What do I need to do to have a Tesla Franchise in my country?

What do I need to do to have a Tesla Franchise in my country?


I have a really big interest to introduce the Tesla products here in my country, because the gas price here is always rising and the whole driving experience here became a lot expensive. I think that an EV product here is the solution. Please, need your opinions.

ian | 29 november 2013

Tesla doesn't have any franchises. All Tesla stores are owned by Tesla Motors.

What country do you live in?

g.jonesbisono | 30 november 2013

Dominican Republic.

Jolinar | 2 december 2013

well, while Tesla does not have any franchises, you can buy cars from them and then sell them as used :-)

ian | 2 december 2013

Importing and servicing in the DR might prove costly though. I don't know if the ranger service team will go quite that far.

PorfirioR | 2 december 2013


From my experience in the DR, the Tesla Model S might prove impractical. The current tariff situation would make the cars affordable only to the very wealthy who would not be concerned with the price of gas anyway.

The last time I looked into trying to import a car for my dad there, the tariff would have been 100% (some items can be taxed as high as 300%).

The other issue is the infrastructure. The quality of the electricity is pretty bad. You could probably do ok in a few parts of the country. An option would be to offer those customers a solar charging option. Otherwise, it might take a typical user a week to charge their vehicle.

Like some have already said, Tesla does not operate using a franchise model. But that doesn't prevent you from buying your own fleet of vehicles for commercial use, if that is what you want.
I don't know why there is no Fleet Services link on the US version of the web site, but you can try to contact them and see if they can help you. Here is the link from the UK version of the site:

Good luck.

ian | 2 december 2013

Thanks for chiming in PorfirioR.

g.jonesbisono | 10 december 2013

Thanks for all your comments. Very helpful.

ramonacosta | 20 december 2018

Interesting the question by Mr. Bisono. I believe that Tesla does not sells franchises for other people represent them. Elon owns his company and his employees work under his company. Maybe in the future things may change as the company continues to grow. The future of gasoline is sad sooner or later will ran out.

ramonacosta | 20 december 2018

Interesting in five years only one comment to Mr Bisono. Seems no to many people are aware of the switch of carburant to clean energy.

SCCRENDO | 20 december 2018

I think the question was answered long ago. Tesla does not selll franchises as far as we know

edwin.collado | 2 mars 2019

When will we have Tesla Motors in the Dominican Republic, Tesla for when?