Window Lowering Outside of Car

Window Lowering Outside of Car

Several times I have returned to my car in my garage to find all the windows lowered. I assumed I must have inadvertently lowered the windows by unknowingly pressing down on the FOB while it was in my pocket. Today the same thing happened again but this time while the car was parked out on the street. Has anyone else experienced this? Could this be just a case of my unknowingly pressing on the FOB or is it possible it did this on its own? Does anyone know if there is a way to disable this feature? Maybe there should be something in the mobile app to control the windows similar to the door locks? Any thoughts on this?

Roamer@AZ USA | 26 mars 2014

Happened to me a few times also. Hasn't happened since I put my fob in a fob pocket. If you carry your key in your pants pocket the button can be accidentally pushed.

I have never intentionally used the window roll down feature. Maybe a setting to disable would be a good idea.

AirForce462 | 26 mars 2014

I wear my fob around my neck, additionally I have plasti-dipped my fob so clicking any of the buttons requires deliberate and positive attention. I have not had any incidents such as yours, but there have been many conversations about this topic before.

J.T. | 26 mars 2014

The only time I feel the feature is even practical would be in an emergency.

dglauz | 26 mars 2014

You can get a protective sleeve for your fob(s) by stopping any Tesla place and asking for one. Spouse calls it a "pocket garage;" A more polite term than others I have read.

shop | 26 mars 2014

Yeah, well that happened to me just a few days ago in the car wash!! I was in there with my kids in the back seat and I shifted back to look at them, heard a ding and then all four windows rolled down. Ahhh! We didn't get too wet, but it sure was funny. It would be nice to disable this feature...

Captain_Zap | 26 mars 2014

I had my car's logs checked when I saw it happen some time ago. The spouse did it from outside the garage. He needs to take that fob off his key ring!

eAdopter | 26 mars 2014

I think this option should be configurable (on/off). I sat on the fob while entering the car during a heavy(!) rain storm. Not fun, but the neighbors probably had a good laugh :)

Koz | 26 mars 2014

The feature is very nice for hot, sunny days. The issue is that the unlock button is used to initiate the window rolldown. Holding the button continuously for 5 seconds or so initiates the roll down. The issue with this button is that is the most exposed one on the fob and thus the one most likely to get inadvertently pressed. I've never had the frunk or trunk lid opening buttons inadvertantly pressed. Haven't had the roll down inadvertantly pressed either since I became aware to keep hard objects like a cell phone in a different pocket than the FOB. Wish they could just move the roll down to one of the other buttons though so I wouldn't have to be concerned.

drp | 27 mars 2014

User error. It's almost always the pilot and never the plane.

Takatsume | 27 mars 2014

I had my windows roll last Friday due to the fob buttons. Found out the next day when I went to wash the car and found the back seats clawed up by a cat. Saddest day ever. (I have had the back hatch open once from accidental fob button press. Never the frunk.)

Gerhard Eide | 27 mars 2014

Have had the same experience.

Need a on/off button as this function is never to be used here in Norway