Air conditioning blowing hot air only

Air conditioning blowing hot air only

I got my Model S in March of this year (2018) and have loved it so far. In a couple of instances I have turned on the car and there is only hot air blowing from the air conditioning. It usually starts blowing cold air after a few minutes but today it won't convert to cold. Anyone have this issue before? Suggestions? It's pretty hot here in Vegas so air conditioning is a MUST!

petphyz | 15 maj 2018

Any tips would be helpful

lilbean | 15 maj 2018

Make sure the AC is enabled. I had a loaner that was blowing hot air. My friend noticed that the AC was not enabled.

RedShift | 15 maj 2018

Check your frunk. I bet you’ll discover that it was Trump in the frunk blowing hot air through your vents!

Sorry, just take it to your nearest service center.

Anthony J. Parisio | 16 maj 2018

In my case squirrels had chewed through some wire. Easy fix.

jgardner | 16 maj 2018

Take it in for service. In my case, the chiller had to be replaced. No issues after that in the FL heat.

Doublelift | 16 maj 2018

This is something you need checked because some cooling components service both the cabin and the battery, and not having battery cooling is a big deal. Happened to me. I ignored it as a priority thinking I’d get it checked when I had a chance in a week or two, then the dashboard told me reduced cooling for the battery and I should call service. They offered to tow the car if the weather turned too hot.

Rocky_H | 16 maj 2018

There are a couple of things this could be that we've seen reported here on the forum--low coolant levels or something. In any case, service can find it, so go get it checked out.

Anthony J. Parisio | 17 maj 2018

Doublelift has a good point. It is is very important to have the AC working to keep the battery cool. That really is it's main job. Our comfort is only secondary.

talbryn | 21 maj 2018

I had this problem a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I was in Sanibel island, Florida at the time. Tesla service came out to check it and discovered that the coolant was overcharged so the A/C compressor kept kicking out. I had to drive to Fort Myers on the mainland, only 25 Miles away where he brought a flatbed to meet me. From there he drove 150 miles to Tesla service near Miami. Drove back next day all fixed. No cost to me since Tesla overcharged the compressor to begin with. Inconvenient but good response from Tesla.

opticbit | 6 juni 2019

Parked outside yesterday a little longer than usual. Hot day in Vegas ac was running when I went to leave, figured it was cabin over heat protection. Got in and it warned me AC reduced. It was blowing hot air.

Tried mcu reset and dash reset, didn't fix it.

Figured it would cool off after driving a little. It kept blowing hot. Checked louvers, closed.

Let it charge over night. In the morning same problem.

Called support. They said inverter was overheating and needed to cool off. And car needed reset.. the reset it needed was to power off for 2hrs. Disconnect Bluetooth, exit phone app, remove USB storage. Turn off sentry. Turn off the car in service. Walk away, don't bring the key near it, and wait 2hrs. It worked.

I mentioned ac is cool but not cold while parked but is cold when driving. Support said to schedule maintenance if the reboot fixes it or not, will try to have that done at the same time as the airbag change.

Tldr: power off 2hrs was the reset mine needed.

opticbit | 6 juni 2019

Drove, made a couple stops, and the problem is back

opticbit | 12 juni 2019

Got it back from service. AC compressor replaced free under warranty.

Also there was some noise from suspension. $170 diagnostic. Torquing was suggested, $150. Also ended up free.

Torquing used to be part of the $600 annual service. Now all those things are as needed.