Zero to 30?

Zero to 30?

I've seen all these traditional 0-60 and quarter-mile speed figures, but they don't mean much to me driving in mostly city traffic in SF. What I absolutely DO love is zero to 20-30 when it comes to changing lanes to avoid traffic, or (confession) speeding up to get through yellow lights. Wham, bam, slam!, and you're gone.

So I'm curious: How does this no-drag, super-high-torque Tesla compare with a Porsche, AMG, etc. in zero to 20 or zero to 30? Feels to me that at that distance - the short burst to get through traffic - NOTHING matches this baby!


craig.tesla | 9 februari 2013

Edmunds show average splits from their track testing of cars, including the MS, various porsches, BMWs, AMGs, etc.:

Performance Model S:

Looking through a few sets of results, it looks like most cars that do comparably 0-60 also do comparably 0-30.

RZitrin1 | 11 februari 2013

Thanks, Craig. Surprised by symmetry, since the S torque is instantaneous.


Nicu.Mihalache | 11 februari 2013

of course, all times are measured with pro drivers who are prepared for the green light and sometimes using gimmicks like launch control; nothing compares to MS for unexpected need to floor it for the average driver (also considering that your right foot is most of the time above the "gas" pedal, even in stop / go traffic)

the apparent "symmetry" in numbers comes for the fact that at those speeds all comparable cars have more torque than traction so the wheels are simply prevented from spinning in place

RZitrin1 | 11 februari 2013

Interesting Porsche Panorama 4-door - Model S comparison.

Brian H | 11 februari 2013

Interesting; the Panamera AWD was $17K more than the Perf -- $111K vs $94K.

Hans (Amsterdam) | 11 februari 2013

Massive difference in Db at full throttle: 64.2 (Tesla) vs. 77.0 (Panamera). So if you in a hurry in the morning and you don't want to wake up your neighbours, the choice is obvious.

craig.tesla | 11 februari 2013

Yes, those noise ratings are what most stands out to me in the head-to-head comparisons. Remember when comparing dBs that it's a log scale, and 10 dB is roughly "twice as loud" perceptually, so the Panamera is about two and a half times louder at full throttle. [2^(12.8/10)=2.4 for the math geeks]

sandman | 11 februari 2013

"So if you in a hurry in the morning and you don't want to wake up your neighbours, the choice is obvious."

LOL, pretty obscure benefit but I'll add that to the list of positives ;)

Brian H | 11 februari 2013

So is the choice if you do! >:>

RZitrin1 | 11 februari 2013

To paraphrase, "I love the sound of wind in the morning."

c.bussert67 | 11 februari 2013

As far as a surprise takeover is concerned, I think the S is unbeatable. Numbers from tests are measured from the point the car starts moving, not the driver reacting. I think the numbers would favor the S if you were to start the measurement from the accelerator being pressed as the trigger. I love tuning cars and have always enjoyed the sound of a good throttle snap as the blades crack open and the air rips into the intake. This is followed by a clean, throaty rev sounding like, Ssh-Vroom!
The electric motor doesn't need to ingest air, it just spins. I'm not even going to get into rotational mass between ICE and electric...
If you were to measure knee jerk reaction takeovers, from a drivers perspective, the S is king.

RZitrin1 | 12 februari 2013

That's my sense too, CnJsSigP