For those that traded in cars, where did you trade them into?

For those that traded in cars, where did you trade them into?

I know that Tesla will take ICE cars in on trade, but where? On a typical dealers lot, the car gets looked at by the used car manager and they come up with a figure to offer you. If you agree, they take the car and off it goes to the back lot. Since Tesla stores are in malls, where does the car go? Who looks the car over to come up with a value? I only presume Tesla sends them off to auction which that in of itself is a gamble on their part. They give you "x", but there is no guarantee that they will get "x or y" for the car at auction. They might end up getting "v".
Also for those that did trade them in, did you get what you thought your car was worth? My experience with traditional dealers is they seriously low ball you, so I am curious on how Tesla handles trades.

riceuguy | 31 december 2013

I went to CarMax, got a decent appraisal, then took it to the local dealer that promises to beat any CarMax offer by $500 (which they did). I could have gotten more via private party sale, but I wanted hassle free and easy!

riceuguy | 31 december 2013

Oh, and that was because Tesla can't do trade-ins in Texas, and even if they could their national partner was WAY low on the appraisal!

Dwdnjck@ca | 31 december 2013


rbgliny | 1 januari 2014

AutoTrader, CarMax does not do business in NY. Would of had to travel to CT. to use them. Process was easy. Sent a Rep to the house to appraise the car. Cash value was OK but usually they lowball.

jordanrichard | 1 januari 2014

So you take your car to CarMax and they just cut you a check, without you buying a car from them?

Who is Tesla using? The rep. at the White Plains store told me that they do take in trades, but I failed to ask him how that works, hence my question here.

jjb94941 | 1 januari 2014

I got a bid from Carmax that was about 50% of the amount I ended up getting in a private sale. Perhaps it was because I had a reasonably unusual car: a 2000 Acura NSX with about 40,000 miles, but I found the bid from Carmax to be laughable.

nickjhowe | 1 januari 2014

Carmax. I got exactly what I expected.

Andercam | 1 januari 2014

I took my car back to the dealer and negotiated with them to buy the car back. They then gave me a wholesaler agreement with our agreed price. I took that to Tesla, and they handled the transaction from there. Save a ton of money in taxes that way.

Dripps | 1 januari 2014

CarMax. I tried to sell it on my own with no luck. I went to AutoTrader and got a decent offer but didn't go. When I tried again about 2 weeks later offer was much less. So I didn't bring car in....but then tried again a week after that to see if offer would go back up, but now even LOWER. Every time I did it (fill out info online) I got an offer about $1000 less. So I went to CarMax (which isn't near me but was close to my sons house) and they gave me fair appraisal and check on the spot.

robert_ferrara | 1 januari 2014

Tesla will shop around, they got me an offer from auto nation that was more than what the dealer would give me. since i have some time before i fully order, i decided to trade on my own. My thought being if i get more than trade in + tax credit its worth it and if it doesn't work out i can always have Tesla handle it.

the bottom line was if your trade in is worth alot, the tax credit that you will get makes it more attractive just to have them do it

crazybrit | 1 januari 2014

Tesla had me fill out an online appraisal form, the local sales person looked it over, and they gave me an offer. It was very reasonable. I dropped it off at the service center when I took delivery of my P85 | 1 januari 2014


Pungoteague_Dave | 1 januari 2014

CarMax. Best non-TM auto business in existence.

Petitefogger | 1 januari 2014

The bottom of the "My Dashboard" page for my order has a tie-in to AutoNation. When my Model S is delivered I plan to get purchase quotes from CarMax, AutoNation and the M-B dealer which sold us the car being replaced.

mantin | 1 januari 2014

My jag was appraised at Car Max and Auto Nation - both low balled, or so I thought. I went to the dealer who sold me the car and it offered $2000 less. I sold it privately for $2k more than the highest bid. Craig's list. TESLA said it doesn't do trade ins at all and referred me to the above listed possible buyer groups.

michael1800 | 1 januari 2014

Tesla outsources trade-ins to other organizations depending on the location of the customer (to the best of my knowledge). I traded mine into AutoNation (slightly low offer, but hassle-free). Trade-ins aren't Tesla's cup 'o tea, but they're all about making things easy for prospective customers by putting them in touch with others.

riceuguy | 1 januari 2014

Jordan, yes, CarMax gives you a bank draft (like a post-dated check so they have 3 days to make sure the title is clear), no hassle at all. In fact, bring your car in, they give you a written appraisal in an hour, then you have I believe it is 7 days or 300 miles to bring it back for that guaranteed amount so you can shop and compare. Super fair.

