Things reservation holders would like from Tesla.

Things reservation holders would like from Tesla.

As a recent reservation holder (and reader of this forum) I realize there are a handful of items I would love at this time.

- a webcam showing the cars 'roll off' the assembly line
- delivery tracking as my new car gets closer (like FedEx / UPS does)
- a map showing where deliveries are made, that I expect will slowly populate the earth... ;)
- an area on this site where we can all vote on priorities and features in a comprehensive manner
- a search function of course
- details on upcoming remote apps that will communicate with your car
- details on the open-source operating system so some of us could look into editing and adding features to our new car (I'm a C++ / mobile device developer too)

Feel free to add to this list!

~ Dan

Sudre_ | 30 november 2012

All I want is to be notified a few weeks before delivery so I can have all my financial bits in order. From what I have been reading they practically show up at your door with the car in some cases and go, "SURPRISE!"

space09 | 30 november 2012

@dstiavnicky: While I think we would all like to see the auto-populated world map, I don't think we'll ever get that. It gives too much information away to competitors. Plus for small towns, there may be a privacy issue as well.

Vawlkus | 30 november 2012

I'd rather they concentrated on building cars and delivering them, but then, I AM a shareholder :P

Docrob | 30 november 2012

An interactive map of the factory and its various subsections with little res. # flags zipping around showing you where various vehicles are along the line would be pretty sweet.

Captain_Zap | 30 november 2012

Try to search these public forums.

You will find that some of the items you mention have threads already. Some of the threads may have been buried due to the latest flurry of activity here.

There are some hidden threads may be accessed only by reservation holders. Unfortunately those are not searchable via They tend hold information that goes into greater detail than the public forums and some of the threads include coordinated prioritization requests from the customers. Reservation holders must contact Tesla and request access to the hidden threads.
(It might be automatic now, but it wasn't when I came on board. Please correct me if I am wrong.)