What about insurance?

What about insurance?

Did any of you depositors get a quote for insurance on the X? Do insurance companies even know about it yet? How much is it & what is the deductible.

Triggerplz | 11 december 2015

The insurance quote I got from my company which is Liberty Mutual was actually a hundred dollars less than on my 2012 Lexus Rx350

PJJAVA | 11 december 2015

I know it varies from one to another but I'm curious what kind of numbers we're talking about as far as annual coverage. Assuming a good driving record, male in 40's for full coverage. Please share if you have already learned what providers are quoting for the X. $1500? $2500?

Triggerplz | 11 december 2015

@PJAVA I have 5 vehicles on my policy all with full coverage and $100 deductible to add the Model X Liberty Mutual quoted me at $1000 for a year.I have no moving violations or at fault claims in the pass 5 years.

carlk | 11 december 2015

From my experience with S I think rate for X should be very reasonable too. Shop around if you're not satisfied with qoute from your agent. Some people worry about insure an expensive car but in reality accident rate, and more importantly injury rate is the biggest factor in determining the rate. It costs a whole lot more to fix a broken leg than to fix a bent fender.

tycharley | 12 december 2015

State Farm quote of a max of $1200.00 yearly.

ken | 12 december 2015

@tycharley, State Farm has quoted me several hundred per year more than that, I haven't had a ticket or accident in 20+ years, can you share your location with us? I know that location also is considered in the rate.

tycharley | 12 december 2015

I am out in the boonies and also have an umbrella policy with them.

Maybe that is why?

Claudedohrn | 12 december 2015

We live in the carjacking capital of the US, so I anticipate a high premium. In for a penny, in for a pound.

madodel | 12 december 2015

Keystone AAA (I'm in PA but I think they said it is actually California AAA that underwrites the policy) gave me a quote of $975 for the X (another $70 a year for complete replacement value coverage) but that is for a separate new auto policy than my existing with them (which has 3 cars on it, but the 2008 Highlander Hybrid is going when I get the X).

They said the reason for a separate policy is that my existing policy doesn't cover high cost vehicles (though there is a Lexus RX350 on it, but that is cheap compared to the Sig X). They said the cost could go down if I added a second car, but then there would be only one on the old policy. I also have 2 young drivers (age 18 in college and 22 in Germany) but neither is really home or has a car available to them, but they will not be on the new policy. I also have home owners and an umbrella policy with AAA.

This is with a $500 deductible and no accidents or traffic violations and I'm 59 and my wife 62. Apparently the kids are not on this new policy. Essentially once the Highlander is gone the new X will cost me about $600 a year more with complete replacement coverage. They still haven't responded to my question about covering the cost of replacing the panoramic windshield if it is damaged.

Triggerplz | 12 december 2015

@madodel If the vehicle is covered then the panoramic windshield is covered don't bring attention to it by asking about it... SHHHHHHHH

ken | 12 december 2015

@tycharley, I have about 8 policies with them including a Liability Umbrella, but I am not in the boonies, so I will recheck the rate when delivery gets closer. THANKS for the info.