Thoughts on the revealed Front End "Nose" of Model X

Thoughts on the revealed Front End "Nose" of Model X

I thoroughly enjoyed the reveal of the Model X last night! I think it will be an amazing vehicle for Tesla. When it was brought out on stage I had the same reaction as many (big thread on the TMC forums) of the revealed Front end and lack of the "nose cone" from the prototypes. I quickly thought it was one of the test mule cars or that there was a wrap over the front of the car when it was revealed.

It appears (to me) that this was a last-minute change, as it still structurally looks like it would support the nose cone from the prototypes. The hood lines and the lines from the head and fog light areas seem to point in this direction. Even the black opening edge of the hood where the "T" is, is curved per the old nose cone design and doesn't seem to serve a function now.

Although I think this is a beautiful vehicle, it seems that this design element wasn't completed. I dig where they are going with the 'no nose cone' concept, though.

Anyone have similar thoughts/observations?

ernie | 30 september 2015

Thoroughly like the front end. I was ready to be done with the bulbous S...although I can see why the vast majority of S owners will still love their front end.

hcwhy | 30 september 2015

I think it's a big improvement over the prototype....I like the nosecone on the S but it just wasn't working for me on the X. It's a handsome front end and it gives the car it's own identity.

carlk | 30 september 2015

I like it and I think I will grow to like it even more. The problem with a lot of people is the first impression when they see something they are not familiar with and totally different from expection. Remember Elon and the team have been looking at it everyday for a while now. Let's give it a little more time I think everyone will become fond of it. The only problem for me is I might start to feel the nose cone, which I never had problem with, may start to look dated.

hdgmedic | 30 september 2015

I definitely like the X front end. I was not a fan of the S front end, at all.

aaquino22 | 30 september 2015

I had doubts about the test mule front end. But saw it first hand and love the front end. From the side it looks likes Magneto's helmet! (Xmen villan)

deeageux | 30 september 2015

Putting a faux grill on a BEV is ridiculous. But I understood the decision by Tesla. Most luxury car buyers, neh "premium priced buyers", expect a big ostentatious grill and I understand the decision by Tesla to not try to convince buyers in this class to accept a different aesthetic on top of an alternative fuel powertrain.

Even ICEv no longer need grills as the air to feed the ICE comes from underneath the front bumper assembly. But most buyers view grill-less vehicles as low end vehicles.

I love the new look. It is Tesla Design carving its own path not aping Jaguar, Aston Martin or Maserati. But I do expect a backlash. The biggest big grill lovers are the Chinese. And I think Tesla was hoping big things for Model X in China. I think Anti Bio Weapon mode with the X interior as clean as an operating room is aimed at all the surgical mask wearing Chinese fearful of bird flu and other air borne diseases.

I hope Tesla can keep production lines at full capacity while marginal intenders get accustomed to the new look and maybe a new definition of luxury design. Or alternative fuel high performance economical powertrain car design.

grant10k | 30 september 2015

I doubt this was a last minute change. We've heard rumors of the nosecone being gone for a long while, and they'd not have bothered to cover it up on all the mules if it were a more recent change.

Of course this depends on your definition of 'last minute'.

deeageux | 30 september 2015

Well the former Tesla employee that has been prosecuted for hacking his former boss's computer posted drawings of the Model X that look almost exactly like the production version.

And that was a while ago.

Or maybe it is still "allegedly" that guy?

bt456 | 30 september 2015

Nose Cone looks better to me than the the prototypes or the MS.

Wasn't a last minute change since the test mules had it covered up.

logicalthinker | 30 september 2015

I **love** the new front end.

Tropopause | 30 september 2015

As Stephen Colbert would say, "They nailed it!"

Iowa92x | 30 september 2015

Why would a shit$y plastic nose cone or grille belong on an electric ride? Buggy whip/ICE leftovers.

MrBigSmiles | 30 september 2015

Not really loving the new "nose".

