What do you know about Elon musk quitting

What do you know about Elon musk quitting

I heard today that Elon will be leaving tesla, does anyone know what is hopping, is it true?

NumberOne | 1 maj 2014

And where did you year something like that? No citation = Make Believe. Elon is the largest individual shareholder and not only that, he has a lot more riding on the success of Tesla that most people can begin to imagine.

B744Mike | 1 maj 2014

He also said he would be the last one to sell his shares. Rumors like yours are just more GM tactics to do anything to bring down Tesla.

grega | 1 maj 2014

I think it's fair to say that Elon has great faith in Tesla and the EV future. And he has said he won't sell his shares.

But I think it would be more than fair to find managerial talent that lightens his load significantly (and GOOD for Tesla) - because I would think that he is burdened by many tasks that others do have the skills for (even if it's hard to find the right person), and it would free him up to use his unique insights and abilities more effectively.

In Apple, Tim Cook ran the show even though Steve Jobs was the CEO, and the combination was very effective, and I get the impression that Gwynne Shotwell at SpaceX fills a similar need.

I'm pleased that EM looks better in interviews lately - he was looking incredibly tired 6 months ago! - so perhaps he's already worked out how to achieve the above. Which is all to say that while he might shuffle things a little I think he's in for the long haul, or at least until he needs to cash in for his move to Mars.

Curt Renz | 1 maj 2014


If you are more than a short selling rumormonger, then you should state your source. Perhaps you are referring to a discussion of hypotheticals on CNBC late this afternoon in which panelists were asked which companies would be most affected by the departure of a CEO. Tesla Motors was one of those cited.

300k | 1 maj 2014

I heard it on the cnbc fast money today. But they did not give any details , scares me I am a long term share holder. They gave a very sketchy report, I rewound it an listened to it again. I don't want to believe it.

300k | 1 maj 2014

I hate GM , they are a bunch of crooks in my opinion.

David N | 1 maj 2014

I think you mis understood what was said.
The episode was about buying or selling based on current CEO's on several companies.
The comment was made that because Elon has a major stock stake in Tesla, she would sell her shares if Elon ever left.
It was never mentioned that Elon was leaving, that he ever mentioned it, or that anyone else ever mentioned it.
I listened to that episode and I can see where someone might have mis understood what was said.

Relax, he is probably in until at least 2020.

risingsun | 1 maj 2014

CNBC was speculating which companies you should sell if their CEO left. At no time did they say Elon might leave. You either did not understand the CNBC segment that well or are a shill for the oil and/or auto industry.

Red Sage ca us | 2 maj 2014

When questioned by Reuters last year, Elon Musk said that he would definitely be remaining with Tesla Motors as CEO through the successful launch of Generation III. He indicated in that and other interviews multiple times that he will not be selling Tesla to any other automobile manufacturer.

He believes firmly that without Tesla acting as both the carrot and the stick in a competitive marketplace, the rest of the automotive industry will ignore changing their ways until it is absolutely too late to do anything to help the environment and get the world out from under the domination of energy by oil companies when it comes to transportation.

Thus, Tesla must remain independent and at the forefront of electric vehicle development.

GeekEV | 2 maj 2014

In other news, I heard the Elon is leaving for Mars next week, so that make sense that he would be quitting Tesla.

* Yes, it's a joke/sarcasm.

NumberOne | 2 maj 2014

I was just looking at my original reply, and noticed typos that I would like to attribute to the spellchecker, but it was not. I was so shocked that anyone could post something like this without any source, that I could not think straight. I have subsequently watched the 'fast money' segment, and came to the conclusion that the only way to misconstrue it to the degree that the OP did would be if you were actually busy with something else, and just had the TV on in the background. And now I just wasted another 5 minutes. Unbelievable!

Brian H | 3 maj 2014

Psychosis is the inability to distinguish imagination and reality.

Qwiksilver | 2 oktober 2016

My son (a finance guy) just sent me a text that Elon is stepping down as CEO. He's going to focus on SpaceX.
I haven't verified this. Any else hear anything?

sp_tesla | 2 oktober 2016

TM is a robust viable & currently best EV Mfg, it would not be disastrous if others take over, EM have large financial interest & is going to keep eye on his creation.

I would vote for Haggy to be on board which would immensely help keep TM on right track.

tommy | 2 oktober 2016

@ 300k | May 1, 2014

I hate GM , they are a bunch of crooks in my opinion.

AGREED! I hope Tesla puts Ford and GM out of business!

McLary | 3 oktober 2016

Elon Musk steps down as CEO!
Submitted by chrisdl on April 1, 2014 (1st Comment | Make a Comment)
Due to pressure from partner Mercedes-Benz, Elon Musk will step down as CEO of Tesla Motors immediately. His replacement will be announced shortly, said Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler AG. Musk reportedly already has a new job as CSO (Chief Science Officer) of Google. No doubt his buddy Larry Page was more than happy to grab Musk. Good news for Google and their autonomous car, but I'm very afraid of what might happen to Tesla now :-( ... This sucks.

McLary | 3 oktober 2016

Investment Group Wants Tesla CEO Elon Musk To Step Down As Either CEO Or Chairman Of The Board


makobill | 3 oktober 2016

I know it isn't happening. The shorts might want it - the investment community might want to squash his 'vision', like they did with Bezos, etc - but want and happening are two different things. Not in the Master Plan...