Want Tesla Powerwall, not Solar City

Want Tesla Powerwall, not Solar City

After enduring an onslaught of pressure calls from the Solar City sales force four months ago, I was left with a rancid taste in my mouth for how they conduct business. Can the culture be so different in two so closely held companies?

Tesla has a mild, knowledgeable and helpful sales team who guided me through childbirth two years ago with my first Tesla. Solar City was like a pack of burial-plot salespeople pressuring me to buy IMMEDIATELY. They called back everyday looking for a contract to be signed, though I had just started my research on the viability of doing so in Dallas Texas. After weeks of pressure, the pushy salesman e-mailed me that I was not eligible to have solar panels installed since my roof was made of clay tiles. Not only did all of the Google Earth pictures of my house he used show this, but I told him first thing that my home had a clay tile roof. (The Solar City website even shows them on clay tiles) I went to Yelp and saw that my frustration was similar to many one star experiences with this aggressive team of robots.

Fast forward to today when I got a call from another Solar City salesperson. I had signed up at the Tesla website to get the new Tesla Powerwall for my home, which loses power in the Texas weather.The salesperson informed me that the Powerwall was to be used with THEIR solar powered system. I informed him that I did not want to use it with a Solar Powered system and he told me that was the only way to use it. He was under trained, improperly trained, and again, I want Tesla, not Solar City....

Elon, please get these guys turned around. The culture needs an overhaul!

adoh2010 | 5 maj 2015

That's why they're losing money...

Steve18 | 5 maj 2015


dcm0529 | 5 maj 2015


modelx2015 | 5 maj 2015

I am a SolarCity customer and I called to get the Powerwall. They said its only for new customers and maybe sometime down the line I can get it.


DTsea | 5 maj 2015


Solar city works by selling you power at a discount relative to grid. They dont charge you for the panels, because they get paid back for them by what they charge you for power.

So why ON EARTH would they want you to put in a powerwall so you can avoid paying them for power?

windex | 5 maj 2015

@DTsea -

I believe they're hoping to replace their existing batteries.

DTsea | 6 maj 2015


What batteries?

modelx2015 | 6 maj 2015

DTsea Solarcity charges you for the electric your panels produce not the electric your pulling from the grid at night. If you get the powerwall they do not lose any money. Your panels will always produce power and that's what you pay for.

DTsea | 6 maj 2015


Ok if you say so.

chohans | 8 maj 2015

Dang! Need to sell my solar city shares. If they are really like this I am staying well clear.