Tesla floor mats vs 3rd party

Tesla floor mats vs 3rd party

I am currently waiting for my MS to arrive in the next month or two but in the meantime I have been hearing lots of rumblings about the floor mats that come with the car. Thus I have decided it is probably best to get new mats prior to delivery. I have heard people mention Lloyd Mats (Lux and standard) and I have also heard people mention the mats tesla sells in their online store. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback as to which are better? Which ones stay in place better? Which look best, etc. I'm not sure if there have been any comparisons, in which case any feedback from people that have either would be appreciated. Thanks.

noel.smyth | 28 januari 2013

just got the Lloyd mats standard, they fit like a glove front and back. 100% better than what comes with the car and reasonably priced.

mlaiken | 28 januari 2013

Thanks Noel.smyth are you saying they are 100% better than the mats that come with car or the Tesla Store mats? I have read that the Tesla Store mats are better than the mats that come with the store but having never seen them I'm not positive.

Hills | 28 januari 2013

Noel.smyth, can you help with exact model of what you bought and where/how to buy?

Carmine | 28 januari 2013

ANY mat you buy will be better than what comes with the MS. They are only meant to be temporary. I have the black Lloyd Lux mats (front and rear) from AutoAnything and as noel.smith stated they're a perfect fit and don't slide, even without the plastic hooks that are suggested to be screwed into the driver's side carpet. They 48oz weight and there is no Tesla logo. The good quality Tesla mats supposedly match the interior carpeting perfectly, also have hooks that are to be screwed into the driver's side carpeting, are 40 oz weight and have the the Tesla logo on the front mats. I've never seen these mats but decided to get the Lloyd Lux mats because I prefered the thicker carpet and didn't care about the logo. Your choice. Either one would be a fine pick.

noel.smyth | 29 januari 2013

Carmine +1

Pamela | 29 januari 2013

If you are bothered that black carpet shows every speck, you might want to do what I did, which was get my local carpet shop (Stanford Carpet in Palo Alto, CA) to make custom mats in a subtle weave which combined the colors of my interior in a lovely way. A perfect fit. Expensive, but relief from a daily irritant. | 29 januari 2013

I have the grey leather and didn't want black carpets as they are so dark you can barely see any of the floor ambient lighting. I ordered the Lloyd's Ultimat (a bit cheaper than the Lux, but very nice) in Euro Grey. Lloyds has at least 4 grades of carpets, if you go with them, check out the different options. Luckily they have the Tesla Model S in the list of cars with front, back Frunk and Trunk options.

Go here for a picture I made of some of the different greys against the grey leather.

steven.addis | 29 januari 2013

PAMELA and FRANK2: Can you post a photo of your new mats in place? I'd love to see how non-black mats work against the black carpet.

mlaiken | 29 januari 2013

Pamela, that is an idea I certainly hadn't thought of. Would love to see pics if you could post them. Thanks.

Pbfoot | 29 januari 2013

I bought the Lloyd's ultimats in 'ebony' color to match my black interior and they look great; they are slightly lighter shade than true black. Tried to install the screw hooks but couldn't get them to take and was worried I was damaging the floor. Turns out the mats are positionally stable even without the hooks. My car didn't come with any interior mats, but it did have a frunk mat when it came so it turned out I didn't need the frunk mat that I had bought. (The ebony color of the Lloyd's mat is very close to color of the frunk mat that came with the car).

Liz G | 29 januari 2013

I too did not like the way dirt showed on the black mats, plus it just felt like a black hole on the floor so I went with the Lloyds ultimate mats in charcoal . I really like the contrast. BTW I have tan interior.

TheAustin | 29 januari 2013

I just got the Tesla branded mats (from Tesla)...They are thicker that that mats that come standard, but a bit stiffer than I was expecting. Although, I didn't really know what to expect, my last two cars (Land Rover Discovery, and Land Rover Freelander) had rubber mats. The logo is nice, if not a bit small. I'll take some photos and post them in the next day or so, comparing the standard with the premium.

drp | 29 januari 2013

Is the photo an error on Lloyds website? The first set that shows two front and one rear seats mat is different than the front only mats photo. Did anyone order two front and the single for across the rear?

bbmertz | 29 januari 2013

The Lloyds front-only mats picture is just illustrative. I ordered the Lloyds Ultimats two-front with one-rear mat package as well as the frunk and one-piece trunk mats from The fit is great, although slightly narrow in the trunk (see photos on TMC forum), and the standard Black color matches the MS black interior well.

Hills | 29 januari 2013

drp: I have the same question as you. Either the pictures are in error, or the mats are in error.

dahtye | 29 januari 2013

Great topic! I am in search of appropriate mats for my MS and would also like to see photos of both the Lloyds Luxe mats (ebony versus black on a black interior carpet with black leather - if anyone has that combo to photo) and the Ultimats in those two colors. I'm worried about:
- the black disappearing in the floor
- the black showing a bit more dirt or particles than the ebony

I didn't even know there was ambient foot lighting since the front mats that came with the car are black and match the black carpet perfectly. But I'm not sure if I want something too light in color either.

