Tesla and Austin service center ROCKS

Tesla and Austin service center ROCKS

Although not a participant on the Forum, I have enjoyed following it for a long time. I own three Model S’s and have never lost confidence in Tesla. I believe Tesla is looking at the big picture, not the short term success of only delivering our Signatures. It must be an extraordinary process, to create and build the Model X, and manage the business with Wall Street and others picking at you every step of the way. In my opinion being late on delivering the most complicated car ever produced should not be a surprise to us, and manufacturing it correctly is a daunting task. They do not have a second chance to get it right the first time.

As many of you have said in the past, “just my 2 cents.”

I received a telephone call Thursday afternoon from the Austin DS, Magz, who delivered my last Model S. Magz said my Model X will be ready to pick up at the Austin SC on Saturday. I live 90 miles from the SC, and I told her I was crushed as I cannot get to the SC until some time next week. She immediately said "no problem, do you want me to deliver it to you?" I said YES and jokingly asked her if she could do it Saturday (today), and she said “sure, I would be happy to." Magz just left my home, is driving back to Austin, and I have my Model X.

WOW, what great customer service. And to ensure my delivery experience was wonderful, Magz stayed 75 minutes doing a thorough orientation of the Model X, setting up all my preferences and exploring the new Tesla features with me.

I know this is easy for me to say tonight as I look at my Model X in my driveway - it has been a long wait but well worth it. Both Magz and Kristal always responded to my phone calls and emails during the “wait", usually with more encouragement than answers.

THANKS to the Austin Service Center for outstanding customer service and caring for the Tesla family.

Obsidian Black
White seats
22” Silver Wheels
Carbon Fibre
Black Alcantara
7 seats
no ludicrious
Tow Package
reserved in 2013 - any more is not relevant :)

edeeton | 26 december 2015

Congratulations on your X...I have to admit, that is some great service.

carlk | 27 december 2015

Great story. Congrats of your new X. I have to commend you on your good taste of the interior and exterior color choices. ;) That's the same as what I will pick when my number is called.

sbeggs | 27 december 2015


That's fantastic! Congratulations, and enjoy!

Shelmire | 27 december 2015

Congratulations. Mine is at the Dallas SC but I had to inquire before they told me. Have no idea how long it has been there, but it might have come in on same truck. At any rate, I get to pick it up tomorrow.

Loaded except for Lud. all seats SIG

mercc3650 | 27 december 2015

@Shelmire-Congrats! I am sorry the SC center didn't tell you and you had to find out by inquiring. At least you will have a great New Year's.

If by chance you see Vin #806 at Dallas SC (let me know here) as hoping mine arrived on same shipment. White exterior, tan interior, 6 seats.

Initially I was told would be here before Dec 31st, but later was told unlikely, which could mean that they need 1-2 weeks for SC configuration, etc.

milesbb | 27 december 2015

" She immediately said "no problem, do you want me to deliver it to you?"

I bet the rest of the SC employees were green with envy, she got to drive one of the first X's in the country. Getting overtime pay to do so? Now when the 10,000 model X shows up, or a used MS60 I hope she will still be this accommodating for new buyers.

jordanrichard | 27 december 2015

No pictures? Didn't happen :-)

Congrats !!!!!!

Bob | 27 december 2015

@jordanrichard - please walk me through posting a pic or video

Bob | 27 december 2015
mercc3650 | 27 december 2015

@Bob--congrats. Glad you got it on video. Enjoy the X! Hopefully mine Sig coming soon.

Ankit Mishra | 27 december 2015

Wow!! Congrats.

leh22a | 27 december 2015


Farmer Dave | 27 december 2015

I would sure appreciate the same service.

My nearest SC is 120 miles away in a different state. My DS said they can't even register the car or collect the sales tax; I have to do that myself separately.

CalabasasKid | 30 december 2015

What a tease! We need to see more of that hot rod. I thought the S was the hottest looking car, but the X is way hotter. The nose is far nicer and the car is better proportioned than the S is IMHO. I love my S85, but I always thought it looked too long. The X's taller profile balances out the look and proportions far better.
Drive it in good health.

Reedmadd | 30 december 2015

Congrats Bob! I can vouch for Magz too. She administered my first test drive of the S in early 2013 before I placed my order and will now be my X delivery specialist. Great personality and great support. Just wish my 90D wasn't going to take so long!

milesbb | 3 januari 2016


you only think you are getting good service. Your governor knows best, he is protecting all Texans from actual poor Tesla service.

"Bloomberg News says, citing an interview Texas Gov. Greg Abbott did on Bloomberg Radio. The governor cites the need for a sufficient auto-repair system that he says Tesla doesn't have in place"

spraisoody | 3 januari 2016


How are the white seats? I am in the process of finalizing my configuration, obsidian black with white seats and 20" wheels. Both my wife and I really want the white seats but are concerned because of our 3 small children (7,6, and 2). Have you noticed them staining easily?

Thanks and congrats!

elguapo | 3 januari 2016

@Bob How did you choose which garage to put it in? It looks like you have 5 or 6... :-)

paradis | 3 januari 2016

@miles & bob - I wonder how much the Texas ICE thieves/dealers contributed to the boot-licker's campaign fund?

Ankit Mishra | 3 januari 2016

How much longer can these states delay Tesla? Tesla will be selling their cars in China, Norway, Germany etc in large numbers in next few years. It's really uncool to hear that a state is preventing a car company that people all over world adore. Bad name for these states.