What do you get to with a full charge?

What do you get to with a full charge?

I noticed on another thread someone mentioned that with a full charge they get up to 303 miles. I do have 5.9, and after setting up full charge for a trip last week I only got up to 280 or so, Range Mode off. I wonder what that is about? What are other people getting? To keep this thread on point, please only reply if you have 5.9 and report what you get when you set it to a 100% charge.

Bighorn | 13 april 2014

Haven't range charged yet on 5.9, but 90% got me 270 ideal. Also my 80% rated jumped from 196 to 206; 90% 228 to 234.

DallasTxModelS | 13 april 2014

I've never charged more than 90%. At 90% I usually get 272. I keep mine on ideal range because it is closer to my driving.

ramtaz | 13 april 2014

My Model S limited 60 (40kWh) charged at rated range 126 before latest update.
At delivery May 13, it was 147. today rated range is 136

AmpedRealtor | 13 april 2014

Also, make sure you report whether you have range mode turned on or off. Turning on range mode gives you a 2-4 mile bump on the displayed range.

J.T. | 13 april 2014

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mathwhiz | 13 april 2014

@J.T. Good one... :)

Captain_Zap | 13 april 2014

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