Window Tint with ceramic Air 80 with pic

Window Tint with ceramic Air 80 with pic

I did not do a lot of research on this, but had heard about ceramic tint and tinting the windshield. So, I asked the tint shop guy (its a trusted shop) for “the latest and greatest ceramic stuff you can put on the windshield, if you think thats good.” he said it was expensive but the best stuff.

So, I got the whole car done - including windshield and sunroof. It was US$995 plus tax. It is the Llumar Air80.

I live in Texas where sun and heat are an issue which is why I wanted it, and my previous car was tinted. But, here’s why I’m not sure I like it:

It’s almost clear. I know this is also an advantage and why you can put it on windshield, but it doesn’t give the look of tinted windows.
There is some distortion through the windshield. Not through the sides, because they are vertical, but because of the windshield angle, there is a halo - really a smudge above and below- every headlight, traffic light and brake light. It’s not bad, and there’s no distortion anywhere else, but it is noticeable and it might make me crazy.

Anyone else have similar experience? Is the small amount of distortion on the lights something to just get over because the shade is worth it?

Pic is POST-tinting

Brian H | 17 december 2014

Tell your tint shop guy. He may want to dial back his recommendation some. He may also have a suggestion or two.