MS in Limp Mode

MS in Limp Mode

Yesterday as I got into my '16 MS to go home from work I noticed that the radio didn't work and in fact all sounds were not working. No radio, no sensor reports, no navigation instructions. Everything else worked fine.

This morning I got into the car to go to work and nothing works except the basic driving functions. No sounds, no 17" display power, no climate controls, just a dimly lit instrument panel, TACC, and AutoSteer working.

I believe I am running software update 2018.12... Is this a common occurrence and/or is there a simple fix for these symptoms?

Mathew98 | 9 maj 2018

Limp mode? Did you forget to take the blue pill?

Have you attempt any/all three resets?

lilbean | 9 maj 2018

I thought limp mode was when the power steering goes out.

hammer @OR-US | 9 maj 2018

If a reboot doesn't bring it back then it sounds like a dead MCU.

parkerjs | 9 maj 2018

Limp mode meaning only basic functions operational... I didn't know the blue pill prescription was required but I'll head to the pharmacy right away.

The brake and 2 scroll wheel salute didn't work several times this morning, but for some reason it just did.

parkerjs | 9 maj 2018

That's what I was afraid of @hammer. Fortunately I seem to have dodged a bullet. I do hope the Tesla hardware and software are more reliable than a Microsoft Windows PC.

melburstein | 9 maj 2018

Just like on my PC, a reboot of my Model S is like a laxative: it clears out everything. | 9 maj 2018

This happened to me in a Model 3.
Reset worked.

Limp mode? Or lymph node? Inquiring minds want to know.

sbeggs | 9 maj 2018

You always crack me up!

Rocky_H | 9 maj 2018

DON'T remind me! (cancer joke)

jordanrichard | 9 maj 2018

There is no “Limp mode”.

nhall1313 | 13 juni 2019

@jordanrichard per this text from the Tesla SC that I received, you are incorrect:

Good morning. We are currently awaiting the arrival of an HV Battery for your vehicle to repair the limp home mode alert that you were receiving. We currently do not have an ETA but once we do, we will let you know. Thanks again!!!

AERODYNE | 13 juni 2019

We should keep this to ourselves. Otherwise a new "Feature" will appear on the next update, under driving, to the left of Chill Mode.