PhillyMomof4 | 1 januari 2014

@crazybrit, Tesla gave you a trade-in offer directly? My Tesla rep told autonation the condition of my car, and autonation emailed him a trade-in value offer, which they would determine when they saw my car in person. Offer was good for 30 days, which didn't help because I am waiting 2 months for my MS, so I will have to have my car re-evaluated.

Basjames | 1 januari 2014

In Toronto I traded a 2003 Jag XKR Coupe for $12,000 (Canadian black book $16,650.00) and a 2008 Buick Enclave CXL AWD for $16,000 (Canadian black book $22,304) Both vehicles were absolutely loaded and in immaculate condition. Mileage was 70,000 and 80,000 ks respectively. The Buick was still under full factory. Warrantee for another 12 months. What happened? Tesla stated that I would get the Canadian Black Book values depending on condition, so I went ahead with the paper work knowing that I would get aprox $38,000.

When I became aware of what was being offered an given that I needed the trade to consumate the deal , no time to shop around, and as you can all understand I did not want to give up the car I let it go and decided that I would discuss this further with Tesla. I am about to do this and incidentally delivery was June 1,2013.

mbergman | 2 januari 2014

Carmax. Significantly higher offer than three local dealers and exactly what I was expecting. Easy, pleasant transaction. Enterprise is 5 minutes away in Connecticut. They picked me up from Carmax, I drove home to NY and dropped off the rental locally.

wcalvin | 2 januari 2014

Tesla had AutoNation give me a quote, which was 20% above Bluebook. Took it. Left trade-in at Tesla, AutoNation picked up.

Nuts4MS | 3 januari 2014

Just ride the auto nation route and they offered about 3k less than carmax, when I called them they said that their offer was "firm" and based of the best available offer allowed. Needless to say I am going to be selling my car to carmax.

DallasTXModelS | 3 januari 2014

With Tesla, only AutoNation Direct is considered a trade-in, all others are just buying your vehicle.

I used AutoNation Direct because it is the only recognized trade-in I got to exclude the trade-in value from the sales tax.

I got several prices AutoNation wasn't the lowest or the highest but was by far the easiest and beside the sales tax savings I also was allowed to continue driving my car after AutoNation Direct paid off my loan as a free loaner car until my Model S was delivered.

Nuts4MS | 4 januari 2014

I guess the difference in sales tax is something to consider but I'm not sure if it would be enough to offset the lower offer. For example the sales tax on my 85 is around $3600 so if the trade in dropped my overall cost enough for it to even out then i would probably do it for the sheer convenience of being able to drive my car up until the last minute. After I rerun the numbers I will let you know!

Nuts4MS | 4 januari 2014

So I just did the numbers and it looks like if I went with auto nation for the trade i would only save about $700 i n taxes. So for me there is no real incentive to go with them, after the additional 700 I would still get about $2300 more from carmax to sell it to them.

DallasTXModelS | 4 januari 2014


Carmax was my lowest offer. $1300 lower than AutoNation Direct. Also AutoNation is not the same as AutoNation Direct with Tesla. AutoNation not AutoNation Direct with Tesla was even lower than CarMax. CarMax even pointed out that other offers already include the sales tax savings so their offer is more accurate however the AutoNation Direct offer didn't already include the tax savings. So there was over a $2000 difference once you add the sales tax savings. Yes the savings is only around $700 but on top of $1300 lower offer it was by far the better deal for me. The not paying for a week of rental car while waiting to take delivery from Tesla was gravy. I didn't know they were going to let me keep driving my car after they took title of it.

My S85 6.25% is over $5000. Either your S85 is stripped or your sales tax is much lower than 6.25%.

Nuts4MS | 4 januari 2014

Virginia sales tax is only 4% on new vehicle purchases :)

g8orbob | 4 januari 2014

Carmax's offer was low, but AutoNation's was ridiculously low. In fact, it was for less than I still owed on the car. I ended up selling it on Craigslist the second day after placing the ad for about $3000 more than AN's offer.