What do you think? Giga factory will produce......

What do you think? Giga factory will produce......

Elon has stated that there is no new battery tech in the near future that will increase range but what do you think of a new battery chemistry that increases charge time to that of pumping gas?

Things that make me think this
- supercharge station do not have enough stalls to handle the amount of cars they are planning to sell.
- why would Panasonic come on board if there was not a tech that will more or less gaurantee success (new CEO is on the ball)

Can anyone else give me other options or support my idea.

Dramsey | 15 mars 2015

Well, I can shoot down your idea...

Superchargers currently provide up to 120kW of power. If you had a magic battery that could charge, say, 10 times faster, you'd need to provide it with 1,200kW of power. That means the already-thick supercharger cable must carry either 10 times the voltage, 10 times the amperage, or some combination of the two. There's no way to provide that kind of power with the existing Supercharger infrastructure; and no way to pump that kind of power through a cable you could actually handle and plug into the car.

DonS | 15 mars 2015

Tesla has a goal of increasing the current 120kW max to 135kW with the current battery. It is not a lot faster, but it still helps. It was still in development when I heard this, so I hope it passes the reliability tests and gets released.

Red Sage ca us | 16 mars 2015

I believe Elon Musk said that a battery pack enabling a 400-to-500 mile range, or more, will not be available -- for Model S -- until perhaps 2019 or 2020, at the earliest. That does not mean a higher capacity battery pack will not come sooner. Just that it will not allow 500 miles of EPA rated range -- on Model S. Don't be surprised if the Model ≡ breaks the 500 mile barrier first.