Wind noise at small backdoor window

Wind noise at small backdoor window


I recently did a Model S (Performance) test drive in Zurich. It was spectacular and we are almost decided to buy one.

What disturbed us a bit was the relatively loud wind noise near the small windows in the back door on highway speed (120km/h = 75mph). I first thought that the rear window or door were not well closed but they were! Both sides had the same loud noise. To hear it well you must sit on the back seats though.

Did anyone else made the same experience? Do all cars have that problem or was this an exception.

Thanks for sharing your experience on that.


Getting Amped Again | 10 april 2013

I can't find it now, but there was a post about someone's window/door seal alignment being off and that causing wind noise. I believe the poster said Tesla service fixed the problem by adjusting the window position.

I've had my Model S for seven weeks and it's the quietest car I've ever owned (and I've had six new BMW's, a new MB, and a new Lexus). I CAN say that because there is no engine noise, and the S is eerily quiet at low speeds, the wind and road noise at higher speeds at first seemed high. But when I drove my 2011 BMW X5 again and did some measurements, I realized my Model S was actually quieter.

Here's some data:

Click on the speed at the top to order from low to high.

nickjhowe | 11 april 2013

Heinz - there have been several threads on this. Definitely get TM service to take a look. If you run your fingers over the glass from the front to the back of the car it should be smooth, with each window at the same level as every other. Problems reported so far have mainly been with front windows, but the back ones could be out also.

Also check the chrome trim and make sure it isn't pulled away from the body - I just saw a demo car at a showroom that had loose trim.

rswerts | 11 april 2013

I haven't noticed wind noise in the back seat, but I haven't ridden back there much. I have noticed, when driving in a strong cross wind, noise and cold air infiltration from the small triangular windows at the front of the front doors. I've put it on my list for the Ranger's punch list visit.

george210 | 11 april 2013

I checked the db listing in the link provided by Got Amped
and I am very skeptical of anything that listing provides

1 - Tesla is listed as a hybrid (NOT)

2 - the data table gives a db at idle listing (Tesla's an electric motor, there is no idle)

given those two errors, it makes me view the whole thing as B.S.

olanmills | 11 april 2013

That was me who posted about the window misalignment causing wind noise, but that was the front window, and it was the window that can move up and down. It seems like ruffieux is talking about the small rear windows that are fixed, though, not the ones that can move up and down. (BTW, my problem with window alignment was easily fixed by Tesla).

ruffieux | 13 april 2013

Thanks Gentlemen for your feedback!

Has anyone sit once in the back listened personally? Sitting in the front you do hardly hear it, but when sitting in back there was this disturbing (an I am not too sensitive in general) noise, which really does not match with such nice car.

And, yes, it was around the small window in the back and it was definitely NOT the back door itself.



olanmills | 15 april 2013

I have not sat in the back while anyone else has driven the car. I will have to try it sometime.

sagebrushnw | 15 april 2013

@ olanmills

I live close by and volunteer to drive (responsibly) while you try out the back seat.

Brian H | 16 april 2013

But have you sat in the back seat while you drove it yourself? Pictures!


ruffieux | 17 april 2013

I obviously can understand that you guys rather like to drive the car yourself than sitting in the back and listening for some noises :-)

Did anyone make the same experience with wind noise from the small window in the rear?