Tesla Delivery Team Fail

Tesla Delivery Team Fail

I'm P 8,888 and since I had 85 kWh and air I was asked if I wanted December Delivery(Originally Feb/Mar). I immediately responded yes and was given December 15-31st window. Like many of you, I surf all thinks Tesla every day and dream of getting the Model S. I really do think it is a revolutionary car. On December 22nd I was called by the Delivery team and told that my car did not make the cut and would not get a 2012 VIN. On Jan 2nd I emailed to find out when I would get a VIN. I spoke to the Delivery specialist on the phone later that day( Jan 2nd) & was told a VIN had been issued! He also told me it was a 2012 VIN. I asked when the VIN was assigned and he told me he did not know(lie). I found out from the forums my VIN(3222) was issued December 27th. No one called or emailed me to let me know in 2012 that my VIN was assigned. So now I'm shafted on getting the tax credit in 2012 and I cannot depreciate the car(company car). I am buying in 2013 a 2012 car.I am so disappointed that I may cancel my reservation. I feel like I have been at the very least mislead. It seems that after readind many other posts that Tesla has not been able to keep up with it's growing pains and are so understaffed that delivery and service have been poor or average at best. What do you guys/girls think about this and what should I do? A delivery manager contacted me today( at my request) and basically just said sorry about the "miscommunication".
If service is this bad I may cancel but it's hard to give up on this dream.

Cattledog | 8 januari 2013

Okie - Stick with it. I'm in a similar funky spot. Head on over if you want to read the 411. Yes, they are blowing deliveries, good thing it's with people who are original adopters who are looking big picture.

kent | 8 januari 2013

You will be sadly mistaken if you cancel your reservation. Delivering a new car like the Model S is a painstaking endeavor. I can tell you from experience, the Model S was not perfect from day one. I'm Vin #513 and have had nothing but superb service from Tesla. The car is absolutely amazing and after you receive your car you will forget about the tax issue. Hopefully, you will be able to use the tax credit in 2013.

sandman | 8 januari 2013

So, first off I'd recommend you post stuff like this a private to res holders and owners lest certain press members get access to constructive feedback ;)

Second, here's my private post on some of the growing pains I've seen to date.

Lastly, forget that stupid post in my second point. I received my car last Sunday and have had a $h!7-eating grin on my face ever since.

jk2014 | 8 januari 2013

Okie -- sorry how things have gone... You've come this far, might as well finish the journey. The car will hold up or not. If not, you can sell it to a sucker like me. Raise your issue up the flag pole and see how they respond first. I know they'll be very interested in how well employees are doing their job.

silbenny | 8 januari 2013

I can understand what you're referring to- as I was concerned about the bonus depreciation for the 2012 year for my business. And it I can't get that for 2012, I definitely wanted at least a 2013 car. That's why I bugged them about it for awhile. Fortunately, it came through for the 2012 year, but I figured there would be others who weren't so fortunate.

cprenzl | 8 januari 2013

You should Definitely keep your car. The model s is the same no matter what year, you only have a couple more weeks, hold on. There is people that would do anything to get this car. You are res. 8,000+ you should be lucky that you are getting the 1200 production car.

JohhnyS | 8 januari 2013

Has anyone who has received their car posted that they wish they had not bought it? I have seen a lot of posts about frustration with delivery and minor technical issues. The car is a total blast when you finally get it. I have not seen anyone post that it has not lived up to the hype. I am completely enjoying the car even though the visors are cheap and it should have floor mats.

Pbfoot | 8 januari 2013

I just got my car yesterday. There are minor issues that others have noted (distorted glass at bottom of windshield, wind noise from sunroof, punch list items still need to be taken care of, no floor mats, etc.).

But these do not come anywhere close to negating the sheer pleasure of driving this car. I was having second thoughts a month ago about whether it was worth the money I was spending. I'm so glad I stuck with the purchase and would definitely do it again.

jat | 8 januari 2013

When I said I would take a 2012 model, I knew I was risking getting a 2012 model but not being able to take the tax credit until 2014 if they started on it but didn't complete the sale in 2012. It was a risk I was willing to take to get my car more than a month earlier than had been estimated.

For me personally, I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off so I don't really care about the model year for resale value. I realize that isn't the case for everyone, and in your case you also had business depreciation that waits a year as well.

Captain_Zap | 8 januari 2013

I had delays and frustrations as well. One delivery window passed, then the second, then there were delay announcements and more confusion and frustration. Then the third window had all but passed and I was all deflated. Then suddenly a shiny new Tesla was escorted to my door with a couple hours notice. Things didn't happen as they planned, but they did happen.

Over 2000 miles and almost a month and a half later I cannot imagine driving anything else. I almost cancelled a vacation so I could stay home and drive. The labor pains are worth it.

Gawd it's awesome! Even with its little quirks. Hang in there.
They are getting it done in far larger numbers now and they are still growing. They'll get it down soon. Welcome to the test team.

portia | 8 januari 2013

@okle, how did you get a VIN from the forum, that sounds strange!
I never got my VIN before I got the car, but I don't see how anyone on the forum not working for Tesla or on my car would know what the VIN would be!

