, EEStor issued a press release claim heretofore unheard of energy density in a capacitor from a pilot production line, not a lab sample.

Here is a link to the press release.

Would be nice to have confirmation that Tesla Motors is aware of the press release.

eadolphe | 5 februari 2013

"You will find several thread that point out why super capacitors will not work in a car....."

Take a look at:

Timo | 5 februari 2013

@eadolphe, EEStor is a scam, or if it is not a scam then its claims are wildly exaggerated. Zenn is pretty much dead company, living only by exploiting gullible investors.

tswangler | 18 oktober 2013

I've heard graphene could be a solution to the issue of volume with supercaps. Graphene would also a greater energy density and because it is only one molecule thick, it can be layered and there for increase storage.