Talk about your Tesla!

Talk about your Tesla!

Hey Tesla Owners!

We are looking to meet some Tesla owners who want to talk about their Tesla, and their experience.

It is an informal conversation about likes, loves, dislikes, wants, needs from your new car.

Please participate.

We are looking for people in the bay area.
Must be willing to have a home visit.

Please fill this out!

We can share more about the project upon connecting!

Thank you.

Brian H | 22 maj 2013

?? Who is "we"? The group/company/?? doing the questionaire and "conversations" is nowhere identified.

jjaeger | 23 maj 2013

Called casing the home before the entry to make off with the goods...

jeffaa | 23 maj 2013

Something about a 10-foot pole...

Captain_Zap | 23 maj 2013

Be careful about those "reporters" and "researchers".
You never know what spin they are really after.
Some NW owners felt like they were taken advantage of.