Why worrying about battery life is a non-issue imo

Why worrying about battery life is a non-issue imo

Battery life anxiety/range reduction is a no different than engine rebuild anxiety in my assessment of this car.

At 200k your mercedes Audi or BMW will need a rebuild. Some earlier, others later. If you don't do it yourself your cost will be around 10k for a 5 series BMW motor of todays dollars. Ten years from now, add another 1-2k. This wouldn't include installation. There is also a very good chance you will be near your second alternator, battery, bearings, water pumps (at least one), exhaust repairs, brakes....

I'm seeing the cost issue as a complete financial wash at worst around the 200k mile range for either car. I'd be willing to bet the tesla is lower cost even with 30%-40% lost range. it still runs...

My 2cents.

here is the car Tesla S has inspired me to sell after 28 years. She is a beauty, i've restored her two full times (the second after a drunk in a trash truck smashed her). This is like losing a limb to me. I'm a car nut, I love America, I love American cars more. The Model S is finally "the one" for me.

1969 Ford mach-1 Mustang R code 3:92, top loader 4 speed. Raven Black with red deluxe interior. 50 Miles on rotisserie restoration that took me 10 years (I got's murder on your free time).

another can be seen here:

Both taken @ wings and wheel Buckley AFB Colorado (before the second rebuild) This was circa 2000 i think.


jbunn | 18 juli 2013

Dont do it man.

This coming for a guy that would not willingly drive ice. But thats a nice car.

justineet | 18 juli 2013

I would keep it if possible.....or let it go for some SERIOUS $$ And let's not forget the transmission cost for ICEs in addition to the other costs...add another 2K easily...

shop | 18 juli 2013

I agree about longevity not being an issue. We've had five years of data from the inferior Roadster battery and that is holding out fine, better than initially thought.

machmike | 18 juli 2013

I'd be willing to bet maybe 10% of the forum members have kept a car long enough to enjoy a dose of complete engine / transmission replacement occur. It puts the battery conversation into a different light. It really isn't a big deal (unless you drive 265 miles a day). I would be worried about the company before the battery. After Elon mentioned the battery pack with 500k miles on it.. its seems trivial. Maybe the large sum of money involved makes people hyper-aware on future worries they can't control?
I look at the mach-1 more than I drive it. Maybe that's the problem. The restorations were really my ownership experience.

I get the same feeling from the Tesla Model S that the mach-1 gives me joy and amazement. I just can't even imagine getting rid of a car that seems like such a pivot point in history. It seems like such a low maintenance car for a guy like me who keeps autos for 20+ years. IMO the battery seems like the least of the "expense" items to worry about on this car.

shop | 19 juli 2013

10%? Try .05%! I certainly have never done it!

carlk | 19 juli 2013

I totally agree. A lot things in the drive train on a lot of ICE cars could, and usually will, go wrong between 100K and 200K miles even if you go through the expensive maintenance religiously every year or two.

Another thing is the so called range anxiety. What range anxiety when you just need to plug it in every night like you do with your iPhone? Many people do not realize ICE drivers have range anxiety every 5-7 days and they have to stop and spend the time rain or snow or if they are late for dinner of an important meeting. They just used to it.

machmike | 19 juli 2013

I would love for tesla to do one of its over the top "value" web pages on battery charge loss and range anxiety vs. maintenance and the cost to replace ICE engines, transmisisons as well as other parts. It would be a nice visual for what has been said in this thread. The true value of this car is so understated by Tesla Motors. The value of a page like this would have been better PR than that financing page LOL. The high initiall cost really gets people who are stretching to buy it stressed out. This car is a bargain for people who plan on keeping it for 10 years.

To even futher the point that you make Carl. My wife asked "what if we have a blackout?" I had to inform her that gas pumps are powered by electricity. I then went on to explain a generator array we have available running on 1-2 gallons of fuel would charge the Tesla for roughly 8 brutal hours. In the end we would get more miles than an ICE would using that same volume of fuel. With the added bonus of avoiding the crazy people attacking each other over places in line..We could load the kids, dogs and quietly escape suburbia hell.

LOL i was going to put 0.1% but i thought that would be too presumptuous of me. Seeing the median age was around 50, I altered my statement to include many "seasoned" members who may have owned older cars. It was also to include the car freaks like myself who may have busted knuckles working on cars in thier youth.

shop | 19 juli 2013

Where I grew up in Canada, our cars would rust out way before the engine would need major work.

Bob W | 19 juli 2013

@machmike wrote:

"I then went on to explain a generator array we have available running on 1-2 gallons of fuel would charge the Tesla for roughly 8 brutal hours. In the end we would get more miles than an ICE would using that same volume of fuel."

Well, 8 hours of charging using a portable generator which outputs 120VAC at 12A (which is all you can do with a generator like the Honda EU-2000i) will only add about 24-30 miles of rated range, and it will use up about 2 gallons of gas. So that's more like 12-15 mpg, which is much worse than most ICEs.

But what type of "generator array" do you have available?

machmike | 19 juli 2013

Kubota Diesel x2. I think they are just about about 10k watts each. These aren't RV generators LOL.

robby81 | 20 juli 2013

My two penneth (I'm english):

battery costs are already coming down and available energy densities are rising. Combine this with the fact that the MS battery pack can be easily swapped and I reckon if or when the battery needs changing in 10 years there will either:

i) be an affordable replacement, with more range (again due to higher energy density of cells). More range may even not be needed by then given Supercharger network expansion.

ii) be an affordable replacement, that is LIGHTER, given the higher energy density of the batteries, enabling Tesla to use less cells to achieve an acceptable range.....lighter means more range anyway.

In any case I don't think a replacement battery will be a big headache when it becomes relevant in 8+ years time.

tes-s | 20 juli 2013

Battery replacement: 90 seconds.
Engine rebuild: ??

Both are serious dollars - battery because of the cost of the battery, rebuild because of the cost of labor.

noel.smyth | 20 juli 2013

hmmm, just buy tesla stock today and in ten years you will not have to worry about the cost of a replacement battery (or depending on how much you buy, a new car or 2!)

Milanrawal | 20 juli 2013

Doesn't the introduction of battery swap make concerns over battery life a moot point?

AmpedRealtor | 20 juli 2013

I trust that Tesla did this right, so I'm just going to follow Tesla's recommendations and enjoy my car. I'm not going to jump through any of the hoops you see others leaping through - slow charging, only charging 50% to save on long term battery life, etc. None of these actions are recommended by Tesla and are a result of nothing more than conjecture and rumor.

Use the car the way it was designed and have fun with it! :)