Tesla Tumbler: SOLD OUT?

Tesla Tumbler: SOLD OUT?

I'm moving to the midwest for college in the fall, where it'll be very cold during the winter, so I've looked into buying a Tesla Tumbler for when I walk to my classes in the morning, like the total college student that I will be. I went to my city's Tesla store, but they didn't have any (still bought the water bottle, very cool). I looked into purchasing online, but they're out of stock!

Does anyone know if the online store restocks? I'd absolutely love to have one and show off the label side to everyone I walk by.

"Hey dude, watcha drinking there?"

"Oh this?" twist bottle to label side "It's a TESLA tumbler. They're pretty cool."

"That didn't answer my question."

Roaming | 3 juli 2013


Skotty | 3 juli 2013

I wonder how much Tesla is making just on Tesla gear? Tumbler sold out. Coffee mug sold out. Water bottle sold out. License plate frame sold out. Even the tire tread wallet is sold out. Apparently they need to stock more.

2-Star | 3 juli 2013

I could get a high-quality Tesla logo cap made for me here in Maine in a variety of colors by the folks who make caps, fender covers, blankets, pillow covers, shirts, etc. for Hinckley Yachts and Morris Yachts, two of the finest boat builders in the country. They can only make very small quantities. Unfortunately Tesla will not permit them to use the logo, even for this limited and personal use. Sad, especially since the caps in the Tesla Store only come in a small number of colors and are mostly sold out. Boo!!

ENGINEER | 3 juli 2013

I hope they restock at least before November, if I have to wait a quarter I will.

meterreader22 | 3 juli 2013

Seriously, I'm mean the holidays are just around corner guys! How are my friends and relatives to do their shopping for me if everything is out of stock?

ppape | 3 juli 2013

I wonder if you call another store....if they have it......maybe they'll ship it to you?

Just a thought....

Jackie :-)

jonesxander | 3 juli 2013

Elon mentioned this in an interview, or the shareholder meeting, or another one of the announcements, that their merchandise branch is "doing rather well, actually." He said it with a slight chuckle, If memory serves.

Well, great! :) I'm sure plenty of non S owners have bought a t shirt or hat, if nothing else, just to feel closer to the Tesla Model S.

Speaking of which, remember to wear your Tesla gear anytime there's a big announcement, or for Q2 results. Like watching the big game.

ENGINEER | 3 juli 2013

@ppape I'll send an email to the store thing and see if I can do that, thanks!

Brian H | 4 juli 2013

I swear some of the stores I shop at discontinue products that sell out too fast because it's too much trouble restocking them. I wonder if TM follow the same policy with its merchandise.