Tropopause | 30 september 2015

Forgot to mention, I think it looks like a cheetah. :-)

carlgo | 30 september 2015

Posted this elsewhere earlier: great looking and I predict even ICE cars will begin to hide their grills as being unfashionable going forward. Audi in particular is looking like yesterday.

The real change will be made when Tesla introduces a truck that isn't supposed to look like a tank transporter. That will be a culture shock moment.

MLAnderson | 30 september 2015

I agree with @mrbarnes, it appears as though it is not quite finished. While we don't need and ICE-like grill, this one just doesn't seem to flow with the rest of the car. Having said that, I think we should withhold full judgement until we have seen them in person. That is, unless someone here is speaking about an up close and personal experience?

Frank.B.Smith | 30 september 2015

For those of us in Front Plate states I would be curious where the Factory mounting will be for the front plate. I would assume above the lower bumper as to not block any of the sensors.

dlake | 30 september 2015

Love the new front face on the MX. How can I get my MS to look like that? I wonder if anyone will make a new front end for MS to look like the MX?

rossRallen | 30 september 2015

I like it a lot. I almost couldn't believe it when I saw it, since some of the test meals had that area covered up, and others had a taped imitating the S nose.

Nice job. Can't wait. Order confirms 10/1.

Ross1 | 30 september 2015

It is definitely Elon's mouth, even the eyes a bit.

JeffreyR | 30 september 2015

I'm w/ you. I thought it had large cat look to the "eyes" of the MX:

I really like the new look. And now we know why they did not have pictures of the front. As if we did not see the big change coming.... Wink.

Big T | 30 september 2015

I thought the nose cone didn't scale well to the larger X. I love the new look.

Madatgascar | 30 september 2015

Well it's better than scaling up the black nose cone, but my reaction is that I wish I could like it a little better. Hoping it will grow on me. The headlights and quarter panels are great. Sort of afraid it will look a little rabbit-like / buck-toothed when I put a license plate on it.

Red Sage ca us | 30 september 2015

I... LIKE it!

jbunn | 30 september 2015

Im not a cone fan, but its not that noticible on my blue car. I like the x nose.

EVino | 30 september 2015

The profile and outline of the Model X front end reminds me of the Mazda 6 SUV, sans grille of course, and I wonder if Franz VH took the same styling cues from his design memory. I'm still getting used to it but I like it better than the bulbous look of the nose cone which made it look pointier. I think in time a shop like TSportlne or Evennx will create a grille prosthetic for the X, just because.

deeageux | 30 september 2015

Maybe Evennx should consider a Rolls Royce grill for the X kinda like this one for the VW Bug.

For those that don't want to destroy the earth but want to look like they do.

deeageux | 30 september 2015
deeageux | 30 september 2015
Mark K | 30 september 2015

I love it. New MX front is gorgeous!

Major step forward from the prototype in every way.

Franz did a brilliant job making a massive car look lean and athletic, and defining Tesla's identity.

You're looking at the harbinger of Tesla's new design language. The Model 3 and MS refresh will both echo it.

Tesla now has a face you can recognize from 100 yards away.

All good.

nelsonc | 30 september 2015

I like it and hope there is an upgrade for model s owners to get a new nose!

I gave my Tesla Model S a Nose Job

This nose looks more Austin Martin.

HenryT2 | 30 september 2015

Not a fan of the new nose. Looks incomplete. Wasn't a fan of the old cone on the Model S either. Was kind of hoping for a distinctive Tesla nose, but something different.

Ankit Mishra | 1 oktober 2015

The new nose design is so beautiful. My guess- It will be a big selling point and will drive X sales higher till it comes on S too. And I think it will look more beautiful on S.

Red Sage ca us | 1 oktober 2015

EVino & Ankit Mishra: +1! I concur.

mkent | 1 oktober 2015

I think they nailed it! The front looks exactly like they wanted it to look, like a FALCON!

