Timing of non-Sig deliveries (sequence number ~2100)

Timing of non-Sig deliveries (sequence number ~2100)

I have a reservation sequence number of ~2100. Does anyone know when I can expect delivery?

Ankit Mishra | 13 oktober 2015

My guess- Q1 2016.

dmital001 | 13 oktober 2015

I was at the sunnyvale tesla store a weekend back. The person there told me I might get mine in Jan, I am #240.

elguapo | 13 oktober 2015

No one knows, but since we are all guessing, I'd say end of Q1 or Q2.

AlMc | 13 oktober 2015

From what I can tell the goal for TM is minimally deliver Sigs by Dec 31st. If there is still time before year end, then deliver as many as you can close to Fremont.

So, if you are close to Fremont you get it Early January, if not I would suspect February.