Did anyone get the "neon" binding? Since I have the black leather with red piping on my Signature Red Model S, I'm wondering how an ebony mat with "neon" red binding would look. I'm also wondering whether "neon" really is neon or is it just a shinier nylon thread that's more reflective or has a sheen to it.

Photos will definitely help! Thanks!

tork | 29 januari 2013

If you look above, you will see that bbmertz answered the question immediately after drp asked the question and immediately before you reiterated the question.

celtrog | 29 januari 2013

I have light tan interior.....
should I get light tam mats or the black?

bbmertz | 30 januari 2013

@dahtye, look at the thread on the TMC forum which includes pictures of Lloyds mats with red piping. You'll also see comments there that the Luxe mats in ebony and Ultimats in black are the best color match for the black MS interior. These dark mats will certainly show dirt (and will have to be cleaned more often, just like the black exterior of my car), but I like the fact that they match the interior and are high quality and relatively low cost with a non-slip rubberized surface on the back.

ofertel | 30 januari 2013

Black Lloyd ultimata are amazing. Got them for full car including frunk andtrunk. Look great and fit perfectly

swhardy | 31 januari 2013

I've got the Lloyd Ultimats in my Tacoma and love them. I bought them through, which I would also recommend. I saw they're running a 15% off special for new customers. If you miss this special, just create an account with them then go view the product you're interested in. Within a day they'll usually send you an email with a promo code for 10%-15% off.

I just received my 'invitation to configure' email yesterday...lots of decisions to make but at least I know which floor mats to get!!

kent | 31 januari 2013

Just received Tesla interior mats today for front and back seats. They look very nice. Frunk / Trunk were delivered about two weeks ago.

Robert22 | 31 januari 2013

I'm sure everyone would be interested in seeing pictures if you have the time.

Brian H | 1 februari 2013

So, are you a Lloyds Loyalist now? "I'll go to the mats for Lloyds, and vice versa!" ;)

Brian H | 1 februari 2013

Copyright on the ad slogan, btw. >:| ;)

Kit-60kWh now 85D | 2 februari 2013

For the least dressy end of the spectrum, the Kraco black rubber mats sold at Costco for $18 are the right answer for me for now. They fit perfectly with no trimming and corral all the wet debris that is a normal part of my world.

RickT | 4 februari 2013

Like another respondent, I have placed my Lloyd mats without the screw-in mounting studs. I was getting nowhere trying to screw them in. If anyone thinks they are important and knows the secret for getting them screwed in, please speak up. Otherwise, I'll live without them. The fit and appearance of the mats are great.

Pamela | 16 februari 2013

Pimp My Ride!


Here is a pictures of my custom floor mats I mentioned above.

Custom was the way to go for me because I lead a messy life with kids and mud and dog hair, and the black carpet would just always look like crap in my world. I didn't like the idea of introducing a new color into the interior scheme such as a true tan, and anyway any solid color would be less forgiving than a multicolor option like I chose. These mats are a mix of black and cream in almost a stripe or a sort of rough dot. Pretty subtle, I hope. Sort of resonates with the groovy wood of the dash.

Best of luck.


torst1 | 16 februari 2013

Hm. They should use small magnets on the carpet. Just click the floor mats in place and they stay there as long as you like. Many other manufacturers uses magnets these days. No need to have the floor mats crumpled in a heap today.

rloehler | 17 februari 2013

I love the Lloyd's mats I got yesterday. I like the look of the tan mats on the black carpet together with my tan leather interior. I installed the studs easily by drilling out a small hole in the base carpet with a small hobby knife, then screwing in the stud into that hole with a large flathead screwdriver. I didn't need to go crazy with the small hole, just got a large enough to accommodate the plastic screw head if the stud. It is fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it. The plastic studs that come with the mats accommodate two holes for each front carpet. The rear seat carpet seems to be secure on its own and doesn't need them. For $199 with free shipping, I thought they were reasonably priced.

Laryrob | 17 februari 2013

question for me is whether Lloyds Ultimts will be durable v the mud and rain in Pacific NW. i know theres another thread on this but any thoughts on Weathertech floorliners?

Laryrob | 17 februari 2013

that's Ultimats!

Bennett R. | 17 februari 2013

If anyone has a picture of how any of the 3rd party mat colors look with a light tan interior, that would be great!

mlaiken | 17 februari 2013

Also, which color matches the tesla black carpet best? I have heard people mention both black and ebony. If anyone has either of those would love feedback and pictures if possible. Thanks.

jat | 17 februari 2013

@mlaiken - I got black ultimats and it matches the car carpet very closely, to the point that you would have to look closely at the border between them to notice the difference.

