Tesla CEO personally guarantees payback

Tesla CEO personally guarantees payback

discoducky | 12 november 2011

Tesla CEO Tony Stark, when he says things like this he might as well be wearing an Iron suit. Gotta love it!

I'm thinking he's growing more and more confident that Model S is going be delivered on time and is turning into the exact car he wanted to deliver. He probably also is also conveying how Tesla is years ahead of it's competitors and will need to partner with Tesla to stay relevant in the short term.

And with SolarCity plus SpaceX doing so well he can be this bold and not sound crazy.

It does suck that the Volt is having issues and he's also most likely trying to ally concerns about automotive use of batteries in general but that doesn't come across as desperate or worrisome in anyway to me.

TSLA stock continues it's march to beat it's 52 week high and beyond.

He also seems to be getting better and better at interviews to deliver a solid sound byte. I hope he continues to give more interviews. Free marketing!

brianman | 12 november 2011

The Roadster was inspiring when it first started rolling out. "Finally, someone just quit whining about how hard it is to do and just built the __ thing." ("Real car" EV)

With the $6k non-charter-city (or whatever it was called) premium and what I thought at the time was a high sticker price, I held off. I just couldn't justify jumping in.

My second, soon after, reaction was... if they last long enough, their "Taurus" ("everyone seems to have one" 4+ passenger vehicle) the game will change.

I don't think the S is that vehicle, Bluestar likely will be.

Hm, that was a long way of building to my first point ...
Roadster was the proof of concept and the "we're real" technology and small scale manufacting. S is the "we're real" for more reasonable pricing and medium scale manufacturing. With what looks to be success on both, he has good reason to be confident.

Second point...
I've been impressed with his public commentary regarding competition. He's not picking at their faults. He's not building his company up by tearing down others. The prize for him is EV succeeding, and he has his eye on that. If Tesla succeeds but doesn't "win" the "most sold EV" he'll be happy anyway -- because Tesla succeeding in 2nd/3rd/etc. would *still* mean that EV succeeded.

brianman | 12 november 2011

Grammar correction: "will change the game."

One more point:
The EV priority also sheds some light on why partnering with other companies -- giving them access to their technology -- is more than just financial, it's about ensuring that EV succeeds at other companies as well.

Denis Vincent | 12 november 2011

@brianman This link was posted in a previous thread, blogs following the article are relevant. http.//