Anthony H | 8 januari 2013

Thank you for those words. There are many of us still eagerly waiting!
(Deposit placed July, 2009, but I finalized a 60kWh, so I've been bypassed, but I get it.)

Brian H | 8 januari 2013

check the 10th character of the VIN. C=2012, D=2013.
Anyhow, you have (IMO) a strong "placed in service in 2013" argument.

About the glass distortion: things aren't always what they seem. Cross-post:
Someone said this was standard on late-model premium cars, intended to break up sun reflections off the hood when it is at low angles to the horizon. Cracking is a flaw; the distortion is not?!

lolachampcar | 9 januari 2013

I also knew I might get a MY12 ViN yet have the car delivered in 2013 when I said yes to the Dec delivery email. I am afraid that was the risk you took when you said yes. Some of us still do not have a ViN (also part of the risk I took).

mbcaffe | 9 januari 2013

You're reservation number is P8888 and you are complaining about getting your car than your original estimate of Feb/Mar??? Stop your whining.

GLO | 9 januari 2013

@mbcaffe +1,

I can't agree more. You have Res. Sequence #8888 and you are seriously complaing? For those of us with much lower sequence numbers, we are being patient and awaiting our cars, you can't suggest that you have anything really to complain about since rightfully, you should have received your car in 2013...Yes, its a flub but you were given a huge bonus by your being pumped ahead of many who have waited far longer.

jbunn | 9 januari 2013

+1 mbcaffe

Okie, my reservation is 4100 or so. And I have another month to go.

You don't have to wait until 2014 to take your tax deduction. You can take it immediatly. Adjust your withholding now until you are about 7,000 underwitheld for 2013, then set your withholding back to normal. You can have your deduction in a few months.

olanmills | 9 januari 2013

You were told that your delivery would be in February or March, and then that maybe you could get December delivery. However, with whatever other logistics they have and the fact that you have a somewhat late reservation, your car didn't actually make the cut for early delivery. I fail to see the problem, other than some temporary excitement and then dissappointment. I think you're mature enough to handle that.

TINO F | 9 januari 2013

I found a similar situation in my lap, but opted to wait for a 2013 Model. I have found the DS people always to be very nice, and professional, and quite accomodating within their range of power. There is a lot that goes on in building a new tech vehicle let alone the logisitics. Hang in there, and I am sure the time will pass quickly, and the reward ever pleasing. After all, it is all about the journey.

stevenlowe2 | 12 januari 2013

Tesla #172. It is a new world, a new drive and a new company with a steep hill to climb. I respwctfully suggest that you be patient. Tesla or anything else cannot revolutionize without errors, new awareness, corrections, re-organizations and endless changes large and small. Our ultimate deliveries are a final act in a long line and well orchestrated performance. Building and selling a new car is (let alone an EV) is incredibly
complex. Be patient. It is well worth the time. Sfl

RobS | 16 januari 2013

I’ve had not one, but two botched deliveries. First they sent me the wrong car. 2nd time around the truck broke down and it took 5 days to get it back on the road. Frustrating, yes. But what was most frustrating was the way they handled these mistakes. The big thing I think Telsa is missing here is how to deal with these problems. Anyone who owns a business knows that when shit happens, it’s time for the boss to get on the phone with the customer and ask, “what can I do to make this right?” My answer wouldn't be money or stuff - I would just be happy to know they care. My DS seems like a good guy, but that promise of a wonderful delivery experience is far gone. See the thread. George needs to step in as needed. It would make a big difference.

pete2212 | 16 januari 2013

For what it's worth, I had to go through quite a lot of pain on my delivery, wrote to the ownership email address to explain the whole situation. Two days later I got a call apologizing in detail and promising they'd just hired an entire new wing of folks to deal with future deliveries.

Probably not enough to smooth things over for everyone, but they do seem to understand the issue and are working towards a solution.

In any case, well worth the wait and hassle.

Brian H | 16 januari 2013

So, what's your latest ETA?

okie | 16 januari 2013

I have paid for the car and should receive it in a week or two. I do feel very excited to receive the car early. I would have been happy to receive the car in 2012 or 2013. It did not bother me that they missed the Dec 15-31st window. The reason I asked for an early delivery is that if I got the car in 2012 I could claim bonus depreciation on 2012 taxes. I really wanted a 2013 VIN and was fine with original Feb/March delivery. What happened is that I was called on Dec 22nd and told that there would be no chance of having my VIN assigned in 2012. On Dec 27th a VIN was assigned. No one called or emailed me on Dec 27,28,29,30, or 31st to let me know the VIN was assigned. So a worst case situation for me happened. A 2012 VIN paid for in 2013. I never thought that situation was possible that my car would be assigned a VIN in 12' but that delivery team would not call me to give me a chance to pay for it in 2012. Not only did they not call me but a few days before the VIN was assigned I was told it would not be assigned. The government extended the bonus depreciation into 2013 so in the end not a big deal. Car completed production a few days ago! I am really excited to get the car! While I am not a Tesla stockholder, I am an evangelist for them trying to get my friends to consider buying a Tesla. I am so drawn to this revolutionary car. It borders on obsession at times! I do understand the plight of the 60 kWh reservation holders! I also would be disappointed being delayed.