TSLA Shares Up 5% on April 16 to All-Time High

TSLA Shares Up 5% on April 16 to All-Time High

Tesla Motors (TSLA) shares were up over 5% today to reach an all-time closing high. There was no company news. Since the close on March 1st the share price has gained more than 31%. Many who have been heeding anti-electric and anti-green pundits are heavily short the stock and have been seeing their heads handed to them.

The greatest market fortunes have been made by riding radiant waves of the future and ignoring counsel from those stuck in the mud of the past. Congratulations to my fellow shareholders who have had the vision to participate so far. Are you in it for the long haul?

Teslation | 16 april 2013

The last time it went down a lot, some big investor sold a large block, this time I'm guessing a big block was bought. Some hedge fund or other sees Tesla turned a corner and will post increasing quarterly numbers.

Curt Renz | 16 april 2013

Here’s a link to a slide show from Longboard Asset Management titled “Will Tesla Shorts Get Squeezed to $200”:

Brian H | 16 april 2013

That says a lot of things that need saying. Thanks.

Vawlkus | 17 april 2013

Bit optimistic, but quite plausible.

I know I'm betting the stock goes that high }B)

wonder | 17 april 2013

Some are attributing the move to Morgan Stanley Analyst revising deliveries of Model S for the year from 16,000 to 18,000. If that's true then I guess that means there is another "Pop" in stock price when Tesla announces they exceed 18,000 and maybe another after they exceed 20,000 :-).

Read that some "Seeking Alpha" Analyst predicted (for some reason) that the stock might double this week ..., before the adjustment by Morgan Stanley. Not sure of his reason for prediction.

I liked the movement! Hoping it keeps moving up for a bit more this week. Doubling would be nice.

At this point I'm thinking/planning to say with TSLA to 2020 and beyond so guess that's the long haul. Always keeping an eye on things of course. I'm hoping all the optimistic probabilities become realities for economic, environmental, and other reasons.

Cattledog | 17 april 2013

Curt - Your opinion of the Longboard assessment?

Curt Renz | 17 april 2013

Cattledog, I believe the Longboard’s optimism is quite justified. Its money is where its mouth is. Pro-oil and pro-ICE commentators in industry, finance, politics and the media have encouraged the short sellers and dissuaded many potential buyers. That has kept the TSLA share price lower than it should be and creates opportunity for those with cool heads. The proof will be in the pudding (sales & production). Longboard is an asset management company which in my opinion is intentionally conservative in its TSLA comments. The potential may be far greater.

Brian H | 17 april 2013

One thing they mention is that when the mutual funds start piling on, the demand will soar.

RNB | 18 april 2013

Mutual funds have been building positions for a while and Fidelity has stuck by owning 15% for over a year. My guess is this is the max they can own.

Teslation | 18 april 2013

Hedge funds also might be piling on to induce the short squeeze more.

Benz | 6 maj 2013

There you have it: 58.19

A new all-time high.

Benz | 6 maj 2013

Just hit 58.20

Benz | 6 maj 2013

Just hit 58.29

ghillair | 6 maj 2013

After hours 59.99

Do we open over $ 60.00 tomorrow?

When does the real squeeze start?

Benz | 6 maj 2013

A real crazy ride at the end.
Close at 59.50
But in the after hours it even hit 60.00 for a moment.

Is this the right explanation for what happened today: "The sentiment around the stock is improving"?

danielccc | 6 maj 2013

Closed at 59.50.

The previous highest close was 54.94. Today's close is $4.56 higher. So a fresh new crop of shorts will get squeezed tomorrow.

How big is this group? I have no idea.

danielccc | 6 maj 2013

Sentiment? I doubt it. I think it's short covering. It looked like forced buying under the deadline of the close to me.

jk2014 | 6 maj 2013

let's see what happens if it passes 60 tomorrow...

Q1 earnings call surprise the next day could put pressure on some big margin calls on Thursday, followed by supercharger announcement surprises a few days later... might trigger the squeeze.

Everything pivots on demand. If Tesla can prove to the market demand is stronger than expected and will increase through 2014, the epic squeeze is on. If still questions on demand remain this week and next, then squeeze not on.

ian | 6 maj 2013

They've proved they can deliver a high quality product. On Wednesday we'll find out how close they're getting to that 25% profit margin on the S and we'll also get a hint as to whether demand will stay strong. Although, that last one will be the big question hanging out there for the foreseeble future. The $64,000 question as it were. ;-)

Curt Renz | 6 maj 2013

It was officially announced today that Aston Martin's chief engineer has jumped to Tesla Motors. He wouldn't switch unless he thought the move eventually would greatly enhance his career and reputation. He certainly wouldn't hop over to a company facing failure. I suspect that during discussions of possible employment he was given advance notice of what would be in the upcoming earnings announcement. Don't be surprised if before he retires, Tesla Motors becomes the world's largest automobile manufacturer.

This is the once in a lifetime stock for which trading range players regularly experience regrets, while long term investors just keep on whistling and smiling. Of course the shorts with their 20th century mindsets just keep getting pounded further into the ground. For those poor souls it’s time to wave the white flag or face annihilation.

Benz | 6 maj 2013

@ Curt Renz

Well said.

The man has certain qualities and he decided that his future lies with a company that has a vision for the future. This is a positive sign.

Some people still do not believe in the prosperous future of Tesla Motors, poor souls.


lph | 6 maj 2013

I saw after hours at 60.18!

Brian H | 7 maj 2013

The last push was barely 1,000,000 shares, all told. Hardly a dent in the outstanding shorts.

Hi_Tech | 7 maj 2013

Volume hitting 9million for today... a bit bigger dent to the outstanding shorts, if those are in the right direction... but the price seems to be going down! Which, to me, implies that there is more shorting pressure... shorts are adding on/doubling down.

So, this could mean that if we get really good figures tomorrow, then even bigger benefit... am I being too optimistic or does this actually make sense?

Bubba2000 | 7 maj 2013

I doubt this move down was due to shorts increasing their positions. It is expensive and hard to borrow Tesla shares to short. More likely, it must longs taking profits to reduce exposure tomorrow. This is good, it clears weak hands.

Brian H | 7 maj 2013

I agree, profit-taking after an all-time high.