Winter tires / wheels

Winter tires / wheels


Have any of you got a suggestion for a non-original 19 inch wheel that fits a Tesla S? Tires I can find, but wheels are difficult..



jat | 9 december 2013

I got my 20x9 wheels from and am completely happy with them (their TPMS also works great).

Djinn1 | 9 december 2013

+1 on tire rack. They are always a pleasure with whom to work. Their owner apparently has a Tesla - the Tesla pic on their website that you can use to show what your rims look like is apparently his.

It seems they change their tire recommendations frequently for winter tires, so I cannot comment - I got the dunlop winter sport 3Ds but have not yet taken them for a spin. They came pre-mounted, and balanced - the hard part was showing the local shop how to set the car to jack position and where to lift the car safely (not hard because they couldn't follow directions, hard because they kept asking questions about the car, and grinning, ever so slightly).

I got the Rial Lugano rims which were reasonably priced and look great. now all I need is some snow ....

Theresa | 9 december 2013

I also got the Dunlop 19" winter set and have had snow to try them out is already. I am pleased with the performance so far.

shs | 9 december 2013

I got the Michelin X-Ice Xi3s put on the stock rims by a local tire shop and my first impression driving home on dry roads was that the handling felt very fuzzy compared to the stock Goodyears. On the other hand, they got the MS up or steep icy driveway with no problem, so can't complain.

Panoz | 9 december 2013

Is owning a second set of rims/tires for winter standard practice for Tesla owners in cold areas?

Bighorn | 9 december 2013

For 21" owners, it's the more common scenario.

shs | 9 december 2013

For our Highlander Hybrid AWD I have had two sets of wheels and I swap them myself as needed. I was having trouble finding wheels for the MS winter tires that I liked and were readily available. The local Tesla service centers were out of stock of the standard 19" wheels, and they are $625 each. The local tire shop convinced me that paying $20 (each) to have them swap tires twice a year was not such a bad deal, so that is what I did this time. If I can find a set of standard rims at a good price, I'll probably buy them.

Rob C | 9 december 2013

I will be placing my order for an MS in December. I was contemplating on NOT upgrading the standard wheels, and after the tread wears on the tires, I'd use the wheels them winter tires.

The thought was that I can pay $2,800 to upgrade to better 19" wheels now, or take what is standard and I'd have $2,800 to put towards a second set of wheels for all season tires - either 19,20 or 21".

Not sure if there is a benefit in doing that, or if I should just pay the $2,800 now for the better 19" wheels. I do not know how much an after market set would cost.

What do you think?