Tire Rotation is Free

Tire Rotation is Free

I'm sorry if this has been posted elsewhere,, but I know there was some confusion about whether or not tire rotation was included with the yearly maintenance. I spoke to my local service department yesterday, and it is recommended (with the 21's) every 6500 miles and will be done free of charge, assuming you bring the car in for the yearly maintenance when it is due. Now obviously they have no way of enforcing that, but for those of you that were wondering, there you go. Tire rotation is free. I hope that helps.

GeekEV | 7 maj 2013

It's also free at most big-box retail chain tire stores like America's Tire/Discount Tire. Just make sure they know to use the jack points so as not to damage the battery and that the lug nut torque is 130.

church70 | 7 maj 2013

Just go to the goodyear store and get free tire rotation
all goodyear tires get free tire rotation from goodyear

church70 | 7 maj 2013

Free tire rotation from goodyear Back in the day LOL
maybe not now ? 42

murraypetera | 8 maj 2013

Unless you live next to the shop it is quicker to rotate your own tires. All you need is a jack stand and 20 min.

rochec | 8 maj 2013

Are there any issues/concerns with a "normal" shop putting the Model S on a lift? I assume not, but just want to make sure I don't end up with any issues.

GeekEV | 8 maj 2013

@murraypetera - And a torque wrench, if you want to do it properly. You don't want to under-tighten those lug nuts and have them come off!

@rochec - That depends on the type of lift, I think. A drive-on lift that supports the car by the tires is fine, of course, but that's no good for tire changes. The owner's manual says to make sure you use the jack points to avoid damaging the battery pack. If the lift has adjustable lift points and they set them properly you should be fine. My tire store opted to use their floor jack instead, just to be safe.

jdb | 15 maj 2013

Just made appointment to bring my Sig vehicle with 21" tires for 6K rotation at Dania Beach service center next week. Was advised that rotation will cost $75. I am OK with that, would rather have service center do it, but there is some conflicting info. as to cost.

eAdopter | 15 maj 2013

Have you purchased one of the prepaid service plans? It's my understanding that tire rotations are free if a service plan (4 or 4+4 years) has been purchased.

jdb | 15 maj 2013

Thanks for your response eAdopter. Only "plan" that I have bought is the $900 tire and rim insurance, which was probably a mistake. Do not want to sound uninformed but have not been offered and am not familiar with the "prepaid service plans" despite havng my sig vehicle last five months.

Schlermie | 15 maj 2013

Check you "" page. It should have a big red button that says [SERVICES SIGN UP].

jdb | 16 maj 2013

@Schlermlie, thanks for suggestion, but only service plan offered on my site is the tire and rim insurance. Suspect that service plans only being offered in some States, or conversely, not being offered in some jurisdictions such as Florida.

tork | 16 maj 2013

Even more likely (since you are a sig owner) is that you missed the cutoff date to purchase which was the end of April

Oliver in Seattle | 16 maj 2013

My services sign up button is still there, and my signuo deadline also passed April 30. I suspect it is indeed a state related issue.

stevenmaifert | 16 maj 2013

I have the 4+4 service plan. San Diego Service Center will not rotate for free. $30 for rotation. $60 for rotation and balance.

txjak | 16 maj 2013

The US Goodyear site says:
Present the warranty brochure provided by the dealer at time of purchase at any Tire & Service Network location for a free tire rotation every 6 months or 6,000 miles. (Vehicles requiring mounting or demounting of tires to perform rotation excluded.)

Did I get the warranty brochure? I can't find it.

Mel. | 16 maj 2013

tork, service plans are not allowed in the state of Florida.

txjak | 19 maj 2013

Checked with ownership and they sent me a copy of the Goodyear Warranty which says they do free rotations at 6,000 mile intervals. The email I got also said "Tesla service centers will also provide complimentary tire rotations every 6,000 miles provided that the annual service has been kept on schedule (annually or every 12,500 miles)."

nickjhowe | 19 maj 2013

@Mel - not allowed, or just not available yet? Is there a Florida law that prohibits it? Ownership couldn't tell me when the service plans would be available, but they didn't say that they wouldn't.

inverts | 20 maj 2013

I recently checked whether tire rotation can be done by Rangers, and it cannot. So you have to bring it into a service center. I also got the 6K free when keeping up rest of service reply.

Mel. | 20 maj 2013

nickjhowe, I believe that Tesla is trying to work this out with the state of Florida. I do not have anything in writing, but you know that we cannot buy a service agreement and Tesla will take care of us untill they can sell us the service agreement. I do not have an answer to your question.,but will have my tires rotated and will see if there is a charge.

smd | 20 maj 2013

I brought my Model S at 7700 miles to the local America's tire for a free rotation. 45 miles each way to the Fremont Service center was not worth it for rotation and who knows how long of a wait. America's tire said rebalance was extra, but free if I purchased their road hazard warranty on the original tires I had, so I went for the $84 (for all 4 tires) warranty. On initial inspection, there was not too much wear on the 19" Goodyear RS-A2 and they thought I could get 40K miles out of them.

10 minutes later, they had used floor jacks at each jack point and they found an IMPACT BUBBLE on the rear left tire. Good thing I had purchased that warranty as it now covered the $148 replacement tire!

nickjhowe | 20 maj 2013

@mel - thx.

riceuguy | 20 maj 2013

@SMD...yeah, I love those guys. As long as you buy the warranty before the rotation, whatever they find is covered. Saved my butt a couple of times!

