Volker Berlin

Volker Berlin

Volker has had his Tesla Model S for some time now. Does anybody have a way of communicting with him and asking for his opinion of the car that he knows so well?

RanjitC | 19 december 2013

How do I change communicting to communicating?

Pasinger | 19 december 2013

He is allways in the german forum
Maybe you should register and ask there.

Timo | 19 december 2013

Thread starter can edit the message. Just find the edit-link in top left corner of the page and edit. Comments can't be edited.

Captain_Zap | 22 december 2013

He left us a message in the Model S forum when he got his car.
I have communicated with him at the German Tesla forums.

Here is his congratulatory thread and his early review:

RanjitC | 27 december 2013

Thanks for the link Captain_Zap