Web browser frozen - no buttons to force quite

Web browser frozen - no buttons to force quite

Is there a way to force quit for the web browser if it is froze using the 3g connection? By Web screen is stuck trying to load Google and won't budge no matter what I do. I looked in the manual and found it very limited as to problem solving. Please help.

Bighorn | 17 februari 2014

Press the two scroll buttons until screen goes black and then have faith.

Sudre_ | 17 februari 2014

I do wish they had a way to force quit an APP. Many times I have wanted to kill the browser rather than reboot the entire car.

Nuts4MS | 17 februari 2014

Using force quit makes me feel like a Jedi Knight lol!

loefvinc | 17 februari 2014

I have noticed that MS Outlooks OWA causes the browser to freeze. It lets log in and opens the inbox, but first click on an email and the browser is toast. I've got two email accounts that use OWA and both behave the same way. Only way out is to reboot the screen.

Anyone else noticed this?


Roamer@AZ USA | 17 februari 2014

The two scroll buttons are the roller wheels on the steering wheel. Just in case you didn't know what was meant by scroll buttons.

dan | 18 februari 2014

Bighorn, Roamer - Thank you!

J.T. | 18 februari 2014

Information cleverly concealed in the New to the Forum thread. | 18 februari 2014

Tesla plans to replace the browser with Chrome. No time frame was given, but perhaps in v6. It should fix some of these issues and be quite a bit faster.

J.T. | 18 februari 2014

@Teslatap No time frame was given, They finally figured it out! No time frame = No recriminations.

David Trushin | 18 februari 2014

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm pretty ticked off they took away my time frame and didn't give me a time frame for its return.

Ralf_Kruse | 18 februari 2014

hi there.. here in Germany..

also have Model S

also have browser problems

navigation with google maps sometimes works

sometimes not..

restart is possible with two buttons

do you think the service updates help ?
i will not drive..when making it..
although service center of tesla says i have to do it

5 updates waiting..

still have OEM original software..without vampire loss of energy..

only about 5km a day loss of energy..

edfinn | 18 februari 2014

I have had the browser screen freeze several times. ANd the Google Maps nav system be off by a mile or so as well. Tesla couldn't reproduce the problem when I bought the car in after a scroll wheel re-boot. So I am bringing it back to service after the freeze recurred (without rebooting) and they indicated a likely need to replace the touchscreen to fix the freeze.
Anyone else have touchscreen freeze problems?

J.T. | 18 februari 2014

There were a number of MCU replacements a few months ago, especially where NAV put the car in the middle of a desert or ocean.

redacted | 18 februari 2014

@jtodman then they found out how to fix the hardware in software, or so they told me.

redacted | 18 februari 2014


(I knew that. You've got an unpronounceable name, and apparently unspellable).

riceuguy | 18 februari 2014

I believe pop ups might be the culprit...

asherman | 18 februari 2014

I too have found the web browser to be underimpressive. Not just the lack of Flash, for which there are often alternative sites, but I've found that forms dont work consistantly. Drop down boxes aren't dropping down. And there are quite a few screen locks, from which your only option is rebooting by holding down the two steering wheel buttons. I'd like to see Tesla substitute Firefox or Chrome, both of which are competent reliable browsers which are open source.

I'm also unable to Save Slacker stations to Favorites. The musical note with the + sign turns blue, but next time I go to that song, the blue note is gone and it never shows up in the Favorites list. I CAN save FM radio stations, and TuneIn Radio stations...just no Slacker Stations. And I can't save music files on my USB drive to favorities either.

J.T. | 19 februari 2014

@redacted Pronounced Todd man. Todt is German for death and it's believed that at one time my family was in the executioner business. So, watch yourself. :-)

Brian H | 19 februari 2014

And/or cannibals? <8-0 /6)

J.T. | 20 februari 2014

Tastes just like chicken. Please explain this <8-0 /6)
Kind of looks like an African mask.

Brian H | 21 februari 2014

Two separate emoticons.
1. Shock
2. Wry Wink

J.T. | 21 februari 2014

TESLA: We need emoticon search. Google doesn't work.

NKYTA | 21 februari 2014

Chuckle. Nice one @jt.

edfinn | 22 februari 2014

My browser freezes from time to time and I had the car in for service (1 year service, and the browser freeze) earlier this week. After two days of not being able to replicate the problem, it happened while Tesla had the car. They checked the logs (whatever that means in this context) and told me there was a glitch in the firmware that causes random freeze ups in some browsers. Huh, thats what I said. And I was assured that they will fix it in some future OTA update.
As I left without Tesla fixing a feature that cant break in other cars, I wondered, why do I need a browser in my dashboard? I wasnt able to use the browser to access WAZE. So, to the experts here, what do you use the browser for that makes it indispensible? Once I get that OTA firmware update, I want to be ready to make use of the feature at its best advantage. Thanks.

Sinclairhome | 23 februari 2014

Easy fix:
If the 2 scroll wheel press doesn't fix the browser, turn car off, remove middle yellow fuse (under hood, under the plastic cover where you access the window washing fluid fill), wait 30 seconds, reinstall.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23 februari 2014

The thing I find sad is that the teslamotors website loads slow and hangs up.

Hello marketing department, how can I show off the product if the product website hangs up on the browser.

With all the WiFi and 3G can you find a way to make the web browser work with the Tesla Motors website.

I learned very quickly to not provide information about Tesla on the Model S browser. Pretty embarrassing when you are hyping how great the car is and can't get the cars browser to load it's own website without hanging up.

Brian H | 24 februari 2014

Yeah, the glitzier the graphics, the harder it is on browsers.

Running TM's forum site on an older desktop with 3.2 GHz and 3.2 GB sometimes freezes the browser (after opening 40-100 tabs for threads), and sometimes the CPU. I have memory and CPU usage indicators in the notification area running at all times and try and keep an eye on them. Stopping and reloading the browser (FF) if they show stress building too high relieves the problem, and the Session Manager add-on ensures I get back to the same point I left.

LMB | 24 februari 2014

(LMB spouse)

We mostly use the browser to watch TSLA short squeezes in real time. Fun!

edfinn | 24 februari 2014

@LMB & (LMB spouse) +1

Brian H | 25 februari 2014

Is yours the MS reported to sound like manaical cackling on the thruway? | 27 februari 2014

I am having trouble accessing my Yahoo e-mail (apparently) due to the interruption of the sign in process by the Yahoo request I download a new browser such as firefox. Anybody else having the same problem or found a way to tell Yahoo to delete the interrupting script?

Brian H | 27 februari 2014

RWFI - Reboot will fix it. Maybe.