JPPTM | 21 maj 2013

Wheel Works will also sell a tire warranty package (just bought mine) which includes rotation and balancing with road hazard coverage.

jdb | 23 maj 2013

Quick update, took my sig MS for 6K mile tire rotation to Dania Beach service center this morning, no charge for rotation since it was initial rotation. They also installed parcel shelf. As an aside, have been taking cars to dealers and garages for service for many years and never thought that the visits could be enjoyable, but TM is setting new standards for friendly service, enoyed the visit and chance to chat with the Tesla people. Great group. Thanks TM.

stevedar | 23 maj 2013

inverts, I spoke to Ownership today and was told that Rangers ARE equipped to do tire rotation but not mounting, balancing or alignment. They said they will normally not make a special trip for it but will do it in conjunction with other work. They also confirmed that 6000K rotations were free.

dondennis | 24 maj 2013

The original posting in this thread implied that the 6000 mile tire rotation was specific to 21" rims. Does anyone know if the details of this discussion also apply to those of us with 19" wheels?

Rajib | 12 januari 2014

I had my initial rotation done, was charged $60 at Rockville SC

Steve_W | 12 januari 2014

Rajib, do you have the maintenance plan? I do, and had a rotation and alignment done on my car in November at the Rockville Service Center. I was not charged for either the rotation or alignment. I expected to pay for this but was told it was free because I have the maintenance plan.

jchangyy | 12 januari 2014

@Rajib...I was told my Sunnyvale and Fremont service center that the first tire rotation is free (without annual service plan). had mine done at 6000 miles.

Steve_W | 13 januari 2014

I had the rotation and alignment done at about 5200 miles.

leaf | 12 januari 2015

Just as an update to this thread: i took delivery in late November, pre-paid the annual service appointments (which i thought implied having a "service plan"), and now i've got 6000 miles on the car.

I called the closest service center (Fremont, CA) to see about getting the tires rotated, and learned that not only is it not included in the pre-paid service plan, the quote was $200.

This seems excessive, but maybe i'm missing some aspect of the process.

Haggy | 12 januari 2015

The process is to take the tires off and put them back on in other locations. It should cost about $15. You just need to make sure the shop you use has the right kind of lift. You also have to make sure they are willing to do it. Some places don't want to touch it because they are afraid that if anything goes wrong, it's not worth the liability.

On the other hand, I don't recall seeing any dire warnings in the manual. For anybody who typically rotated tires on his own before, it should be no big deal. Tesla doesn't give a spare tire, but many people (including me) have asked about it and have been told by Tesla that one would fit in the frunk. The obvious implication is that Tesla accepts that owners can jack up the car, remove a tire and put on another one.

iTesla | 12 januari 2015

My service plan says it's included, but subject to change.

A. Tesla’s Responsibilities
Tesla agrees to provide four regularly scheduled maintenance inspections at a Tesla Authorized Service Center or by a Tesla Ranger (subject to certain exceptions, including, without limitation, that Tesla Ranger service may not be immediately available in Your area) at the intervals (whichever occurs first) specified in the “Service” column of the Selection of Plan section of this Agreement.

Notwithstanding the date this Agreement is purchased or becomes effective, maintenance inspections must be performed within 1,000 miles or 30 days of the specified maintenance intervals for Your selected Plan. Any scheduled maintenance not completed within such time will be excluded and no maintenance inspections will be added as a replacement for any such excluded maintenance inspections. The regularly scheduled maintenance inspections shall include the following (subject to change by Tesla at any time and without notice, in its sole discretion):

• Vehicle inspection;
• Replacement or repair at the time of inspection of normal maintenance items and wear and tear
parts, excluding the Battery and tires;
• Wheel alignment*; and
• Tire rotation*.

* Must be done at a Tesla Service Center and cannot be performed by a Tesla Ranger. If Your scheduled maintenance is performed by a Tesla Ranger, You may schedule this service at no additional charge with advance notice to a Tesla Authorized Service Center.

A loaner vehicle will be provided to You if Your scheduled maintenance is being performed at a Tesla
Authorized Service Center and Tesla estimates that it will take over four hours to complete. A loaner
vehicle will not be provided for Tesla Ranger service.

mvannah | 12 januari 2015

Tesla Service Center in Las Vegas has been rotating my tires as part of the service plan. I have had my tires rotated twice at Discount Tire/American Tire Co. for free when I was out of town and the local service center (Portland) didn't have time to fit me in. The only additional thing the service center does is use a handheld device to let the car computer know where the tire pressure monitors are located after a rotation. Of course, until the tire location information is accessible by the owner, it doesn't really matter to me.

fact200 | 12 januari 2015

As part of the $600 or yearly appointment under the pre-paid service plan, it's probably included. I think what OP (or at least recent messages) have been referring to is cost in-between service appointments: Normal service interval is stated as 12,500 miles whereas tire rotation interval is 5,000.

Anecdotally: if you're Model S is in for some kind of *other* service, Tesla will rotate as a courtesy if necessary.

Haggy | 12 januari 2015

"Subject to change" doesn't mean much. In general terms, it's a contract, meaning there's consideration in exchange for a promise to do something. If taken literally, they could change it so they don't do anything but wave at you when you drive by, but for practical purposes it means that if there are any design changes that warrant different ongoing maintenance, or if they find out that something they offer is completely unneeded, then it would be a reasonable change. Not rotating tires because they decided it was "a change" wouldn't cut it.

iTesla | 12 januari 2015

Thanks Haggy for the clarification.

Kimscar | 12 januari 2015

I was told at the Costa Mesa Service center that rotation free and I have appointment on the 20th.

leaf | 12 januari 2015

Update: after talking with Tesla Support, they clarified that tire rotations done between pre-paid annual (or 12K mile) maintenance are gratis. Moreover, the first rotation is free for all customers, regardless of service pre-payment.

I think i just had a green person in the service department trying to schedule me, and didn't want to over-promise; once an assistant manager was involved, what they told me matched what support told me.

levipaquero | 3 september 2015

I am lucky that I got my free rotation at Thanks to them ;)