Window lowering feature removed with the latest update

Window lowering feature removed with the latest update

It wouldn't work and I had to call Service. Took them about 20 minutes while I waited on the phone to get the answer. Apparently it's not documented.

The A/C is pretty weak comparing to other cars. Thus the feature is helpful when the car has been parked under the sun for a while in warm weather. They mentioned that some people accidentally had their windows lowered and that could be the reason for disabling the feature.

Couldn't they make it so that the car has to be unlocked before windows can be lowered. I.e. double click to unlock, then hold down the button?

Anybody find the feature useful and would like Tesla to reinstate it?

Nuts4MS | 4 april 2014

That explains yesterday! I though I was doing something wrong so I'm glad to know I'm not screwing up a basic function lol.

P85D | 4 april 2014

Are you talking about lowering the windows from the key fob?, if it's gone I am glad. I also wish the windows controls on the drivers door where in a different place. I am constantly rolling down my passenger side windows with my leg.

DouglasR | 4 april 2014

If it's true, I'm glad they removed it, although making it an option would have been better.

As for the A/C, are you sure you don't have it in Range Mode? That cuts back on the heat, fan, and A/C as I recall.

redacted | 4 april 2014

The AC is pretty weak? Mine's great. Take yours to service.

AmpedRealtor | 4 april 2014

My AC is an icebox.

P85D | 4 april 2014

My a/c is awesome as well.

Thomas N. | 4 april 2014

Your AC is broken. Ours will freeze me out and I'm a big guy and run hot all the time. When I set it low in summer and then hop in the car I've actually been cold before.

mdennick | 4 april 2014

It would be nice if the remote lowering was a configurable option. I do like the feature, a lot in the summer. I could see how some might not like it, inadvertently pressing the key, although I haven't had that problem.

I would also like the key to be able to raise all the windows and close the pano...I'm guessing that's on the wish list thread.

carlk | 4 april 2014

Have you considered to tint the windows?

tezzla.SoCal | 4 april 2014

When I first got my car in August (SoCal), I tried pre-cooling the car when I left work (since the car sits in the sun). I found that it is totally unnecessary; the car would be very cold in the few minutes from my office to the car. This happens with temps up to 100 degrees outside.

yps | 4 april 2014

Many thanks.

I made sure the car is not in Range Mode and I already took mine to the service for the weak A/C.

They gave me all the reasons why the A/C is there to protect the battery first and passenger comfort comes second. And that after pre-cooling the car for 15 minutes and then drive it for 20 minutes, the car still couldn't get from 98 degrees down to the set 72 degrees is PERFECTLY NORMAL. They told me everybody has it the same way!!! Mind you that day the high was only 84 degrees.

They even accepted my offer to keep the car for an extra day so they can compare it with another car (which they didn't).

I am not sure what should I do. Any suggestions?

J.T. | 4 april 2014

Which Service Center?

yps | 4 april 2014

Costa Mesa, CA

When I mentioned that the A/C is weaker than all 5 other cars (Honda Element, Toyota Prius, Mercedes GL, Porsche 911, and Volvo S80) I had compared it with, the service advisor got a bit defensive and said that I shouldn't compare orange and apple. Thus my offer for them to keep the car for one more day and compare it with what they have in the service center...

J.T. | 4 april 2014

It might not be too convenient but I would try a different service center. Plus I think you should contact ownership and explain the situation. Be persistent. They will take care of you.

stevenmaifert | 4 april 2014

Too bad if they've taken it away. When the car has been sitting in the sun for a while, I would roll down the windows with the fob and open the door from the inside instead of burn my hand on a hot external handle.

Mark K | 4 april 2014

@yps - your idea sounds good - a sequential set of clicks to access the auto-down for all windows.

No extra config settings needed, and easy enough, yet hard to do by accident.

I would add a filter that defines a time window. Hold-down must occur within 5 seconds of double-click unlock.

BTW - My HVACS in both our Model S's is great. Get ownership to run point for you and get it fixed.

Brian H | 5 april 2014

If you're fairly sure of your facts, when you hear "It's normal" get rude! It's a fob-off.

David Trushin | 5 april 2014

"Blowing you off" is not an appropriate response. that happened to me and I responded by filling out the customer satisfaction survey. Got a call from the regional service manager. (turns out my problem was resolved with the help of forum folks and a little work on my part.)

Just point out to them the two fundamental laws of the service business:

1. The customer is always right.

2. When the customer is wrong, refer to rule number 1.

BTW my AC is also just fine. There is a long standing problem with the AC that if the outside temperature is low (less than 60 I think), but the sun is heating up the interior, the AC will not come on forcefully unless you put it in low. then it roars. Most cars have a outside temperature threshold so that the compressor doesn't freeze up, but the MS threshold is set too high.

JonathanL | 5 april 2014

I hope they add that feature back, at least as a selectable option, before it starts to warm up.

J.T. | 5 april 2014

@David Trushin Disney has a much more workable axiom than "the customer is always right."
"A guest might not always be right, but they are always our guest."

Everyone in retail knows the customer is not always right. We just say it to make them feel better.

Brian H | 5 april 2014

More to the point, the customer pays your bills.

J.T. | 6 april 2014

Some people don't understand that there are some customers who are more trouble than they are worth.

People come into my shop and think that just because they are paying money that they can act any way they like. I remind those people that we are not prostitutes. We are here to serve them but that does not make us their servants.

ye | 6 april 2014

I would imagine that some customers of prostitutes are more trouble than they're worth, too.

J.T. | 6 april 2014

I always am

DouglasR | 6 april 2014

So can others confirm that the windows lowering fob feature has in fact been removed in 5.9?

Brian H | 6 april 2014

How often is that?

buickguy | 6 april 2014

I had 5.9 recently installed and the windows lowering fob feature disappeared! It was in place with 5.8.10 as it was tested as such. I'm disappointed, but only mildly so.

tezzla.SoCal | 6 april 2014

I've used the feature a few times (including yesterday), but I won't miss it. They could have given us an option; but, no big deal either way. I am still waiting for the 5.9 update!

shop | 6 april 2014

I could have used that NON lowering feature a couple of weeks ago. I was in the car wash (!) with my kids and I turned around to look at them and all four windows lowered! It took me a second to process what was happening, and roll up the windows. Got some soap in the car, luckily it wasn't blasting water at the time. Obviously, by turning around I had pressed the wrong part of the fob that was in my pocket.

Koz | 6 april 2014

I use it, like it, and want it back. Either change to the Frunk, trunk, or as OP suggested. Maybe they are adding it to the apps but I would still like access from the remote.

AndyO | 6 april 2014

Koz: Ditto. This is a useful feature and I understand the exposure of "false positive" signals to lower the windows. Tesla should come up with a different sequence on the key to control the all-windows-down option.

Pungoteague_Dave | 6 april 2014

Don't tell @robert. He hates it when TM takes away a feature that had already "owned".

Based on the threatened lawsuits after suspension lowering was temporarily taken away, expect more noise about this.

DouglasR | 7 april 2014

I just discovered that it DOES work. Just tap out "open all" in Morse code.

jordanrichard | 7 april 2014

Has anyone asked Tesla or their local service center as to why the feature disappeared and will it come back. (insert air suspension references here)

I have never felt the need to lower all the windows from afar, so the loss of this feature is no real loss for me.

Roamer@AZ USA | 7 april 2014

Glad it's gone. Only time I used it was by accident and didn't know my car was parked on the street with all the windows down.

Making it a user selectable setting may be a better solution.