Window Tint - learned something interesting regarding front windshield

Window Tint - learned something interesting regarding front windshield

I got my P85D tinted today. Did all windows, including Pano with Formula One ceramic. Cost $499 and turned out perfect. I asked about doing the front windshield with the clear film. The shop said it would cost $200 but told me it would be a waste of money and would make the window so dark that it would not pass inspection here in Texas. In Texas you can apply a clear film to the windshield only if the end transparency is a minimum of 70%. He told me Tesla uses the best glass he has ever seen, and they put essentially the same film in between the layers glass in the front window. Hope this helps anyone considering this as I was.

Bighorn | 13 mars 2015

Lots of heat comes through the windshield. I regret not getting some sort of tint there.

barrykmd | 13 mars 2015

Lots of heat comes through the windshield. I regret not getting some sort of tint there.
So what's the point of their RF blocking coating, besides making it difficult for those who use radar detectors and EZpasses?

KennyB@US-FL | 13 mars 2015

I too found out about the windshield being double glass with tint in between. I had my car tinted today with Spectra Photosync 35 on all the door glass and 75 on the front windshield. Here in FL, I feel that most of the heat generated was coming through the front windshield. I feel no heat coming from the pano roof, so I left that alone. Huge difference when in the sun.

Bighorn | 13 mars 2015

I do not know, but it's pretty obvious now that all the other windows are tinted. I imagine getting the windshield done would cut down considerably on the need for AC.

1LuckyGuy | 13 mars 2015

All I know is the visual distortion at the bottom of the windshield causes many of my passengers to get nauseous if they stare at it lol.

ParklandFLMike | 13 mars 2015

I tinted my whole front windshield on my P85D. I had mentioned it to many of my passengers about it and they were amazed they didn't notice it visually. Even my friend who used to be a professional tint installer didnt notice it. It makes a huge difference in the amount of heat getting into the car. It cost me $100 and installer took 90 minutes to do it in 1 piece.

ParklandFLMike | 13 mars 2015

As for issues with toll road transponders, order the external versions and have an SC install it in nose cone. | 13 mars 2015

In California, you're only allowed to tint the top 4" of the front windshield. No film of any kind on the rest of the front windshield no matter how transparent.

The metalic film layer is used to reduce heat through the windshield and about 40% of new cars are using this technique. The downside is RF can't pass through it, so they usually leave a small area without the film. On the Model S, it's at the top center passenger side of the rear-view mirror mount (after the first 1000-2000 or so cars made). The first cars made didn't have an opening.

Roko | 13 mars 2015

I had my windshield tinted in Houston today, with 90% transparency crystalline film.

It looks great on my 85D.

ParklandFLMike | 13 mars 2015

BTW Speeding is illegal too.

dxn | 26 december 2015

Does any one know if the front windshield block UVA and UVB and IR.
If so to what degree?

carlk | 26 december 2015

The large and sloping windshield transmits heat much worse than the windows. One definitely needs to get it tinted to complete the job if heat shield is the primary reason why you tint the windows. I have PhotoSync 75 on the windshield which is supposed to shield almost all IR and heat but you can hardly tell that it's there from inside or outside.

TaoJones | 26 december 2015

Have been very happy with front windshield film. I'd say "tint", but it's just about transparent, which is to say you wouldn't know to look at it. Photosync 75 it is. Immediately noticed the glare reduction (best part about it during long drives) and it certainly hasn't hurt in the heat transmission department either. It's been about 20-30F better, mas o menos.

Would do it again without hesitation, although the price was 2.5-3x that of ceramic.

Was a little nervous getting Photosync 35 all the way around for the other windows (minus the pano), given that it is noticeably darker than the 45. However, it's been a year and while past performance is no guarantee of future results, no tickets have resulted - am also glad I didn't succumb to the bs of having the front glass lighter than the dark glass. Also, when *inside* the car, it's fine to see through both during day and night. From outside, it provides a degree of privacy that is appreciated - especially when one uses a windshield sunscreen. FWIW, the shop said that the vast majority of Teslas (over 200 that they've done) opt for the darker 35, which should tell you something about this handwringing about tickets.

The only regrets so far are that service professionals have nicked my tint twice (one is not so noticeable unless you look for it, but still), and that I didn't have the pano panels done. The "factory" pano screens are largely useless for blocking heat. Can always have the pano panels done before Spring but as I get closer to 50,000 miles, that may be a moot point. | 27 december 2015

In California, you are only allowed to tint the top 4" of the front windshield.

freeewilly | 27 december 2015

I had my windshield tinted with LLumar AIR 80 or 90 (I forgot which one), made a huge difference under record hot summer in California. The tint is clear and you won't know it's tinted.

In California, you are only allowed to drive up to 65 MPH on the fwy, and must have front license plate installed....

houstonviper1 | 30 augusti 2016

Can anyone in Houston recommend a good company that they used and happy with?

Heddy0828 | 23 augusti 2018

Can anyone in San Antonio or Austin recommend a good company to use that they are happy with?