Upgrade from production to signature?

Upgrade from production to signature?

Is it possible to upgrade from production to signature at this point?


Svenssons | 4 april 2015

Probably not, atleast not if you have not already pressed the Upgrade-button before it disappeared 7-13 months ago depending on market.

timf2001 | 4 april 2015

You can ask to be placed on the waitlist, but by now it's likely filled up to the point where your name will never be called.

Tâm | 5 april 2015

Like others said, it is not likely but it is not impossible.

Historically, there was a case where an original Signature reservation would not go through. Current example is:

However, there's already a waiting list ahead of you, but go ahead and call and get your name on.

Svenssons | 5 april 2015

Eventuellt if Signature reservations are canceled I have not seen anyone get a Signature reservation after the button on My Tesla was removed. For the North America it's March 26 2014 and for Europe it's November 10. No new Signature reservations have been logged after these dates.

1PT1 GEE | 7 april 2015

We had an X Production Reservation #137x and upgraded to a Sig #8xx about a year ago after being placed on a waitlist. We just canceled our Sig reservation after buying the P85D.

Svenssons | 7 april 2015

Was it before or after March 26 last year? How long were you on the waitlist?

vperl | 7 april 2015

Tesla sent me back the 30K. Plus they pushed my reservation number back to 14,000 was at 11,000. No response from Tesla after many emails to Tesla.

Go figure!

Gwgan | 9 april 2015

I would take an upgrade path in a minute, in fact I did during the snafu where upgrades were given out of order and then rescinded. It took a while but I eventually got my original reservation number back. Vperl, would you elaborate? Were you part of the upgrade shenanigans or was your trouble back when there was a legitimate upgrade button?

vperl | 9 april 2015

When that mystic red button appeared few months ago.

ken | 10 april 2015

I have been on the Signature wait-list for 6+ months but have heard nothing back, so I assume that nothing will happen at this late stage of the waiting game. When I signed up for the wait-list they thought there might be some chance to upgrade. I am in the 10,000 reservation numbers.

timf2001 | 10 april 2015

I wouldn't expect Tesla to start calling names off the waitlist until they start taking orders from existing Signature reservation holders and know how many cancel or switch to standard production.

Svenssons | 10 april 2015

If you have reserved a Signature and want a Standard Production then Signature options are presented you will get last in reserve list for Standard Production. I do not think that many with a Signature reservation will drop of at this point. However, some certainly did it then D was presented and Model X got delayed another 6 months.

I somewhat regret that I did not keep my Standard Production reservation and put another reservation for the Signature to have all options open. I think I will be pretty happy with a Signature Model X so it does not matter much.