RAFellows | 17 februari 2013

I read on a post over at TMC that they received a car last week that had improved factory mats, however still nothing for the back seat area. Has anyone heard about improved mats?

inverts | 17 februari 2013

Interesting discussion. Any suggestion for the trip to the hardware store or the nursery, with the back seats down? I'm thinking simple tarp from home depot (6x10 ft, should also cover front seat when laying flat [I assume that is possible] for long items). Fold it up and put in the rear well to keep it out of the way.
I've never cared about this sort of thing with a beat-up prius with 185K on it. Looking forward to a pimped up ride.
Already ordered the TM mats, had not discovered this thread yet. Oh well ...

jat | 17 februari 2013

@inverts - I haven't had need to transport big stuff in my Model S yet, but in previous cars I just put down a sheet. I might put a bit more padding around the sides in the Model S if it is something I worry might bang into the sides, but otherwise I expect to do the same.

Carefree | 17 februari 2013

I have always used moving blankets in my cars to cover those areas and keep them (relatively) clean.

nickjhowe | 27 februari 2013

If anyone is interested I have a full set (fronts, rears, trunk, frunk) of Lloyds Ultimats for sale. They are Parchment to match my tan interior, but I've decided I prefer black carpets.

I tried to return them but instead was charged a restocking fee (because they are custom) and was told I can do with them what I my loss is your gain.

Anyone want a set of brand new, unused, still with original tags on Ultimats? At deep discount off retail? In original box?

If so, jump over to TMC in this thread and PM me.

Anthony H | 27 februari 2013

Link to TMC with my (poor) photo. Good thread overall.

My short answer/opinion, Lloyds are great! Ultimats are more than adequate, no need for the Luxe.

Anthony H | 27 februari 2013

My follow up:

Regarding floor mats, I actually over-bought (Lloyds, see pictures in the TMC post). In hindsight, you need a better set of front mats, and a matching set of back-seat mats. The way my car arrived, I really didn't need a better-quality fronk mat, trunk mat, or under-trunk mat. Phoenix isn't snow and ice country -- just dust. I could have solved the floor mat issue for about half of what I purchased. (Welcome to being an early adopter.)

David Trushin | 27 februari 2013

Just received the Tesla Premium floor mats. they look pretty good and they match. It would be nice if the logo were larger, but I think they will do fine. I have to install the Toyota carpet tacks on them however, so that they don't slide around or I run the risk of "losing control of the car".

Alex K | 27 februari 2013

I bought the Tesla Premium floor mats and my biggest gripe so far has been that the white rubber backing is flaking off. I constantly find white dust in the trunk area. This is exasperated because I like to fold over the rear trunk mat to access the lower storage compartment. Oh, and the trunk mat is rather stiff, which makes folding it almost impossible.

Hills | 27 februari 2013

My car is gray/grey, or if you prefer grey/gray. So I bought the Llyods Lux medium grey. Why? I thought the grey would match the grey interior, except now I wish I got black or ebony. Same as Nick, I have the restocking penalty, but I don't really want to bother to sell. Why Lux? I wondered if the thicker pile would possibly make the car quieter, as the car is not as quiet as my old car at highway speed. I think it does, but I don't want to go to the trouble of proving the decibel.

Oh, reading the complaints about how hard it is to attach to the floor, I did not bother. They just sit on the floor, and they seem to stay just fine.

bp | 28 februari 2013

I now have the Tesla mats for the frunk, interior and trunk.

The only concern I have is how the rear trunk mat works in conjunction with the trunk well storage. I've built a temporary trunk well cover until the Tesla part comes in - and it's difficult to get into the rear trunk well to put items into the hidden storage.

David Trushin | 28 februari 2013

I just got the interior mats, assuming that if I'm going to carry something messy in the trunk or frunk I will cover it with a drop cloth or something like that. I have not seen a white backing on my floor mats. The backing is black rubber with the standard type of carpet spikes to hold them in place.

Alex K | 28 februari 2013

@ David Trushin /b> | FEBRUARY 28, 2013: The backing is black rubber with the standard type of carpet spikes to hold them in place.

Yes, that's true for the mats in font of the seats. I was referring to the trunk mat.

Alex K | 28 februari 2013

Edit: Yes, that's true for the mats in front of the seats. I was referring to the trunk mat.

cwarner | 15 mars 2013

I saw someone on another thread extol the virtues of covering mats. Does anyone here have an opinion on those? I looked up the reviews for them at and they weren't that positive. Some folks raved about them but others complained about them not covering as much space as factory mats. These were for other cars though. I don.t think I saw a tesla review. Lastly does anyone have an opinion on AutoSport mats. I have no info on those. I am looking to buy a full set of mats for my black interior car so any advice would be appreciated.