When will be the beta for Model X come out?

When will be the beta for Model X come out?

I am in washington DC and havn't seen the alpha come to store here or to the car show. I was wondering when the Model X beta be ready for tours?
Thank you

ghillair | 11 februari 2013

When Tesla announces it.

Brian H | 11 februari 2013

When its mother allows it to.

ArieK | 17 april 2013

Does anyone know how much time there was between the Model S concept car presentation at car shows and the reveal of the Betas? It might give a general indication how fast Tesla can pull it of if they want to.

Biricon | 24 april 2013

i think this is not indicator for that. In the Model S Tesla has to develope the power train and the rest of the Model S. In Model X Tesla has ,,only" to develope the case and use the existing power train. For example Tesla can use the complete existent thinks from Model S and put in it the case from Model X. Later they can release the AWD, if its finished, so nowone knows when its time ...

ArieK | 10 maj 2013

During the call with investors discussing Q1 results, Musk made the following comment:
Looking further down the road, Musk said the company is "certainly making progress on the Model X" and will finalize the design of that vehicle in the second quarter. The company's focus remains on Model S production and service but the X "will become our top focus towards the end of this year" in the lead up to the start of production towards the end of 2014.

Nothing concrete but it does bring us one step closer to a Beta Model X. Beta's on the road by Q3?

ArieK | 7 augusti 2013

Hopefully someone can ask Elon in todays discussion of the Q2 results if he can give an update on the statement regarding progress on Model X during the Q1 call..
If they stuck to the original plan they would have finalized the design of Model X by now since we are living in Q3.
Lets hope so!

ian | 7 augusti 2013

Someone did ask this. I can't remember his exact words but they are still working on changes to the design. He did say that he thinks we will be pretty excited about some of them as he certainly thinks they're cool.

Keep in mind that they may already be running AWD test mules under Model S bodies. There have been quite a few reported sightings of "Prototype" labeled Model S's in the bay area.


Brian H | 7 augusti 2013

A few deliveries late next year. Really beginning in 2015.

ian | 7 augusti 2013

Beta Brian not delivered cars. Beta is the 2nd prototype. We've seen the Alpha already. ;-)

ArieK | 9 januari 2014

Would this be a real Beta since it's out on the open road?

ian | 9 januari 2014

Only if it's actually operational. It looks exactly like the X that was on display in Detroit last year and has been sitting in the design center at Hawthorne lately.

I'm going to guess, no, it's not an operational beta.