909ito | 1 oktober 2015

When I first saw the unveiling, I thought that the nose design looked incomplete and I might even want to consider cancelling my model X order. However, I recalled later that my Toyota Estima Hybrid minivan which I bought new in 2002 (I was living in japan then) did away with a nose grill, and it looked fine in the flesh. Google "2005 Toyota Estimate Hybrid" to see the subsequent restyling which even more closely resembles the X. So I am not cancelling my order - my autistic son loves cars and the X will be our special time together for many quiet and safe miles. I have also bought some Tesla shares which I hope will take care of him when I am gone. As you can see I am personally totally LONG Elon/Tesla.

Roamer@AZ USA | 1 oktober 2015

I like it. Nice clean look.

It is interesting how Tesla has gradually removed the perception of cars needing a front grill with each new model. The evolution is now complete and we are now able to mentally process a design that does not need a front air intake to feed a giant radiator dumping waste heat from cumbustion into the air.

carlk | 1 oktober 2015

Notice that all the articles on the MX impression? Many say it's a good looking or sexy SUV but no one even mentioned the front or the (lack of) nose cone. I don't think that is a big deal for most people. I agree with @Roamer Tesla is gradually moving away from the grill'd ICE look. After getting used to it we likely would not want it any other way.

Ankit Mishra | 1 oktober 2015

Hope X brings your family a lot of smiles!

Ankit Mishra | 1 oktober 2015

I agree. Tesla is moving ahead towards the futuristic looks (beautiful and not weird)that we see in the cars of future in movies. The new nose and huge windshield are a step in that direction.

909ito | 1 oktober 2015

Thanks for the kind words Ankit!

vandacca | 2 oktober 2015

I never liked the Model-S nose cone and I was planning to get a nose-cone wrap in the same colour as the body if the Model-X came with a similar nose cone. I've always felt that the nose cone was one of the weaker design aspects of the Model-S.

I admit, I was a bit shocked when I saw the new Model-X front end. The first thing I though was Dodge Daytona from the 90s.

Being used to some sort of feature on a front-end of a car for the past 40 years, it feels like something is missing. Kind of like Voldermort's face. I'm hoping it grows on me, but it's not a big enough issue for me to affect my buying decisions. I'd like to see it in person and with a front license plate before casting final judgement on this decision.

This leads me to believe that designing a new and unique front end is a very hard challenge.

rlwrw | 2 oktober 2015

Snaggletooth with bags under the eyes ;-)

jdb | 2 oktober 2015

@909ito. Good for you, best wishes for you and your son and as a sig MS owner waiting to configure MX and also long in TSLA shares hope and trust all will turn out good. PS. I really like the clean front look and love the pedestal seating second row.

Red Sage ca us | 2 oktober 2015

vandacca: Not to be confused with the Mitsubishi Starion...

eddie.lee | 5 oktober 2015

This is the first impression when I saw the front end.

For me it doesn't look good in the very beginning, but now it is not bad ....:)

Nantang | 5 oktober 2015

My wife prefers the smooth and flat face of the X over the grill-like nosecone of the S. She has complained relentlessly about Lexus' growing Predator spindles, and how so many cars and SUVs these days look like they're filter-feeding plankton. She feels the calm demeanor of the flat front is a welcome change of pace. I'm inclined to agree, even though I'm personally a fan of the wide-mouth grills, too. The nice thing about electric power is that designers have more options, since they no longer have to worry about blowing a huge engine block with a radiator. I also applaud Tesla for choosing to give the X some design elements distinct from the S, whereas the prototypes simply looked like a model S in the third trimester, expecting delivery of a Model 3 in a few weeks. | 5 oktober 2015

I kind of like the look but there is a practical consideration here in FL: love bugs. Twice a year these harmless little black bugs appear out of nowhere and flood the lower atmosphere. The name derives from the fact that male and female fly around together while copulating. Cars hit them, a lot. They have some kind of acid in their bodily fluids that attacks paint, if you don't clean the battered remains off the bumper of your car right away. White is a popular color here and the great expanse of the new nose of the MX will soon look like it was hit with a shotgun blast from close range. I may order a darker color. | 5 oktober 2015
aesculus | 5 oktober 2015

@george: Get the front end wrapped, no matter what the color. Same with rock chips.